Chapter 282: Familiar black-robed person


Seeing Li Qing seemed to have calmed down a little, Long Yi thought that he was unlikely to do something too drastic, so patting his shoulder, Long Yi silently flew away.

Li Qing lied motionless on the on the frozen ground, and under the moonlight, he looked very sorrowful and lonely.

Suddenly, a trace of black mist came and a hazy figure indistinctly appeared not far away from Li Qing.

“Who’s there?” Li Qing alertly sat up and looked forward.

“Jie jie jie……” In reply to the question of Li Qing, a harsh strange laughing sound resounded.


Long Yi returned to the courtyard, and pushing open the door, he entered only to see the girls were silently sitting on the sofa. All of them seemed to be lost in thought. And as for Barbarian Bull, he was sitting alone in one remote corner, wiping his Greenstone Rule.

“Eh, how come you all are so quiet?” Long Yi smiled and asked. Despite having a bit of lingering cloudiness in his heart, he didn’t want to show it on the surface in order to not weight their mind, especially Si Bi.

“My husband, what about Li Qing?” Nangong Xiangyun asked.

Long Yi glanced at Si Bi, and saw a bit of panic flashing in her eyes. She appeared as if she wanted to open her mouth to explain something, but she eventually didn’t say anything.

“He is much calmer now, he wanted some time alone, so I will bring him back after a while.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulder and said, then walking over, he sat next to Si Bi.

“Barbarian Bull, go to the woods in the southern outskirts of Soaring Dragon City to look at Li Qing, its fine just to look at him from far away, don’t disturb him.” Long Yi instructed.

“Okay, then I am leaving first, Boss.” Barbarian Bull put away Greenstone Rule and left.

Long Yi looked at the four women, then said with a smile: “After so long, I think you all should already know each other.”

The girls nodded their head in silence, even always lively Nangong Xiangyun was also affected by this atmosphere. She opened her mouth to speak but didn’t know where to start, so she felt that it would be best to not speak in such atmosphere.

“How come you all are not speaking? Usually, didn’t you all loved to be noisy?” Long Yi frowned and said.

“My Husband, I am very hungry, how about we eat first?” Nangong Xiangyun rubbed her stomach and said.

“Yes, I am also hungry.” Leng Youyou and Feng Ling also chimed in.

“Since you all are hungry, then we’ll go to Wangjiang House to gorge ourselves. After eating, we’ll leisurely stroll around. It’s a rare chance for me to hold beauties on my both sides, so if I don’t show off, then that naturally wouldn’t make a sense.” Long Yi smirked and said, then standing up, he was about to walk, but Si Bi pulled his sleeve.

“My husband… fact……” Looking at Long Yi, Si Bi stutteringly spoke.

“In fact, you are also hungry, isn’t that so? Eating is the important thing in the world, you don’t need to talk about some trivial things.” Long Yi looked at Si Bi with gentle eyes. He could understand Si Bi, merely this was circumstance fate had determined, so he blamed neither Si Bi nor Li Qing.

“My husband, hear me out, if I don’t speak now then there inevitably will be a knot in my heart.” Si Bi knew what Long Yi was thinking, but she felt that she should speak out this kind of matter and make it clear to Long Yi.

“Then fine, we will go to eat after we finished listening to you.” Long Yi smiled and sat again.

“Lingr, little sister Xiangyun, let’s go out.” Leng Youyou said.

“Its fine, you all can also stay and listen.” Si Bi said.

Leng Youyou and other sat down, then Si Bi in the bosom of Long Yi began to talk about the emotional entanglement of her and Li Qing. Saying emotional entanglement was a bit overboard, in fact always was the unrequited love of Li Qing.

Formerly after Si Bi lost both of her parents in childhood, she was raised in her Cousin Susu’s house. She was only eight years old when she lost both of her parents, this gave her a deep blow, but this blow didn’t knock her down, instead, she became even stronger. And in Moxi clan’s great meeting to pray for their ancestor, Si Bi meet patriarch’s son Li Qing. At that time, Li Qing still wasn’t selected as the successor of the patriarch, and because of his ice-cold and antisocial nature, he was frequently bullied by some paternal cousins and maternal cousins. And at that time, in that great meeting to pray for ancestors, Si Bi saw those several cousins bulling Li Qing at one corner, and Si Bi being a person who hated evil like enemies from childhood stepped forward bravely and also suffered scolding and beating. Like this, they met for the first time.

From that day onwards, Li Qing who was two years older than Si Bi as if her tail began to follow Si Bi everywhere, and only when he faced Si Bi, he would reveal a smile, like this, these two people were finally regarded as childhood sweethearts by all others.

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Even though Si Bi had always regarded Li Qing as an elder brother, but Li Qing nevertheless viewed her as a lover, and from childhood, he had vowed to marry her in his heart. Afterwards, Si Bi went to Light Church to become a priest and was chosen as Saintess of Proud Moon Empire. But the thoughts of Li Qing also became clearer and clearer, and Si Bi could no longer pretend to not know, so she had no choice but to make it clear to Li Qing, but how could Li Qing, this one-track minded person, give up?

And two and half years ago, in the brief period of time, Si Bi met Long Yi and fell in love with him, but again because she didn’t want to hinder him, she left him. But how could the pain of Si Bi escape the eyes of Li Qing? When he saw Si Bi, he immediately knew her changes, she was no longer that heart fluttering Light Church’s Saintess Si Bi, moreover, she was often absent-minded and would shed tears, and her those longing eyes were exactly the same as his longing eyes. Furthermore, with Li Qing being a sensitive person, how could he not understand that the goddess in her heart had a lover?

Long Yi basically knew the matters afterwards, in order to find Si Bi, Li Qing left Moxi clan and come to Soaring Dragon City, and due to the result of an accident arising from many causes, he came under Long Yi, but he didn’t know that the woman he loved and the woman Long Yi loved was the same person, so he was destined to be brokenhearted.

Hearing the story of Si Bi, Leng Youyou and others sighed, fate brings people together and help achieve the dream of many men and women, but also broke the heart of many people.

“I know you are feeling very sorry for Li Qing, but the matters of emotion cannot be forced. Although I sympathize with him, but I will never let you go, you are I, Long Yi’s woman forever.” Long Yi somewhat overbearingly said.

Si Bi looked at Long Yi with sparkling eyes and resolutely nodded her head.

“Okay, now I am truly somewhat hungry, let’s go to eat.” Long Yi smiled and got up, then left with four girls.

Among four girls, other than Nangong Xiangyun who couldn’t fly, other three were Archmage, so Long Yi flew in the front carrying Nangong Xiangyun, and other three flew behind him towards Wangjiang House.

Wangjiang House, it was one of the few luxurious restaurants of Soaring Dragon City, every day, there were singing and dancing to extol the good times, and this restaurant would always be full. Now, the ground and even the air in front of this restaurant was packed with various kinds of luxurious carriages. Last time, Long Yi had subdued Li Qing in this place.

This moment, Feng Ling had already turned into the appearance of Ling Feng, Leng Youyou’s beautiful face had also already turned into ordinary one, and Si Bi covered her face with a veil. Only Nangong Xiangyun was revealing her true face. In Soaring Dragon City, there was no need for her to conceal her face.

Wherever Long Yi and Nangong Xiangyun went, they attracted the attention of people, and just when they were about to enter this restaurant, a plump manager eagerly rushed out to welcome. He had a fawning smile on his face, and with his eyes so narrow that they had entered into his fatty meat, he appeared very comical.

“Young Master Ximen, Madame Ximen, the private room of the third floor is prepared, tonight I guessed that honored guests will come, so I specially instruct people to clear the private room, and now it turned out to be true.” The manager said fawning words, and bowing, he cleared the way ahead.

Sitting down in the luxurious private room of Wangjiang House, they could see a river moving in an endless cycle from the window, and on the banks of this river, rows of enchanting magic lamps were illuminating. The scenery looked very enchanting.

Currently, the thing Long Yi didn’t lack the most was money, he casually ordered a table of most expensive dishes, and after taking the order, the manager quickly left.

“I have gone to many cities, but I feel Soaring Dragon City is the most interesting city.” Feng Ling said looking at the river outside.

“If you like then you can stay, now you are my wife, don’t tell me that you will not stay together with me, your husband?” Long Yi said with a smile.

Feng Ling and Leng Youyou looked at each other, and they became somewhat dejected.

“What? Do you have to leave soon?” Long Yi was startled, then he gently laughed and asked. Although they were his wives, but he wouldn’t insist on tying them up beside him, otherwise, they also wouldn’t be so attractive to him.

“After two days of time, we’re going to return to Dark Church, now……well, we are somewhat busy with the matter of the church, so……” Feng Ling looked towards Si Bi and softly said.

But Si Bi just elegantly raised the teacup and sipped the tea without expressing anything. Although she knew the so-called matter of Feng Ling was nothing but to expand taking the advantage of this time period when the power of Light Church was weakened due to Extreme Yin Day, but what could she say? She had never even dreamt that one day she would have a common husband with Dark Church’s Hell Saintess. It was definitely impossible to avoid the conflict of two beliefs, at that time, when the conflict of Light Church and Dark Church escalated, they didn’t know whether they could still so naturally sit and dine together because of one man.

Long Yi naturally knew the meaning, but he didn’t think about this very much, sooner or later, he would visit both Light Church and Dark Church, and he believed that he would have a means to settle this at that time.

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Just then, the doorbell of the private room rang, it seemed the attendants were beginning to serve the dishes. But the instant the door was opened, Long Yi saw Crown Prince Long Ying with several noble Young Masters as well as a black-robed person happened to be leaving from another private room.

The gaze of Long Yi rippled, and he fixedly stared at that tall figured black robed person, feeling a familiar sensation from that figure.

Perhaps because the gaze of Long Yi was too sharp, that black robed person suddenly stopped and turning around, he looked towards Long Yi. But the face of this person was completely covered with black cloth, revealing only two sinister eyes.

Looking at Long Yi, the eyes of this black-robed person flashed with surprise, but immediately reverted back to normal, then turning around again, he left.

Long Yi frowned and thought, from the eyes of this black-robed person, he could feel that this person knew him, but there were many people in Soaring Dragon City who knew him, but the most important thing was Long Yi felt this black-robed person was very familiar, but for the time being, he couldn’t recall who he was.

“He resembled that man.” At that time, Leng Youyou suddenly said.

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