Chapter 279: One dragon three phoenixes

“Long Yi, how can…how can you be like this with Ling Feng?” Leng Youyou was unable to believe she was seeing these two men cuddling together, could it be that her sweetheart liked men, but he clearly also likes women.

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Long Yi suddenly saw the light, he understood that both Leng Youyou and Si Bi were jealous. And with Feng Ling still in her male form, moreover, when Feng Ling made a surprise attack on him just now, he didn’t react, this might have caused a big misunderstanding.

“This is a misunderstanding…it’s a misunderstanding. She is a girl just like you two.” Long Yi said pointing at Feng Ling.

“You are lying, he is obviously a man.” Si Bi angrily said. The guard against Long Yi in her heart had just broken, however seeing he was being intimate with another man made her skin covered with goosebumps.

At that time, Feng Ling came back to her senses after she was in a daze due to the kiss of Long Yi, and then standing from the lap of Long Yi, somewhat bashfully, she said with a smile: “Long Yi is speaking the truth, just like you two, I am a girl and also this fellow’s woman.” Finished speaking, the facial features of Feng Ling distorted, then her brown hair and brown pupils changed into sea-like azure blue in color, and her face also became devastatingly beautiful. After that standing in front of Si Bi and Leng Youyou with a smile, she was not inferior in any respect compared to them.

Good gracious, looking at three unrivaled beauties, Long Yi only felt that he had not enough eyes to look at them, they truly were enchanting to eyes. And thinking all three of them belong to him, an inexplicable sense of pride welled up in his heart. Although Si Bi might be ugly in the views of common eyes, but in his eyes, no one was as beautiful as her, because her beauty wasn’t her appearance, rather her heart, only people with the true understanding of her could see her beauty.

Leng Youyou and Si Bi were surprised to see Feng Ling who was filled with strange flavor. They truly hadn’t expected her to be such an extraordinary beauty.

Si Bi was somewhat dejected, all the women beside Long Yi were worth being called as unrivaled beauty, and standing among them, she always felt rather inferior. She also feared that Long Yi might come to hate her after seeing such contrast, and despite knowing that Long Yi wasn’t such person, she always couldn’t help thinking like that. Si Bi who was restless in her heart quietly shoot a glance towards Long Yi who as still sitting on the ground, and she just happens to see Long Yi’s smiling eyes. He was warmly looking at her with his eyes filled with love and satisfaction.

The sensitive heartstrings of Si Bi slightly trembled, and a sweet flavor rose in her heart, yes, he really didn’t care, so why was she caring about her looks so much? Si Bi thought like this and her heart suddenly lightened a lot.

And as for Leng Youyou, she stared at Feng Ling and sized her up for a good while, then somewhat hesitatingly, she asked: “Ling Feng, what relationship do you have with Dark Pope?”

Feng Ling blinked her azure blue eyes, and mysteriously smiling, she said: “I will tell you later, and actually, my name isn’t Ling Feng, rather is Feng Ling. You can call me Lingr from now on.”

Seeing Feng Ling didn’t want to answer, Leng Youyou also didn’t pester for an answer, but she indistinctly felt that Feng Ling had a close relationship with Dark Pope, because she had seen only Dark Pope and his son had azure blue pupils and hair like this. She had never seen anyone else having such colored pupils and hair.

Long Yi got up from the grassland, then like a Lord, he walked over to the front of Leng Youyou and suddenly lowered his voice: “Youyou, do you know your mistake?”

Leng Youyou was startled, and she said while grinning: “My husband, I know my mistake.”

“And that is?” Long Yi still pull a long face but his eyes showed a slight smile.

“I shouldn’t have disrupted your wedding and made a new bride guard the empty bedchamber. But I truly felt very sad in my heart, why did Nangong Xiangyun get to marry you first even though she was behind us on the line?” Leng Youyou said looking at Long Yi with hidden bitterness.

Long Yi smirked and said: “Nangong Xiangyun and I were set to marry from childhood, so she however should be first in the line.”

“She is behind me in the line, I became your woman more than two years ago not just in name but also in reality, she…she…she still hasn’t lost her virginity with you, do you think I am unable to see that?” Leng Youyou somewhat blushed and said. Then, seeing both Feng Ling and Si Bi were looking at her with a strange gaze, she suddenly threw herself into the bosom of Long Yi feeling embarrassed.

Pa pa pa, Long Yi neither lightly nor heavily spanked three times on the plump buttocks of Leng Youyou, and as for Leng Youyou, she twisted in the bosom of Long Yi letting out a soft moan like a kitten. And tightly hugging Long Yi, at this moment, she cared about nothing. Since she had not seen Long Yi for nearly half a year, at this moment, she was smelling his pleasant to smell manly smell, and with him spanking her embarrassing place, she only felt a burst of heat surging in her body, and her breathing couldn’t help becoming rapid.

“I will forgive you this time, fortunately, it was after the completion of the kowtowing ceremony, otherwise, where should my family and Nangong clan put their face?” Feeling warm and very large soft meat buns on his chest, his heart couldn’t help but softened. Long Yi had greatly missed Leng Youyou’s fiery hot figure.

Hearing two words ‘kowtowing ceremony’, Leng Youyou suddenly woke up, then looking at the sky and again looking at Feng Ling and Si Bi, she said with a smile: “Lingr, Si Bi, today however is a wedding day, how about we altogether perform the wedding ceremony with Long Yi tonight and get married to him?”

Feng Ling blushed and didn’t speak, clearly, she was willing. But Si Bi was still somewhat struggling, as she couldn’t discard the deep-rooted clan rules. Could she truly get married to Long Yi secretly like this?  But seeing the expression of Long Yi which was full of expectation, she firmed her heart.

Seeing Si Bi was struggling, Long Yi sighed, and just when he was about to console Si Bi because he didn’t want to force her, Si Bi opened her mouth and lightly said: “I am willing.”

Long Yi was wild with joy in his heart, then rushing forward, he hugged Si Bi and spun several times, making Si Bi scream.

“Thank You, Si Bi, thank you for willing to marry me.” Long Yi said and firmly kissed the lips of Si Bi.

“I also want a hug, you are not allowed to be partial.” Leng Youyou pouted.

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Si Bi bashfully smiled and struggled free from Long Yi. Now in her heart, she was very relaxed.

Long Yi laughed, then hugging Leng Youyou, he spun several times, then putting her down, it was the turn of Feng Ling.

“My husband, it’s going to be late.” Leng Youyou somewhat urgently said.

“It’s not late, let’s go to perform the marriage ceremony.” Long Yi smugly laughed and with three women, he entered the secret room.

Fiery red candles burned joyously, and seeing the shy beautiful face of three women, Long Yi turned to an idiot. For a long time now, the girls who had a relationship with him had separated from him, but now, three of them had gathered together to marry him, no, adding Nangong Xiangyun, it should be four, so the heart of Long Yi was contented like never before. And especially with Si Bi, his first love from the time he had arrived at this world, finally accepting him after two and half years, how could he not be excited?

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