Chapter 274: Trace of Si Bi

All the way, Long Yi saw that all the servants of Ximen residence were bustling about busily. Some were cleaning up, and some were decorating the house, all were extremely busy. Marriage, this joyous occasion, for the great clan like Ximen clan, it however was a very big matter.

“You came to find me so early, what happened?” Ximen Nu raised his head from behind the desk, and seeing the solemn expression of Long Yi, he frowned and asked.

Long Yi explained the matter of Beitang clan colluding with Long Zhan to put a curse on him, and with regarding how he escaped, Long Yi only told him vaguely, he didn’t mention anything related to the shadow within his body.

“I have never thought that Beitang clan is already on Long Zhan’s camp, it seems Long Zhan has many dark pieces, fortunately, you are fine this time, otherwise, I, Ximen Nu would have gone all out against Long Zhan until either the fish dies or the net splits.” The eyes of Ximen Nu glimmered, and one could clearly see his love towards Long Yi from these stern words.

“Although this Puppet Imprecation Magic can control the victim, but afterward the victim’s body will explode and die. This son dares to confirm that Long Zhan will use this move only at the crucial moment, he will definitely not act rashly in the near future, after all, I of this moment can be said to be the final trump card of Long Zhan.” Long Yi analyzed. He felt that Long Zhan would control him at the key moment when they were having a decisive battle with Ximen clan, at that time, with him, an important person of Ximen clan betraying them, Ximen clan will be doomed to lose.

Ximen Nu nodded his head and said: “The curse magic has been lost for a long time, I didn’t expect it to exist in the world today, it seems there are hidden dragons, crouching tigers in Long Zhan’s side.”

Long Yi pondered for a little while, all along, he felt that the person who had used cruse magic and that shadow who had carried out a sneak attack on Xiao Yi had a connection, and that shadow again might have a connection to sister-in-law Liu Shi, in that case, if this kind of vicious Puppet Imprecation Magic was also used on his big brother who was Deputy Commander of Violent Dragon Legion, then wouldn’t that……

Long Yi expressed these doubts to Ximen Nu. Hearing this, the corner of Ximen Nu’s mouth twitched, and he heavily slammed on the desk. Fortunately, he hadn’t use douqi, otherwise, this new desk would have also become a scrap.

Ximen Nu thought, if by chance his eldest son was controlled, then the consequence would be very grave. Ximen Tian however had the authority to control the entire Violent Dragon Legion, in the crucial moment, if he was controlled and became a traitor, then they would be ruined.

“I will think about this matter, you just prepare to get married tomorrow, and today you don’t need to go to military camp, just prepare properly.” Ximen Nu said to Long Yi and then no longer spoke.

Long Yi walked out of the door and sighed. Now, the situation of Soaring Dragon City was getting more and more complicated, and the relation between Ximen clan and the royal clan was also getting more and more strained. Until the day when fire beacons in all four directions, it was just the beginning of the internal disorder of Violent Dragon Empire.

And suddenly recalling Yin Jian, the son of Light City’s City Lord, whom he had encountered in the drinking party last night, Long Yi turned around and left Ximen residence, going towards Beautiful Fragrant House.

Ru Yu seemed to have learned the temperament of this Young Master, each time he came, she would serve Long Yi with ease, and Qing Wu and Piao Xue, these two members of Skynet also were no longer afraid of him. They knew that as long as they did their duty, and put away their former haughty temperament, they would obtain his recognition.

Now Long Yi was half lying on the sofa, and Qing Wu and Piao Xue were giving him a full body massage.

“Young Master, I wonder what instruction you have this time?” Ru Yu standing at one side asked respectfully.

“What? Can’t I just come to enjoy without any matter?” Long Yi comfortably said with a smile.

“Beautiful Fragrant House is Young Master’s, Young Master can come whenever Young Master wants to come.” Ru Yu said.

“Ru Yu, when you are greeting guests outside, you had such a warm expression, but how come I don’t see such expression when you greet me?” Long Yi said with a smile. In front of VIPs, this Ru Yu however handled them with skill and ease, her face would always have a sincere smile and warm expression, making people feel as if a spring breeze, but when she reverted to her status of the leader of Skynet, she would have a serious and stern appearance.

“When facing Young Master, this subordinate’s expression is authentic.” Ru Yu lightly said. As a matter of fact, her personality was like this, and on the outside, because of the requirement of the mission, she had no choice but to act like that.

“Ru Yu, could it be that you see this Young Master as a stern person? Just look at Qing Wu and Piao Xue and also my smile, it’s so sweet, now quickly smile for me to take a look.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Ru Yu was dumbfounded, and following the command of Long Yi, she pulled a smile, however the smile was slightly stiff, was simply world apart compared to the smile she showed outside.

Long Yi helplessly sighed, the gap between the dual natures of Ru Yu was too big.

“Well, no need to force yourself.” Long Yi waved his hand signaling Qing Wu and Piao Xue to stop, then sat up on the sofa.

And seeing Long Yi appeared as if he had a proper business to talk, Ru Yu slightly lean forward putting out the posture of listening attentively, and from her unbuttoned top, her deep enchanting cleavage became visible.

“Your figure is truly good.” Long Yi muttered, lewdly looking at Ru Yu. This made both Qing Wu and Piao Xue behind him to giggle.

Ru Yu however was calm, ignoring his remark. For her, her everything was Young Master’s, and her body was no exception.

Honestly speaking, the look of Ru Yu was truly pretty good. And being 25 or 26 in age, she was downright charming, but it’s not like Long Yi truly didn’t have any thoughts on Ru Yu, merely he understood to appreciate the virtue of women’s body.

“I need you to go and handle a matter, the foundation of our Skynet in Beast-men clans is still very shallow, and now I have a way to let our Skynet take a root in Beast-men clans.” Long Yi said in stern countenance.

Ru Yu revealed the surprised expression and said: “Because Beast-men clans are very exclusive of human beings, engaging in a small trace is possible, but going deeper is nearly impossible, so it is very hard to gather reliable intelligence over there, and especially gathering the intelligence of the royal clan of Beast-men clan, BiMeng clan is practically impossible. I wonder what means Young Master have?”

Long Yi smirked and said: “I got in touch with a person, he has been doing business with Beast-men clans for a long time, making a relation with BiMeng imperial clan. Send some elite spies with him and spread out the intelligence network within Beast-men clans.”

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“Yes, Young Master.” Ru Yu bowed, and half of her ** became visible, making Long Yi swallow a mouthful of saliva.

“Oh, that’s right, Young Master, didn’t you instruct us to look for the whereabouts of Light Church’s Saintess of Proud Moon Empire last time? We have found her whereabouts. Yesterday, someone saw her in Soaring Dragon City.” Ru Yu said.

Long Yi suddenly got up and somewhat agitatedly, he stepped forward, then grabbing the shoulders of Ru Yu, he asked: “Now where is she? Is someone still tailing her?”

Although Long Yi’s grip was unbearably painful, but the face of Ru Yu however didn’t show any sign of pain in the slightest, and she merely answered: “This subordinate is incompetent, the spy reporting back wasn’t able to tail her because the strength of Saintess Si Bi has already reached Archmage realm.”

Long Yi sighed in low-spirit, and suddenly became aware that he had exerted too much force, so he hastily loosened his grip, then moving the collar of Ru Yu with his big hands, he saw two purplish handprints on her spotlessly white skin. After that, he immediately used Light Heal Magic to restore her skin to the prior state. This moment, Long Yi was burning with impatience, so without speaking any more, he rushed out of Beautiful Fragrant House, running towards Light Church. He guessed that that bearded old man must certainly know where she was, and if he didn’t speak, then he wouldn’t mind tearing down his church.

Arriving at Light Church, Long Yi directly avoided the stream of people that came to pray and directly rushed upstairs. The light warriors and priests guarding upstairs recognized him, if it was not for him in Extreme Yin Day, then the Light Church of Soaring Dragon City might have been destroyed, so hearing Long Yi was looking for Bishop, they politely help him to point out the room of Bishop.

Bang, Long Yi forced opened the door of this room, scaring the bearded old man so much that he jumped.

“Eh, Second young Master Ximen, why did you come here?” The bearded old man asked sleepily.

Long Yi stepped forward in large strides, then holding this bearded old man, he urgently asked: “Where is Si Bi?”

“Si Bi? Who is Si Bi?” The bearded old man confusedly said.

“F***, isn’t there a Saintess named Si Bi in Light Church? Don’t act dumb.” Long Yi angrily shook this bearded old man, and this poor Bishop was so badly shaken that he was confused and disoriented.

“Stop stop stop, my old bones are falling apart, Si Bi was here until two days ago, but yesterday, she told me that she will be returning to Light City.” The bearded old man emitted a white light from his entire body, and lightly struggling free from the devil’s clutches of Long Yi, he said.

“Was here until two days ago? In other words, she was here in that Extreme Yin Day.” Long Yi mumbled.

“Of course, she came here under the command of esteem Bishop Karen of Light City, do you know Karen? She is one of the two Great Holy Priests of our Light Church, moreover, she looks as beautiful as an angel. In those years, I madly pursued her for 10 years, but she unexpectedly didn’t give me even a single look, you say, …hey, I am still talking.” The bearded old man continuously chattering, but he saw Long Yi leaving absent-mindedly.

“Ai, feelings do people great harm, damned Murong Bo, just let me find you and I will peel off your skin.” The bearded old man cursed. Now he looked nothing like the dignified Bishop of Light Church. Murong Bo who he was cursing was the Sword Saint of Violent Dragon Empire who shook the world. He was the first person to comprehend Douqi Domain, and it was said that, at that time, he was entangled with both Great Holy Priest Judith and Karen of Light Church, but now he had gone into hiding without any trace. And until now, both Judith and Karen nevertheless were single, and this Judith was the master of Si Bi.

Long Yi absentmindedly left the Light Church, Si Bi was here in Light Church in Extreme Yin Day, and they just brush past like this. It’s already been so long since Si Bi was hiding from him and refused to see him, could it be that she didn’t miss him at all? Or could it be that she didn’t want to know what how he was doing in these two years?

Long Yi looked around, he felt that Si Bi hadn’t left, she might be hiding in a certain corner of this city, silently watching him. Tomorrow was his wedding with Nangong Xiangyun, so Si Bi might be feeling very painful, therefore, not wanting to see him and another woman getting married, she might have left the city, no, no, according to Long Yi’s understanding of Si Bi, she absolutely will endure her heartache and “see” him getting married, so that she could extinguish the final bits of her hope, then leave with a dead heart.

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At this moment, behind Long Yi, suddenly a hooded petite figure appeared, then pulling Long Yi’s big hand, entered the small alley of the neighborhood.

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