Chapter 273: Puppet Imprecation Magic

At daybreak, thin fog enveloped the entire city. The time was still early, but diligent people were already walking back and forth in twos and threes on the street of Soaring Dragon City.

Long Yi pressed his temple, as he felt as if his mind was stuffed with a paste, and half opening his eyes, he crawled up on the bed. At that time, he felt his hand coming across a soft body. He turned his head and saw ** Beitang Yu lying beside him. He couldn’t help being somewhat surprised, and for the time being, he couldn’t recall what had happened yesterday.

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Beitang Yu was still deeply asleep, but she looked pale, and there were tear stains on the corner of her eyes. Her charming body was curled up into a ball, looking inexplicably pitiful.

“This…what’s going on here?” Long Yi shook his head, and spend great effort to sober up completely, then he gradually began to recall the matters of yesterday.

Long Yi stared at Beitang Yu for a long time with misgivings, and then looking at that dazzling bloodstain on the plain white bed-sheet, which was many times more compared to normal blood loss that occurred when a girl lose their virginity, he could well imagine how grave the ravage she received yesterday was. Long Yi lightly pulled open the thigh of Beitang Yu, and seeing her extremely red and swollen private part, he had an indistinct heartache. Was this caused by him? Why did she smear this kind of powerful aphrodisiac on her lips? In the end, what was her purpose?

Thinking for a long time, Long Yi recalled the day he spent together with Beitang Yu. He clearly felt that she had a strong feeling for him, but if everything was fake, then this woman was too terrifying. But considering again, Long Yi was doubtful, it was impossible for her to deliberately scheme just to approach him and feed this strong aphrodisiac so that he would rape her, perhaps, she was also a victim.

After thinking, a soft white light appeared in the big hand of Long Yi, treating Beitang Yu’s red and swollen private part, then he pulled up a brocade quilt and lightly covered her body.

“Smelly brat, you finally woke up, weren’t you feeling good yesterday? Heh heh heh.” Just then, the shadow appeared in the sea of consciousness of Long Yi and said to Long Yi while laughing.

“Buddy, no one will think you are mute if you don’t talk, now I am not in the mood to talk nonsense with you.” Long Yi angrily said in his heart, now he was in a bad mood.

“Good boy, now you are treating your benefactor like this, if I had known this at an earlier time, then I would not have saved you, letting you perish.” The shadow coldly snorted.

Long Yi was startled. His intuition told him that the shadow was not lying, but he couldn’t clearly remember the matters of yesterday, so he asked softly: “Brother, what exactly happened yesterday? Can you tell me?”

The shadow smiled wickedly and said: “You preposterous brat, didn’t you praise yourself to be intelligent, but did you know you were set up yesterday?”

“What set up? Will you make it clear?” Long Yi urgently asked.

“You fell for Puppet Imprecation Magic. A seed of curse was planted within the body of this girl at an earlier time, and then the combination of the wine you drank yesterday and the aphrodisiac smeared on the lips of this girl activated the curse, in other words, this is a well-thought-out trap that was laid down aiming you.” The shadow in the sea of consciousness of Long Yi said.

Long Yi was surprised in his heart, and used his spirit power to examine within his body, but found nothing unusual. The true qi was still circulating normally, and it even showed the indistinct sign of breaking through to the third layer.

“No need to look, this Puppet Imprecation Magic is a curse that cannot be traced. When the other party activated this magic, you will change into an idiot without your independent thoughts, and you will completely under their control, moreover, after a certain time period, you will explode and die.” The shadow strangely laughed and said.

The complexion of Long Yi changed, but soon after that reverted back to normal, then he said with a smile: “Don’t try to scare me, even if this Puppet Imprecation Magic is truly like that, but with you, this thousands of years old monster here, I don’t believe that you don’t have to ability to solve this. If I die, no-one can take you to Lost City’s dark space.”

The shadow laughed strangely and said: “Count yourself lucky, this kind of curse magic count as nothing in my eyes, moreover, with me here, this can be count as a good fortune for you.”

Hearing the shadow, Long Yi relaxed, and he suddenly recalled last night when he was using his spirit power to forcibly suppress his fire of lust, his spirit power had collapsed for an unknown reason, could it be that it was the doing of this old fellow?

Just after Long Yi had thought, the voice of the shadow that could send cold shiver down the spine came: “You guessed it right, it was my doing last night, if I hadn’t, then as the consequence of you forcibly suppressing like that, you would have lost great amount of your spirit power, and even your strength might have fallen back by several levels.”

“Then, I truly thank you, buddy.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“I don’t need your thanks, if you quickly settle the matter of this place, and take me to Lost City’s dark space, it would be enough for me as a repay.” The shadow said, then silently disappeared from the sea of consciousness of Long Yi.

Long Yi got up and wore the clothing, then somewhat complexly looked at deeply asleep Beitang Yu. Now everything was clear, Beitang clan basically weren’t truly willing to pledge allegiance, presumably were already in the camp of imperial Long clan long ago, merely he didn’t know whether Beitang Yu already know everything or she merely was a disposable pawn of Beitang clan without any knowledge who was prepared by them to sacrifice in advance?

With regarding this question, Long Yi’s answer was biased towards the second choice of her being only a disposable pawn without any knowledge, which was the type that was hardest to keep guard against, otherwise, Beitang Yu wouldn’t have been able to perform so perfectly without any trace of an error. This truly was a first-rate trap, if it was not for the mysterious shadow within his body, then perhaps he wouldn’t have known how he had died.

“Beitang clan, Long Zhan, just wait for me……” The eyes of Long Yi was overcast. Since they thought that he was already under Puppet Imprecation Magic, he would let them think they were good.

At that time, the deeply sleeping Beitang Yu suddenly turned around, and her charming body began to tremble, then with her eyebrows creasing, she sleep-talked in pain: “Yu…don’t……it’s very painful……”

Long Yi sat on the edge of the bed feeling heartache. It seems the matter of yesterday had become a nightmare beyond doubt for Beitang Yu. She was innocent, and he hated that Beitang Xiong who never thought of her daughter’s life or death.

“Mother…why do you lie to me, why……” Beitang Yu seemed to be more and more in pain, and she trembled more and more violently.

Long Yi lightly sighed, then hugging Beitang Yu into his bosom, he gently consoled: “Good Yu’er, don’t be afraid, I am here.”

After softly consoling her, Beitang Yu gradually settled down and her breathing also began to become even, but her little hands were firmly grabbing the clothing of Long Yi as if she was afraid that he would suddenly leave.

At that time, light footsteps came from outside the door, stopping outside the door of Long Yi’s room. Then after a knocking sound, the voice of Dongfang Wan came: “Yu’er, still not waken up, quickly get up.”

Long Yi raised his eyebrows as he didn’t know why his mother came to wake him so early in the morning, so he answered: “Mother, you can come in, the door is not locked.”

Dongfang Wan pushed open the door and with her two personal maids, she came in, then seeing Long Yi sitting on the bed hugging Beitang Yu who was wrapped in the quilt, all of them were dumbfounded.

Long Yi awkwardly smile and said: “It’s like this, mother, yesterday……”

“No need to explain, you smelly kid, how come she bleed so much, is it serious?” Seeing that bloodstain on the bed-sheet, Dongfang Wan as a woman knew that ordinarily one basically wouldn’t bleed so much.

“No, she is fine.” Facing Dongfang Wan and the two maids behind her looking dagger at him, he slightly blushed.

“Take Miss Beitang to next door room, today we have to properly decorate your this room.” Dongfang Wan said.

“Decorate, isn’t this already fine?” Long Yi asked confusedly.

Dongfang Wan rolled her eyes and said: “Don’t you know what day is today, tomorrow is the day you are getting married with Nangong Xiaonyun, don’t tell me that you have forgotten about it?”

Marriage! Long Yi was shocked, how come it came so quickly? Thinking tomorrow was his wedding day, even he himself didn’t know what his heart was feeling.

And while letting imagination running wild, Long Yi holding Beitang Yu walked to the next door room, then after looking at the girl in his bosom for a little while, he thought that he should tell this matter to his father Ximen Nu as quickly as possible so that Ximen clan could make preparation in advance. He gently placed Beitang Yu on the bed, then gently opened her little hand that was grabbing his clothing, but unexpectedly, she trembled and woke up.

“Awake? Are you feeling better?” Although the matter of last night was really not the fault of Long Yi, but he still felt somewhat guilty in his heart.

Beitang Yu curled up and looking towards Long Yi, she suddenly struggled free from the quilt and tightly hugged Long Yi, and her ** was tightly pressed against Long Yi’s chest.

“I’m sorry, I really didn’t know, really didn’t know.” With tears flowing out from her eyes, Beitang Yu said, she obviously recalled the matter of yesterday.

“I know, it’s not your fault, you don’t know anything at all.” Long Yi gently stroked the back of Beitang Yu appeasing her who was terrified from the bottom of her heart.

“Are you truly not blaming me? But…..why did mother deceive me, she said that lipstick merely increases the appeal.” Beitang said crying sadly, taking out that cotton pouch from her space ring.

Long Yi took that cotton pouch and opening it, he saw there was a lipstick and a note inside. Long Yi picked up a note and read it, then a sneer appeared on his face. The note roughly said that for the alliance of Beitang clan and Ximen clan, and also for the happiness of Beitang Yu, they wanted her to have relation with Long Yi before Ximen clan and Nangong clan form an alliance by marriage. In this way, her position will be weightier in the heart of Long Yi, and there will also be benefits for her clan, and so on. Beitang Yu, this silly girl was completely inexperienced in emotional matters and listening to her mother’s teaching, she believed that was true.

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Long Yi didn’t tell the truth about the matter to Beitang Yu because if he were to tell her the truth, that would be too cruel for her. He only said that her mother might have made a mistake, and then coaxing her to sleep, he went to the study of Ximen Nu.

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