Chapter 281: Agony in meeting exceed not meeting

Originally, Nangong Xiangyun wanted to immediately go with Long Yi to meet Si Bi, Leng Youyou and Feng Ling, as after hearing the talks of Long Yi yesterday, she truly was curious about these women of Long Yi, of course, in her heart, she also had the thoughts to compare herself with them, moreover, she wanted to see whether they truly were as fine as Long Yi had said them to be.

But Long Yi postponed their meeting after some consideration, it was truly not like he didn’t want them to meet, merely first he wanted to go to the military camp and give the complete lecture on the military tactics, as he had only given one half of lecture about military tactics before. Unparalleled Battalion was like his child, he had spent a lot of his thoughts and effort in it, and he hoped to see this elite battalion he had created personally to reach the heaven one day, and also ardently hoped for the fame of Unparalleled Battalion to resound throughout the entire Blue Waves Continent one day.

When Long Yi arrived at the military camp, Unparalleled Battalion was training in full swing. He called together the officials of Unparalleled Battalion, then instructed other soldiers to train on their own. After that, he began to give the lecture on military tactics.

Looking at exuberant Long Yi with excellent voice on the platform, Beitang Yu couldn’t help but become absent-minded, and a layer of mist appeared in her beautiful eyes.

When Long Yi was giving the lecture, he suddenly saw Beitang Yu was staring at him in a trance. He coughed, but seeing she still didn’t have any reaction, he used spirit power to make an invisible hand and knocked her head. Absent-minded Beitang Yu screamed ‘aiyo’ and jumped up, attracting the gaze of all the officers. Then she awkwardly raised her head and saw those warning eyes of Long Yi, so she faced towards everyone and made an apology with a military salute, then no longer dared to be absent-minded.

After the lecture was over, Beitang Yu with somewhat hidden bitterness rolled her eyes towards Long Yi. How could she not know that the matter of a moment ago was the doing of Long Yi, but the hidden bitterness was hidden bitterness, merely she also knew that Long Yi inside the military camp and outside was a completely different person. Outside military camp, chatting, laughing or even cursing him didn’t matter, but inside the military camp, he however didn’t have any feelings. Military discipline was of the utmost importance in Unparalleled Battalion. Regardless of whoever violated military disciple, all would be punished, moreover, he wouldn’t compromise. Just a few days ago, in the training time, Tyrant Bear secretly drank a little bit of wine, knowing this, Long Yi immediately gave him ten lashes as a punishment. Thereafter, no one dared to challenge the military disciple of Unparalleled Battalion. Even Tyrant Bear, this second-in-command was punished like that, say nothing of other soldiers.

“General, please wait.” Tyrant Bear in military uniform chased after Long Yi. Now that brown bear-like build of Tyrant Bear was very sturdy and he emitted a valiant aura, clearly showing his military personnel temperament.

“Deputy General Bear, what’s the matter?” Long Yi asked.

Tyrant Bear scratched his head and said: “General, it’s been a while since I saw my little sister, even yesterday when General was getting married, I didn’t see even her shadow. I wonder how she is doing now.”

Long Yi was startled, he had never told anyone about the matter of Xiao Yi, but Tyrant Bear was the blood big brother of Xiao Yi, so he had the right to know the circumstance of Xiao Yi.

Seeing the expression of Long Yi was not very good, Tyrant Bear indistinctly felt somewhat ill at ease, so he couldn’t help but said anxiously: “General, where is my little sister? Did she have an accident?”

Long Yi sighed then leading Tyrant Bear to a remote place of Unparalleled Battalion, he sat down. Then he explained the matter of Extreme Yin Day in detail.

Tyrant Bear looked at that milky white pearl on the chest of Long Yi, and said in disbelief: “General, you are saying that my little sister is inside this pearl now, this is too……”

“Isn’t it unbelievable? But at that time, I saw it with my own eyes, so it shouldn’t be a mistake, moreover, I can still feel her aura inside it.” Long Yi said, gently caressing the Prophecy Pearl hanging on his chest.

Tyrant Bear was stupefied for a moment, and he became sad. He and Xiao Yi had depended on each other for survival for so many years, and now, suddenly hearing such thing had happened to her, he was very sad from the bottom of his heart.

“General, when slaughtering that bastard, you must call me, I will definitely return hundredfold the pain my little sister has to suffer to him.” Tyrant Bear ferociously said.

Long Yi nodded his head, recalling that strange shadow, his eyes flashed with an ominous glint.

After returning from the military camp, Long Yi took Nangong Xiangyun to the courtyard where Leng Youyou and others were staying. Barbarian Bull and Li Qing were also following closely behind them.

Hearing he could meet Leng Youyou again, Barbarian Bull was overjoyed. At that time, they were the companions that had gone through fire and waters together, and after separating in Hengduan Mountains, he hadn’t seen her again. Now, he could meet her again, so he naturally was extremely excited, this kind of feeling couldn’t be understood by the people who had not gone through life and death trials and tribulations together.

They rushed all the way and soon arrived at the courtyard of yesterday where Leng Youyou and others were staying.

“My wives, your husband, I have come, still not coming out quickly to welcome.” Long Yi pushed open the courtyard door, then he shouted.

Leng Youyou was the first one to rush out, and seeing Long Yi, as if a little girl, she rushed over and hugged Long Yi. This moment, in her eyes, there was only Long Yi, as for Barbarian Bull and others, she automatically skipped them.

“My husband, how come you are only coming now, it’s almost dark.” Leng Youyou hugged Long Yi and said acting coquettishly.

“I just returned from military camp, where are Lingr and Si Bi?” Long Yi patted the pert buttocks of Leng Youyou and asked. He however failed to notice violently trembling Li Qing behind him, as well as his pale complexion.

“Since you didn’t come, they went to meditate so as to not waste the time, as for me, I waited for your return.” Leng Youyou said with a smile.

At that time, Nangong Xiangyun snorted discontentedly, causing two hugging people to wake up with a start. Leng Youyou left the bosom of Long Yi and walking to the front of Nangong Xiangyun, she caught her little hand and said: “Is this little sister Xiangyun, you are more beautiful than me.” Leng Youyou began to pour flattery. Compared to her poor words of before, now the changes after two years were very great.

Nangong Xiangyun was startled and was somewhat embarrassed. She blushed and said: “How can that be, big sister is so beautiful, I truly envy your figure.”

Two women immediately eliminate their barrier, and became amicable, after all, they knew that hereafter they were sisters, and if they didn’t get along, then Long Yi might dislike them.

“Eh, Barbarian Bull, you are also here, how come I only saw you now?” Leng Youyou just saw Barbarian Bull and walking to his front, she happily asked.

“There is only Boss in your eyes, how can you see this old bull, ah.” Barbarian bull droned, making Leng Youyou feel bashful.

“I heard you married your clan’s little princess, congratulation.” Leng Youyou softly smiled and said.

Barbarian Bull scratched his bullhorn and laughed foolishly, and his eyes began to emit red heart, clearly was thinking of the happy days with his wife.

Long Yi wanted to introduce Li Qing to Leng Youyou, but he suddenly saw the complexion of Li Qing was extremely ugly as if he was doing his utmost to endure something.

“Li Qing, what happened?” Long Yi stepped forward and asked worriedly.

The facial muscles of Li Qing twitched and just when he wanted to ask whether this Si Bi Long Yi had mentioned was Si Bi he knew, suddenly the doors of the other two rooms opened, and Si Bi wearing a veil and azure haired Feng Ling came out from inside.

The mind of Li Qing blanked out, and he only heard the shattering sound, something in the bottom of his heart broke, and he sweated profusely, not daring to believe this was real. The woman whom he had persistently loved for so many years unexpectedly turned out to be Long Yi’s woman. He was unable to accept this for the moment and only felt his mind was entangled, seemingly wanting to explode.

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Seeing Li Qing beside Long Yi, Si Bi was also stunned, yesterday, she had forgotten about Li Qing being the people of Long Yi, as the matters of yesterday was just like a dream for her, so how could she remember to tell Long Yi about the matter of Li Qing.

The atmosphere suddenly became strange, Li Qing looked at Si Bi with pain written all over his face, whereas, Si Bi was also looking at Li Qing in a daze, and all the people looked at these two people with a strange gaze.

Seeing the expression of two people at this moment, Long Yi’s heart tightened. He recalled the emotional injury of Li Qing, and it seemed the person Li Qing loved was Si Bi. Li Qing was a stubborn person, and seeing him suffer like this, he knew that he was a type of a person who when fallen in love would become completely dedicated to his love, now this was truly troublesome.

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“Why? Why?” Li Qing suddenly looked up to the heaven and roared in agony, then vomiting a mouthful of blood, he rushed out as if he had gone mad.

“I will go to take a look, you all stay here.” Long Yi said, then began chasing Li Qing. He was truly afraid that something would happen to Li Qing.

Several women looked at each other in blank dismay, and all coincidentally gazed at Si Bi. This moment, a complex emotion was flashing in the eyes of Si Bi, but she lightly sighed, then turning around, she entered the house. After that, Leng Youyou and others also followed.

Li Qing madly ran towards the outskirts of the city, and Long Yi, neither urgently nor slowly, followed after him in the sky while various thoughts appeared in his heart. He believed that Li Qing was simply not prepared when he suddenly learned this matter, so it was very difficult for him to accept this matter. As long as he was given enough time, he would definitely straighten out his thinking.

At that time when Long Yi was talking with Li Qing, he knew that Li Qing’s love really wasn’t a selfish love. At that time, when he has stated that as long as Si Bi was happy, he would also be happy, which had extremely moved Long Yi.

Li Qing ran inside the small woods, and suddenly kneeling on the ground, he roared loudly, just like a wounded wild beast. Then suddenly, a nearly transparent sword appeared in his hand, and the sword blade trembled. Seeing this, the heart of Long Yi tightened, and he secretly condensed true qi in his hand. He truly feared that Li Qing would do something stupid.

But Li Qing nevertheless suddenly stood up, then began to madly brandish his sword. White cold mist qi shot out from his sword, which destroyed many trees. Gradually a layer of frost covered the 100 meters surrounding around him, and the frozen ground became full of bumps and hollows.

And after an unknown period of time, when the sky was already dark, Li Qing still roared and swung his sword, then with a rumbling explosion sound, dozens of trees in front were covered with a thick layer of ice. After that, Li Qing collapsed to the ground. Long Yi was somewhat surprised, this fellow unexpectedly made a breakthrough under his grief, merely it seemed he had also injured his internal organs.

Long Yi descended and landed beside Li Qing, then squatting down, Long Yi help him to sit up, and used true qi to suppress the internal injuries of Li Qing.

“Young Master, let me be alone for a while.” After venting out, Li Qing’s mood greatly settled down and he faintly said to Long Yi.

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