Chapter 278: Hell Saintess V Light Saintess

Long Yi passionately kissed Si Bi while inhaling faint jasmine fragrance with his nose. He was waiting for this moment for a long time, and the wait was so painful. At this moment, he invested himself in this passionate kiss, as if only they two were left in this world.

After an unknown period of time, Si Bi sobered up, and forcibly pushing away Long Yi, she covered her lips and her tears fell down.

“Long Yi, it’s impossible for us, let me go.” Si Bi said while choking with sobs and her beautiful eyes didn’t dare to look at the passionate eyes of Long Yi.

“In this world, nothing is impossible, now that I meet you again, I will die but will not let you go.” Long Yi stared at Si Bi and walked towards her step by step, but Si Bi however retreated step by step.

“Don’t force me……” Si Bi leaned on the wall of this secret room, and her charming body couldn’t help trembling lightly. Her heart was truly in a conflict, she wanted to rush into the bosom of Long Yi and feel that warmth she was missing so much, but her reason told her that she must not do so.

“I am not forcing you, you are forcing yourself, we obviously love each other, but why should we let each other suffer so much?” Long Yi didn’t move forward but sadly looked at Si Bi.

“I do not love you.” Si Bi wiped her tears and said.

Long Yi was startled, despite knowing this was a lie, his heart however ached as if it was ripped apart. He gritted his teeth and lowered his voice: “You, look into my eyes and tell me you do not love me.”

Si Bi raised her tearful eyes and just when she was about to ruthlessly say she didn’t love him, seeing Long Yi’s sea-like deep affection and sadness in his those bright as if stars pupils, moreover, those red eyes, just after she said “I” word, all other words stuck in her throat and she was unable to say them anymore.

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“Didn’t you find it hard to speak out? Don’t deceive yourself as well as others, in these two years, you have never forgotten about me. You were worried about me, so seeing me suddenly rushed out of Ximen residence, you worriedly followed me, and hearing the explosion sound, you recklessly come in, now, do you still dare to say you don’t love me?” Long Yi said one sentence louder than other, and he was already roaring when he asked the final question.

Si Bi trembled more and more violently, she couldn’t deny any of the statement of Long Yi, only God knows how much she missed him, and only God knows how much she loved him.

“But…but……I cannot……” Si Bi desperately shook her head, she was about to be unable to persist anymore, she truly wanted to throw herself into the bosom of her beloved, and let out everything in the bosom of her beloved.

“You can, I said you can then you can, all the rules of Moxi clan can go to hell.” Long Yi shouted loudly, then pulling Si Bi into his bosom, he tightly hugged her.

The resisting willpower in the heart of Si Bi completely collapsed, and hugging Long Yi’s waist with her little hands, she desperately absorbed his body’s warmth.

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As for Leng Youyou and Feng Ling, both of they were watching these two people in a great surprise. Long Yi had never mentioned about the matters of Si Bi, and they had also never seen Long Yi’s such appearance. But from this, they could well imagine how important this Light Saintess was in the heart of Long Yi.

Now, Leng Youyou was disequilibrium in her heart, originally, she had tricked Long Yi into coming over because she was angry at Long Yi for going ahead and marrying another woman, but she also had a sense of propriety, so she specially instructed that person to rush in after Long Yi and Nangong Xiangyun had finished kowtowing Heaven and Earth, otherwise if she wanted to spoil this wedding, then it was a very easy thing to do for her. And the reason why she had tricked Long Yi into coming over here was because she also wanted to marry him on the same day, that’s all. Like this, she will feel a little bit better in her heart. Merely, it seems, she had meticulously prepared a wedding dress for another woman.

Dark Church and Light Church were hostile to each other, as soon as the people of these churches meet each other, they wouldn’t stop fighting until one of them were wiped out, and especially after Extreme Yin Day, the relation between the two of them had worsened.

“Humph.” Leng Youyou suddenly snorted coldly, and her dense ice-cold aura directly weighed down on Si Bi in the bosom of Long Yi.

At that time, Long Yi and Si Bi came back to their senses. And even though Si Bi still had tear stains, but after feeling this aura, her complexion nevertheless changed, and her beautiful eyes looked Leng Youyou up and down, and finally her gaze rested on the black lotus mark on the forehead of Leng Youyou. In the recent conflicts between Light Church and Dark Church, the fame of Hell Saintess had increased greatly. It was said that her strength had already reached peak Archmage, furthermore, when she attacked using her Black Lotus Treasure, her might was even more boundless.

“Hell Saintess Leng Youyou?” Si Bi asked using her slightly hoarse voice due to the crying, and her aura secretly rose.

“Light Saintess Si Bi, I have heard of your fame long ago, please advise me.” Just after Leng Youyou finished speaking, she raised her hand and with black mist flashing, she threw Spirit Magic towards Si Bi.

Si Bi naturally wasn’t willing to be outdone, she used Holy Light Purification Magic to offset to attack. Then with white light flashing in her hand, deep green Holy Light Magic Staff appeared in her hand. And with the soft rays of light illuminating her blood-red mark on her face, she appeared somewhat strange.

And Leng Youyou also summoned the Black Lotus from the space between her eyes, and as she was wearing a wedding dress, she looked strange too.

And as if they had a tacit agreement, both of them simultaneously flew out of the underground secret room, and in the sky, they began to have the magic battle without any interaction.

Long Yi frowned, these two girls were truly running wild, actually treating him as air. But when he was just about to fly out and stop them, Feng Ling however walked over and stopped him and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, I think they already know fairly well.”

Long Yi thought for a bit and decided to let them fight. Both of them match each other in strength, so after they were tired, they will naturally stop. He believed that they would not use powerful magic to injure each other.

He pulled the little hand of Feng Ling and flew to the surface, then Long Yi used spirit power to lay out a large-scale barrier in order to avoid attracting unnecessary trouble because of their aura. After that, he found a clean grassland inside the courtyard and sat down together with Feng Ling.

“Lingr, how come you are still dressing like this? Could it be that Youyou still doesn’t know you are a girl?” Long Yi placed his hand on the fragrant shoulder of Feng Ling and asked with a smile as if they had returned to their life of Mea Principality.

Feng Ling smiled and shaking her head, she said: “I still have yet to tell her, after returning to the Dark Church, I haven’t seen her much, so I was thinking whether I should tell her or not?”

“Then today, didn’t you two arranged these candles used in wedding ceremony with the intention to perform the marriage ceremony with me?” Long Yi said with a smile, he saw Leng Youyou wearing a wedding dress and knew what their intention was.

“Youyou wants to marry you, I don’t.” Feng Ling hurriedly pleaded innocence.

“You truly don’t want to marry me? Then later I will not marry you.” Long Yi looked at Feng Ling and said.

Feng Ling was dumbfounded, and seeing Long Yi’s expression, she was uncertain whether Long Yi was teasing or not, so she coyly said: “Hateful, do you have to threaten me to speak out?”

“Mmm.” Long Yi couldn’t help laughing.

Seeing Long Yi was laughing, Feng Ling knew that Long Yi was teasing her, so she snorted and said: “If you don’t marry me, then I will marry you.”

“Eh…is there any difference?” Long Yi asked.

“Of course.” Feng Ling confidentially nodded.

“Then say it.” Long Yi asked with an interest.

Feng Ling happily smiled and clearing her throat, she said: “Then I will tell you, are you ready to listen?”

Long Yi found this somewhat funny and nodded his head.

“The difference between those two lies in……” The eyes of Feng Ling wandered about staring at Long Yi, then she suddenly strode on Long Yi’s lap, then hugging the neck of Long Yi with her hands, she kissed him.

And at this moment, Si Bi and Leng Youyou were locked together in a battle in the sky. Si Bi released ten Violent Light Magic that were sealed in her necklace towards Leng Youyou, and she held her Light Magic Staff, beginning to chant an incantation. A rank 10 Saint level magic, Light God’s Fury began to condense on the magic staff, then with dazzling lights balls slowly beginning to swell, a powerful aura cover the sky.

“Twin Lotus Flowers, Swallow.” The black lotus of Leng Youyou instantly guarded her, and the bloomed lotus completely swallowed those ten Violent Light Magic.

After that, Leng Youyou snorted and just happened to look downward, and suddenly seeing her beloved and Ling Feng who she always thought to be a man hugging and kissing each other, her heart was in chaos and her entire momentum dispersed due to this. She was so dumbfounded that she didn’t even know that the rank 10 magic of Si Bi had already flown towards her.

Si Bi fired this Rank 10 light magic, but she suddenly saw that Leng Youyou wasn’t dodging and was standing blankly at the same place. Instantly, she couldn’t help but get anxious, she naturally knew that this Hell Saintess and Long Yi had a very intimate relationship, so even though they were fighting each other, both of them had no intention to hurt each other. Now, it was just a pipe dream if she wanted to call back her already fired magic, and seeing the attack was about to hit Leng Youyou, Si Bi no longer had time to think, so she took out a shield which was enchanted by Divine Light Protection magic with the joint effort of two Great Holy Priest and threw it towards Leng Youyou. This however was her life-saving treasure.

A milky white colored light suddenly appeared and began to covered the body of Leng Youyou as if an eggshell and that magic attack happen to hit the place where the shield had formed completely, then both attack and the defense magic simultaneously disappeared. As a matter of fact, if the Divine Light Protection Shield had completely taken shape, then the Rank 10 Saint magic of Si Bi, Light God’s Fury wouldn’t have been able to shatter it.

And seeing both Si Bi and Leng Youyou were fine in the sky, Long Yi relaxed. Although he was being kissed by Feng Ling, but he had still divided his energy to pay attention to the battle in the sky too. And during the danger, just before he had raised his hand to save Leng Youyou, Si Bi had made her move first.

And at this time, Leng Youyou came back to her senses, then she gratefully looked at Si Bi, then again ferociously glared downward. Si Bi followed the gaze of Leng Youyou and was also stunned. Although Long Yi’s lips had already separated from Feng Ling’s lips, but Feng Ling was still sitting on the lap of Long Yi, moreover, her hands were still hugging his neck. That posture was very ambiguous.

The two women simultaneously rushed down, then used the same kind of angry gaze to glare at Long Yi. Two saintesses who were battling in full swing just a moment ago, at this moment, had joined in opposition to the same adversary.

Feng Ling was giddy kissing Long Yi, and feeling Long Yi’s lips had left, she had an appearance as if she wanted more. She opened her hazy eyes, then seeing Long Yi making a wry smile looking behind her, she turned her head, only to be welcomed by four murderous eyes.

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