Chapter 277: Si Bi appeared

Seeing her beloved leaving and again seeing the guests beginning to discuss spiritedly, Nangong Xiangyun felt very wronged in her heart and with her nose turn sour, her tears nearly fell. Damned fellow, smelly fellow, didn’t you promise to not run away? Why are you abandoning me like this? Nangong Xiangyun hatefully said in her heart. But she knew that her sweetheart wasn’t running away, there definitely must be an important matter, so even though she was feeling wronged in her heart at this moment, she had to wait for his return, after all, she and Long Yi had already kowtowed to Heaven and Earth, already becoming the proper husband and wife.

“Ladies and gentleman, I thank you all for attending our wedding, just now, my husband had an important matter to deal with, so he left first, but everyone doesn’t need to feel disappointed, I hope everybody will eat to the fullest, drink to the heart’s content, and also enjoy to the heart’s content.” Nangong Xiangyun took a deep breath, then suddenly struggling free of the support of maids, she walked to the hall and wearing a smile on his face, she said to the guests.

Such natural and unrestrained conduct of Nangong Xiangyun suddenly made everyone have a good opinion of her, and everyone thought that she really was worthy of being the Miss of a big clan, and this broad mind deserved applause. At this moment, Patriarch Ximen Nu and Patriarch Nangong Zhangfeng also spoke few pleasantries, then announced the start of the banquet.

And as for Nangong Xiangyun, with Dongfang Wan and Madame Nangong accompanying her, they headed for the rear court, and just after leaving the hall, Nangong Xiangyun burst into tears feeling wronged from the bottom of her heart.

“Xiangyun, I understand your grievance, just wait for that dumb idiot to return, I will definitely not let him off until I teach him a lesson. Your performance of just now was very good, it’s Yu’er good fortune that he was able to marry you.” Dongfang Wan consoled. Before, she hadn’t thought that Nangong Xiangyun would endure her grievance, and exculpate her son in front of the guests. Moreover, she knew that this girl didn’t love feminine attires, instead loved battle attires and was also the master of stirring up trouble everywhere, but as it seems now, she had made an error of judgment of her.

“Mother-in-law, don’t blame him, I believe he truly has an urgent matter, merely these tears don’t heed my command.” Nangong Xiangyun smiled while shedding tears, still couldn’t help sobbing.

“Silly child, don’t cry, hereafter with me here, who will bully you, mother-in-law will always stand at your side.” Dongfang Wan held the little hand of Nangong Xiangyun and said. The performance of this girl had won her heart.

Madame Nangong was happy to hear the words of Dongfang Wan. Hereafter with Dongfang Wan as her daughter’s backer, her daughter would definitely not have to suffer grievances. Moreover, today, this son-in-law truly seemed to have an important matter, so she should forgive him, in any case, her daughter and he had already kowtowed to Heaven and Earth, so this wedding ceremony, on the whole, was not spoiled. If that black robed person had rushed in before the ceremony was ended, then the matter would have definitely become terrible.

Long Yi urgently flew towards the west of Soaring Dragon City. After reading the letter of that black-robed man, his heart was in complete chaos.

Flying urgently for a while, Long Yi stopped at a remote courtyard, and he looked all around, but saw not even a soul on sight, so he indistinctly felt something was wrong in his heart. The letter delivered by that black-robed man just now was written in Leng Youyou’s handwriting. But the writing was unusually sloppy, appearing as if it was written hastily. And the letter said that, today, she was being forced to marry the son of the Dark Pope, and with this courtyard being the wedding location, she had asked him to come save her. Reading that letter, the heart of Long Yi was in chaos, and thinking his loved woman was being forced to marry another man, how could he stay calm, he directly rushed over here. But now arriving at this courtyard, he felt strange and he slowly calmed down. If Leng Youyou was truly being forced to marry the son of Dark Pope, then why was the day chosen coincidentally coincide with his wedding day? Moreover, why did they deliberately come to Soaring Dragon City to get married, making things convenient for him to save her? This was very irrational. Long Yi estimated that if this was not someone copying the handwriting of Leng Youyou to set a trap for him, then this was definitely the prank of Leng Youyou, this Hell Saintess. And according to Long Yi’s understanding of Leng Youyou, the latter was highly possible.

Carefully looking all around, Long Yi alertly entered the house and examined all around, but there was not even a soul inside too. However, when Long Yi arrived at the backyard, he suddenly heard an indistinct sound, and carefully sensing it, he understood that the voice was coming from under the rockery inside the courtyard. After that, Long Yi felt about then rockery, but even after a little while, he was unable to find the mechanism.

“No….don’t……” Just then, Long Yi suddenly heard the indistinct screaming sound of Leng Youyou. His heart instantly tightened, and ignoring everything else, he threw out compressed magic ball. Then, with earth-shaking explosion sound, the rockery was blown to somewhere unknown, revealing a big hole in the ground, and red lights were emitted out from inside the hole. After that, Long Yi immediately rushed inside the hole, and just when he had opened his mouth to call out Leng Youyou, the scene in front of his eyes stunned him. He saw this underground secret room had rows of red magic lamps, and on the wall, big ‘喜’ (Happiness) character was stuck. And on the table, red candles were placed with fruit pastries. But what made Long Yi stunned was the two people inside this secret room. One was wearing an exquisite wedding dress, happens to be Leng Youyou who was sweetly smiling towards him, and another one nevertheless was Dark Church’s Feng Ling who had returned together with Leng Youyou at that time, moreover, she was wearing men’s clothing. Now she was also looking towards Long Yi with excitement.

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Now even if Long Yi was a fool, he knew what was going on here, he wanted to rebuke them, but facing Leng Youyou’s smile as well as yearning look, he basically found it hard to speak out.

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“Long Yi……” At that time, an anxious shouting voice came from outside and along with a burst of jasmine fragrance, a white figure rushed into this secret underground room. Long Yi suddenly quivered, and a wild with joy expression appeared on his face. Si Bi, was Si Bi, this voice, this fragrance, even if he died, he would never forget them.

“Si…Si Bi.” Long Yi excitedly turned around and stepping forward in large strides, he wanted to grab the little hand of Si Bi, but Si Bi dodged.

“I am not Si Bi, you are mistaken.” Si Bi said in panic and was about to fly away.

But Long Yi who had finally seen Si Bi, how could he let her leave so easily. He quickly rushed out and embraced her slender waist with his one hand, then with his another big hand, he took off her hood, revealing half angel and half devil-like face. Her beautiful eyes were filled with tears, and her little mouth was trembling as if she had thousands and thousands of words she wanted to speak.

Once again seeing the face he had been longing to see for full two and half years, Long Yi was very happy, he reached out his hand to caress the red birthmark on the right side of Si Bi’s face. But just when he touched, as if his hand was a burning hot iron, she struggled to free herself. However, how could Long Yi let her leave, he held the face of Si Bi with his big hands and lowering his head, he kissed her. With four lips meeting, Si Bi who was endlessly struggling suddenly stiffened, and soon she softly collapsed onto Long Yi’s bosom. And with her little hands firmly catching the lapel of Long Yi, she felt as if she was melting into a spring water.

As for Leng Youyou and Feng Ling, they were stunned and still hadn’t recovered their senses.

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