Chapter 276: Surprising change in the wedding

A glimmer of grey dawn appeared in the east with rosy clouds on the horizon, indicating today was a fine day.

In Nangong Residence of Soaring Dragon city, when Madame Nangong with two maids holding a wedding dress pushed open the door of her daughter Nangong Xiangyun’s lady’s chamber, they saw her daughter was sitting on the makeup table in front of a mirror. Her beautiful face had nervous as well as happy blush, and with blurred eyes, she was stroking her loosely hanging hair.

“Xiangyun, how come you woke up so early?” Madame Nangong lovingly asked with a smile. How would she not understand her daughter’s feeling?

“Mother.” Nangong Xiangyun jumped up and pounced onto Madame Nangong, and said with a red face: “I cannot fall asleep, I felt as if I was dreaming all night. Am I truly marrying today?”

Madame Nangong patted the back of her daughter and said with a smile: “Yes, finally, you, this little girl who is stirring up trouble all day long is leaving, mother is greatly relieved.”

“Mother, how can you say that, when did I stirred up a trouble, aren’t you the least bit reluctant to part?” Nangong Xiangyun in the bosom of Madame Nangong acted like a spoiled child and said.

“You are a piece of flesh fallen off from your mother’s body, and now I have to send you away to become daughter-in-law of other people, naturally I am reluctant to part, merely you must change your temper, henceforth, show filial respect to parents-in-law and also properly serve your husband, but you are a pampered child that never need to worry about anything, this truly is making your mother ill at ease.” Madame Nangong sighed, and she could merely hope that Ximen clan’s second boy would treat her daughter a bit nicer.

“Mother, you can rest assured, there is nothing in this world your daughter cannot do, even if there is, I will learn it. Hereafter, I will personally cook every day for him to eat, hee hee.” Nangong Xiangyun said and lightly laughed, with the expression of a little girl in love.

“This girl, at that time, I wonder who said she would never marry him, now, how come she is very impatient?” Madame Nangong teased.

“That was one situation, and this is quite another, at that time, how would I know that Ximen Yu has changed into a prince from a frog.” Nangong Xiangyun said with a smile. She had learned of this argument from Long Yi’s teaching.

“What frog and what prince, it’s going to be late, quickly prepare, mother will personally help you wear the wedding dress, after a while, the people of Ximen clan will come.” Madame Nangong looked at her daughter, and said, then she gave the wedding dress she had personally sewn with the help of the maids for Nangong Xiangyun to wear. In this wedding dress, fiery red 100% pure silk was used as the base material and had used gold thread to embroider a fiery rebirth phoenix. Moreover, on the edges of this dress, all kinds of patterns were embroidered with gold and silver thread.

And multicolored precious gems were also embedded on this dress, moreover, cuffs and hems of her dress had tassels ornaments, was inexplicably luxurious and elegant. Madame Nangong had started to sew this wedding dress when Nangong Xingyun turned 15, and only after 3 years, it was completed. Every single needle and every piece of thread was soaked in the dense love of Madame Nangong towards her daughter.

Nangong Xingyun wore the wedding dress and after spinning around, she excitedly said: “Mother, am I beautiful?”

Madame Nangong slightly laughed but her eyes however were glistening with teardrops, and nodding her head, she said: “Beautiful, truly beautiful.”

“Mother, how come you are crying?” Excited Nangong Xingyun withdrew her smile and stepping forward, she grabbed the hand of Madame Nangong and worriedly asked.

“Mother is very happy. After children grow up, they nevertheless fly away, mother is happy that you finally grew up.” Madame Nangong reached out her hand and caressed the beautiful face of Nangong Xingyun, but her eyes redden as she shed tears.

“Well, well, all of this is your mother’s fault for being bad, it’s such a joyful day, and we end up crying. We shouldn’t cry, don’t disperse the happy atmosphere.”  Madame Nangong wiped her tears, then pulling Nangong Xingyun, she began mending her makeup.

At that time, Nangong Nu like a streak of smoke rushed in, and shouted loudly: “Mother, Third Big Sister, brother-in-law and others have arrived.”

“Came……they came, mother, I…what should I do?” All of a sudden, Nangong Xingyun was at her wits’ end, just thinking about this moment, her heart beat so quickly that it seemed to want to jump out of her throat.

“Why are you anxious? With your mother here, there will not be any error.” Madame Nangong hurriedly consoled her.

And at this moment, the streets of Soaring Dragon City was full of people. Today was the wedding day establishing in-laws relationship between Ximen clan and Nangong clan, this however was an incredibly important matter, as viewing the entire Violent Dragon Empire broadly, the combined force of these two clans could shake the entire empire with a stamp. The wedding of these two clans was extravagant and luxurious to the extreme. Although Ximen residence and Nangong residence was in the same region, but common people had to spend two hours to reach the latter residence from one residence, however, today, a layer of continuous thick red carpet was spread out on this long path between these two residences, moreover, both sides of the path were decorated with various kinds of ornaments fluttering in the wind. And frequently, retainers and maids of Ximen residence or Nangong Residence could be seen giving out red envelops and snacks to the on-looking common people on both sides of the road. Moreover, with music and performances, the entire city was very boisterous.

Long Yi wearing a red wedding dress, no longer had a formerly causal look, today he looked quite elegant and restraint. At this moment, he was standing on the 5-meter tall dragon and phoenix carriage, and behind, Barbarian Bull looked very strange, looking to the left and looking to the right, he was dazzled. He was also a married man, but compared to his Barbarian Bull clan wedding and his Boss’s wedding, clearly the difference was too big, basically couldn’t be compared.

And as for Li Qing, he still looked cool and was standing with his entire body emitted cold qi. If it was not for his movement, perhaps, people would have mistaken him for an ice-sculpture.

Now Long Yi was waving his hand looking at the crowd all around, and his eyes were shuttling back and forth among the crowd in hope of finding Si Bi’s figure, but unfortunately, right up until the present, he didn’t see her.

The troops to escort the bride was 1 kilometer long, and there were hundreds of luxurious carriages. In addition to a number of maids and retainers, there were a group of soldiers and a group of magicians of Unparalleled Battalion. And after this spectacular group to escort the bride finally reached Nangong clan’s residence, they spend a lot of time performing the tedious ceremony according to the protocol of Violent Dragon Empire’s upper-class society, only after that the bride with a shy face was received into the luxurious dragon and phoenix carriage.

Sitting beside Long Yi, and hearing the cheering of common people, Nangong Xiangyun felt her heartbeat accelerate, and with her palm sweating, she leaned onto Long Yi as if she collapsed.

Long Yi held the sweaty little hand of Nangong Xiangyun and softly said: “It’s all right, relax, and just think about the happy matter.”

Nangong Xiangyun lightly expressed her agreement, and under the encouragement of Long Yi, her mood relaxed, then under the beautiful scenery before her eyes, a bright and beautiful smile appeared on her face.

The distance which usually took only a few minutes to cover by flying, now however unexpectedly took the entire day to cover with the troops to escort the bride walking slowly. And when they reached Ximen residence, it was already dark. And when Long Yi jumped down holding Nangong Xiangyun in his arms, countless magic fireworks simultaneously whistled towards the night sky and then exploded into multicolored fiery flowers, rendering the entire night sky magnificent and colorful.

Beitang Yu sat on the roof of one of the courtyards of Ximen residence watching the continuously exploding fireworks in the sky, and a trace of a smile appeared on her face, but her eyes gradually lose their focus. She recalled that night’s palace banquet, under the night sky which was also beautiful like this, also on the rooftop, she was shamelessly bullied by Long Yi, but when his burning hot thing pushed against the place between her legs, she couldn’t deny that she also had that kind of impulse, merely the words he said at that time had seriously injured her self-esteem. Although he had apologized to her that time, she had basically thought that she would hate him, but later, her feeling towards him wasn’t hate, rather a kind of very strange feeling. And later he came to help her when she was stubbornly performing the bet agreement, thinking back now, it was like a dream, and also at that time, she knew that she had fallen in love with him.

And at the same time, a figure in white standing outside the crowd looked somewhat lonely. She raised her head and looking at the magnificent night sky, her head indistinctly twitched. “Long Yi, I wish you happiness.” This figure muttered and her eyes became misty.

Two men disguised as common people stealthily looked at this figure, and one of them whispered: “Number 156, isn’t this the person Young Master is looking?”

“Her figure is rather similar, but Saintess Si Bi doesn’t seem to look this way, but I don’t dare to confirm whether she can use magic or not.” Another person replied.

“Then I will follow her, you go and report to the leader. This however is the important command of Young Master, we cannot let any suspect slip by,” The first person said.

Another person agreed, and just like a loach, entering the crowd, he disappeared.

This marriage was the marriage bestowed by Emperor Long Zhan, and normally, he should show up to congratulate, but due to unknown reason, he only sent Crown Prince Long Ying with a pile of precious gifts. And this Crown Prince hypocritically spoke the words of blessing and left with an excuse of being busy. Now, the brotherhood of his and Ximen Yu had completely broken. Long Yi lead along Nangong Xiangyun to the hall, and at this moment, Ximen Nu husband and wife, and Nangong Zhangfeng husband and wife were already sitting there, waiting to perform the marriage ceremony.

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The marriage ceremony of Violent Dragon Empire was similar to the marriage ceremony of ancient China of his previous incarnation, and the difference was a fusion of some ceremony of western noble, but performing the marriage ceremony during marriage nevertheless was most important, and only after the completion of the ceremony, they would be acknowledged as husband and wife.

Along with the arrival of auspicious time, with the special voice of Master of Ceremonies, Long Yi and Nangong Xiangyun kowtow to the heaven and earth, then kowtow to father and mother, and finally kowtow to each other. Until halfway, there was no error, everything went without a hitch. But when they were about to enter bridal chamber, an unforeseen event occurred. A man wearing black robe suddenly charged in, and created the disturbance, but he wasn’t able to rush to the front of Long Yi as hidden guards pushed him to the ground.

“Second Young Master Ximen, I don’t have any ill intention, merely I came to deliver a latter of my family’s Miss.” This blacked robed person shouted loudly.

Long Yi startled and confused, he didn’t understand when he provoked some Miss. And seeing the gaze of all the visitors were resting on his, he smiled and walking to the front of this black-robed man, he asked: “Who is your family Miss?”

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“The letter is in my bosom, when you see it, you will understand.” The black robed person said.

Long Yi pricked his eyebrows, then with a flick of his finger, the chest part of his clothing suddenly tore open, and a magic letter floated down. Long Yi picked up and looked, then his complexion greatly changed all of a sudden. Then without notifying anyone, he disappeared into the thin air. Instantly, the hall filled with joyous atmosphere become silent, and only the sounds of breathing could be heard.


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