Chapter 283: Ha Lei?


“He resembled that man.” At that time, Leng Youyou suddenly said.

Long Yi pondered for a moment, and a figure flashed in his mind, but he still asked: “Resembles who?”

“Huangmang Plain, Ha Lei.” Leng Youyou said, slightly knitting her brows.

Long Yi was startled, soon after that, he laughed, but a bit of gloominess was flashing in his eyes. The guess of Leng Youyou and his guess matched with each other, which was Ha Lei whom they deemed dead in Lost City. That figure and those eyes were very similar, and although he was not 100% sure, but his intuition told him that his guess was unlikely to be wrong.

If that person was truly Ha Lei, then seeing him and Crown Prince Long Ying colluding together, he should belong to the dark forces of Long Zhan camp, moreover, he might have accepted that mission of Lost City at that time due to the instigation of that mysterious shadow. But what exactly was the desire of that mysterious shadow? Could it be that he wanted the dark spirit tablet in his hand?

Thinking this, Long Yi suddenly rushed out and blocked the path of Crown Prince Long Ying and his group, then without saying anything, he reached out towards the mask of that black robed person. Long Yi’s momentum was really good, was fast and accurate, but the reaction of that black robed person also wasn’t slow. He dodged but heard a cloth tearing sound, a piece of the mask of that black robed person was tore off.

The onlookers cried out in alarm. A little bit of the black robed person’s face that became visible was dark red and rolled up, was inexplicably hideous.

Long Yi also was stupefied, could it be that he wasn’t Ha Lei?

“Ximen Yu, what are you doing? You are truly not attaching any importance to me.” Long Ying coldly stared at Long Yi. He didn’t understand why Long Yi put his hand towards this man.

Long Yi also looked towards Long Ying, and said with a smile: “I am not trying to disrespect Crown Prince by any means, merely wanted to confirm the identity of this subordinate of yours, nothing else.”

“Identity? You know him?” Long Ying asked coldly.

“Perhaps, this is why I wanted to confirm in the first place.” Long Yi ignored the ice-cold gaze of Long Ying and said indifferently.

“Then what’s the result?” Long Ying pricked his eyebrows and asked. A bit of mockery flashed in his cold eyes, thinking that the life-and-death of Long Yi was already under his control.

“It’s not clear yet, I wonder if Your Highness Crown Prince can command your this subordinate to roll up his left sleeve and let me see his left arm?” Long Yi indifferently said, in any case, they had already ripped apart their front, and he also didn’t feel like acting hypocritically again.

Long Ying was expressionless, then looking towards that black-robed man, he said: “You, roll up your left sleeve and let Second Young Master Ximen see your left arm.”

That black-robed man rolled up his sleeve without the slightest hesitation and seeing his left arm, all the onlookers screamed again. All of them couldn’t bear to look any longer, they saw the skin of his hand was unexpectedly just like that little bit of face they had seen. His hand was completely dark red and rolled up, appearing nauseating. It seems his hand was burned seriously.

Long Yi frowned, the reason why he wanted this black-robed man roll up his left sleeve was because he knew that there was a peculiar scar on the left wrist of Ha Lei, but as it now seems, it was impossible to see. So Long Yi just laughed hollowly and said: “I am really sorry, I was wrong.”

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Long Ying snorted coldly, then boarded the luxurious carriage with several people and left.

Long Yi turned around and led the girls who had also rushed out into the private room again. And since Si Bi and others didn’t know the complication of this matter, they didn’t interrupt.

“Wasn’t him? But his dark aura greatly resembles Ha Lei’s.” Leng Youyou continued to say.

Long Yi looked relaxed, then shrugging his shoulders, he said with a smile: “For the time being, let’s forget whether he is Ha Lei or not, let’s eat first, the food isn’t delicious after its cold.”

Nangong Xiangyun and other also didn’t ask more, and since it was already evening, they were truly hungry, so all of them began to wipe out the food.

“Youyou, is there any relationship between your Dark Church and Long Zhan?” After having drunk and eaten to their heart’s content, Long Yi asked. He had always been wondering what background did the dark forces beside Long Zhan had, and thinking about the words of that black-robed man who had fled from that burrows at the bottom of the river, it seemed as if they were not from Dark Church.

Leng Youyou shook her head and said: “As far as I know, there shouldn’t be any relation, but Dark Church and Proud Moon Empire’s royal clan are somewhat interrelated, as for the specific details, I am not clear.”

“Other than Dark Church, which secret dark force know how to nurture dark warriors?” Long Yi frowned and asked.

“Basically other than Dark Church, no other dark force in the entire Blue Waves Continent knows, the method to refine dark warriors is the core secret of our Dark Church. My husband, since you ask me such question, then could it be that there is other dark force that knows the method to refine dark warriors?”Leng Youyou said in surprise.

Long Yi nodded his head, then he told the matter about Ximen residence suffering the attack of large numbers of dark warriors and equally powerful dark magicians in Extreme Yin Day.

“Such matter actually happened?” Leng Youyou was dumbstruck, she knew very well that refining dark warriors weren’t easy, and the entire Dark Church also didn’t have many dark warriors.

After hearing Long Yi, the expression of Ling Feng became heavy and seemed to be rather restless too.

Long Yi didn’t know the exact status of Ling Feng in Dark Church, but from all sorts of signs, he had seen, she should have a close relation with Dark Pope. So at this moment, she must be worried about Dark Church too.

After feeling restless for a long time, Ling Feng secretly shot a glance at Long Yi however she saw that Long Yi was looking at her with a smile, seemingly he had already seen through her thoughts.

“Although I hate to part with you so quickly, but if you want to return, then how can I blame you?” Long Yi softly said. Just yesterday, he had married these girls, and they still had yet to have their wedding night, so he was naturally somewhat disappointed.

Feng Ling with tears in her eyes suddenly stood up and walking over to Long Yi, she snuggled up into his warm bosom and taking a deep breath, she weakly said: “My Husband, I truly don’t want to leave, but……”

“No need to speak, I understand, you have your matters to handle.” Long Yi patted the back of Feng Ling and said. All along, he knew that this girl has distinctive nature, she loved to soar leisurely and carefreely like him, so how could he break her wings and bound her beside him?

“M-hm, thank you, my husband, being able to meet you is Lingr’s greatest fortune, wait for me for a period of time, at that time, I will accompany beside you forever, even if you drive me away, I will not leave.” Feng Ling muttered in the bosom of Long Yi.

“Then I will wait for you, but my patience is limited. After my patience runs out, I will kill to your Dark Church.” Long Yi smirked and said.

Feng Ling in the bosom of Long Yi nodded her head, and struggling for a long time, she finally left the bosom of Long Yi reluctantly, then said to Leng Youyou: “Youyou, you stay beside our husband for the time being, and investigate who is manipulating these dark forces behind the scene, as for myself, I will return to the church for an important matter.”

“I was intending to do so.” Leng Youyou nodded her head.

“My husband, I am leaving first.” A bit of mist appeared in the eyes of Feng Ling, and after speaking, she lowered her head to the side of Long Yi’s ear and whispered bewitchingly: “My Husband, wait for me, when I return, everything of Lingr will be yours.”

Long Yi only felt warm lips on his lips, then his bosom became empty, the person had already walked out in the moonlight and disappeared without a trace in an instant.

Long Yi caressed his lips with lingering fragrance and was somewhat dejected in his heart. Parting always came so suddenly, and meeting again always gave people pleasant surprise.

He laughed at himself, after going through two lifetimes, he knew that he had to see some matter in optimistic ways, but he just did the opposite. Compared to his previous life, he liked this life even more. Wine, sex, wealth and temper, he had all of them, moreover, he was still indulging more and more, perhaps this could be counted as the real life.

Long Yi came back to his senses and saw Youyou, Si Bi and Nangong Xiangyun were looking at him. Their eyes were full of dense love. Seeing this, he relaxed and said with a smile: “Since we have drunk and eaten to our heart’s content, let’s stroll around.”

If one said Soaring Dragon City of daytime was like a dignified noble lady, then Soaring Dragon City of the night was an enchanting young woman.

Walking down the streets which were decorated with multi-colored magic neon lights, the girls seemed to be enjoying a lot. They would look at one shop after another, and seeing good-looking jewelry and clothing, they would fondle them admiringly. It seems shopping was women’s natural instinct.

And the one thing Long Yi didn’t lack was money, he bought all the things his women fancied without caring about the price, but no one had guts to overcharge him. One should know that when he had went shopping after he had just returned, the shopkeepers didn’t dare to receive his money, and when he forcibly gave it to the shopkeeper, the shopkeeper instead knelt down in tears requesting Long Yi to take back the money, which had dumbfounded Long Yi. And only after seeing Long Yi had really changed, the common people of Soaring Dragon City didn’t fear him so much as before.

Pengpeng, pengpeng, the heartbeat of Long Yi suddenly agitated and beat in a peculiar rhythm. His footstep slowed down, and he looked around the crowd. The person who was able to have resonance with his heartbeat like this, other than Wushuang, there was no-one else. Could it be that she came to look for him? The heart of Long Yi instantly got excited.

“My husband, what’s wrong? Is there someone you recognized?” Seeing Long Yi had suddenly stopped, Leng Youyou and others asked.

“It seems Wushuang has returned, my heart is beating in a strange rhythm, Youyou, you know that I and Wushuang have a kind of peculiar telepathy, isn’t that right?” Long Yi said while looking all around.

“Wushuang! Yes, thinking about it, the time period of two years is nearly over, I wonder how she is now?” Leng Youyou also got excited. She naturally wanted to see Wushuang, after all, they were the companions that had experienced life-and-death trials and tribulations together, moreover, was also her sister.

Si Bi quietly stood beside Long Yi, seeing his excited appearance, she was somewhat curious as well as somewhat sour in her heart, merely, she felt that in the brilliant and varied world of Long Yi, after she had met him in mountain at the very beginning, there was a huge blank, and she truly was somewhat jealous, jealous that these girls were able to accompany him when going through many things, and at the same time, she also felt very grateful to them, grateful because they gave Long Yi warmth and happiness.

“Dead, dead.” Just at that time, suddenly a panic screaming sound came from not far away, and instantly, people surrounded that place to watch the excitement.


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