Chapter 284: Wushuang lost memories


Long Yi and three women looked at each other, then flying in the sky, they saw, not far away on the street, there were several corpses lying in disorder. The corpses were frozen and were still emitting cold qi. Looking at the clothing of these corpses, they obviously were the youngsters of wealthy families.

Long Yi and three women descended from the sky, then examined these several corpses, and saw that from the ice arrow in their chest, all of their bones, blood and muscles were completely frozen, it was impossible for them to not die.

“Very strong water magician, Ice Arrow Magic actually has so much power, it’s truly terrifying.” Si Bi gasped with amazement. Ice Arrow Magic was only rank 5 water attack magic, but looking at this situation, the power of this Ice Arrow Magic was not inferior to a rank 8 attack magic. The water magic of this person must have definitely reached Master Archmage realm.

“Could it be that this is Wushuang’s doing?” Long Yi and Leng Youyou simultaneously said. One should know that in Blue Waves Continent, other than Water Master Archmage Shui Linglong, they could only think of Wushuang that was capable of this feat.

But at this moment, that peculiar heartbeat rhythm however had already disappeared. If it was truly Wushuang, then she would also have definitely left this place.

Long Yi recognized these several people lying on the ground, he had seen them in the imperial banquet of last time, but he had already forgotten who they specifically were, however, he knew that they were not that weak, still, they were dealt with so easily.

“Who knows what happened here?” Long Yi asked majestically.

The shopkeepers of two nearby store told him what had happened here. It seemed this was the result of some profligate sons taking liberties with a woman. At that time, a veiled beauty with an elegant figure wearing white clothing passed through here, and these few profligate sons stepped forward to take liberties and molested her. But that woman ruthlessly attacked on the spot, only with a wave of her little hand, ice mist floated in the air and these several people become like this. And that woman also disappeared without a trace.

Just then, the guards that were responsible for the security of Soaring Dragon City ran over, and Long Yi was unwilling to stay here anymore. He was somewhat sure that that woman in the white dress was definitely Wushuang, as other people were unlikely to be so skillful in water magic. Long Yi turned around and said to Nangong Xiangyun: “Xiangyun, return to the residence first with Si Bi and Youyou, I will go and look for Wushuang.”

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Nangong Xiangyun nodded her head in agreement, then return to Ximen residence with Si Bi and Leng Youyou. And as for Long Yi, he urgently used Great Cosmos Shift to look for Wushuang despite knowing it was undoubtedly as hard as looking for a needle in a haystack to look for a single person in Soaring Dragon City. However, he and Wushuang had that peculiar telepathy, as long as Wushuang was near him, he would defiantly become aware of her.

Not recognizing tiredness, Long Yi as if he had eaten a stimulant, flew all around the sky of Soaring Dragon City. But strangely he didn’t sense that peculiar heartbeat. Could it be that Wushuang had already left Soaring Dragon City? Long Yi was somewhat dejected in his heart.

After thinking for a while, Long Yi considered that perhaps Wushuang might have left the urban areas of Soaring Dragon City. And as she had killed noble young masters, Soaring Dragon City was definitely sealed off to search. So in order to avoid trouble, it was unlikely for her to stay inside Soaring Dragon City, however, this was also uncertain, as, with her Master Archmage strength, there were very few people in the entire continent that could block her. Just with her single forbidden magic spell, she could easily kill off many people. One shouldn’t look at Wushuang’s weak and soft side, she could kill people without even blinking her eyes. At that time, in Huangmang plain, Wushuang used rank 9 magic The World of Snow and Ice to freeze several hundred people of the Ice Wind Mercenary Group lead by the third prince of Proud Moon Empire to ice sculptures.

Long Yi arrived at the foot of the mountain at the west of Soaring Dragon City, and he was disappointed, in the end, he still couldn’t find Wushuang. But just when Long Yi was about to return, suddenly douqi and magic distorted in the air, which unexpectedly shook Long Yi’s blood and qi.

“So strong, what the f*ck is happening here?” Long Yi cursed and was greatly startled in his heart. One should know that his AoTianJue was about to breakthrough to the fourth layer, and his water, fire and lightning magic had already reached Mage realm, moreover, his spirit power was even more powerful, so one could say that even Master Archmage and Sword Saint realm experts wouldn’t be able to defeat him, but this time, just the magic and douqi shockwave nearly made him vomit a blood. Those experts should definitely be abnormal.

Long Yi used true qi to suppress the pressure in his heart, he guessed that two pinnacle experts were having a duel on this mountain. The magician must have already surpassed the realm of Master Archmage and reached the legendary Magic God realm, and the swordsman also most have already surpassed the realm of Sword Saint and reached the Sword God realm.

Magic God against Sword God, just thinking about it, he was excited. But after the shockwave of magic and douqi of just now, there was no movement, but he faintly saw a radiance on the top of the mountain. Long Yi guessed that they used a barrier to cover.

He didn’t think about this too much, he simply soared to the sky, flying towards the other side of the mountain.

But not long after, Long Yi saw a light blue barrier enveloping one side of the mountain peak, and he couldn’t clearly see inside the barrier. It was foggy and he occasionally saw golden snakes dancing madly. He simply didn’t know what was going on inside, but even when he was outside the barrier, he felt suffocating pressure.

“Is it Wushuang?” The heart of Long Yi thumped, the magician inside should be Water Magician, and could it be that that golden light represented that warrior who had achieved Sword God realm?

Long Yi was anxious in his heart, he felt that the water magician inside was Wushuang, although the barrier was large, but fighting with Sword God in such close distance was too dangerous, as magicians were too weak in close combat.

And not long after, the barrier suddenly fluctuated violently, and suddenly feeling danger, he flew away from this place.

Hong, powerful magic and douqi exploded sending out a powerful shockwave in all direction. Although Long Yi had flown away in time, but he was also hit by this terrifying shockwave, sending him flying. He suddenly felt pain all over his body, and he collided against a rock on halfway up the mountain. After that, Long Yi vomited two mouthfuls of blood, and even when he was breathing, he felt burning pain in his lungs. Now even breathing smoothly was a kind of luxury to him.

Fortunately, due to the resistance of AoTianJue, Long Yi slowly began to be able to breathe normally. Now his entire back was soaked with cold sweat and felt as if he had just returned from the gates of hell. Swords God and Magic God, they truly were god-like existence. Compared to Sword Saint and Master Archmage, their difference was equivalent to cloud and mud, absolutely not of the same grade.

At that moment, the violent shockwaves produced because of douqi and magic explosion gradually dissipated. Now the foot of the mounting looked as if it was the disaster area after 10 richter earthquake. Now in the midair, two people facing each other were floating, one was a man and another was a woman. The man was full of white hair and was wearing common sackcloth. He had a swarthy blunt sword in his hand, but he was surrounded by thin golden light. As for the woman, she was wearing white clothing, and also had a veil covering her face. She was holding an ice blue magic staff, and even from far away, one could sense blood freezing cold qi from her.

Pengpeng, pengpeng, pengpeng, the heart of Long Yi again began to beat in a peculiar rhythm, then it unified into one with the heartbeat rhythm of that woman. This was a kind of inexplicable feeling.

“Wushuang, Wushuang.” Long Yi got up from the ground, and enduring the chaos in his meridians, he flew, excitedly shouting her name.

But suddenly, the figure of Long Yi stagnated, when he was just ten meters away from Wushuang in the sky, as from the bottom of his heart, he felt a bone-piercing chill.

“Wushuang, it’s me, Long Yi.” Seeing the ice-cold gaze of Wushuang, moreover, seeing Wushuang was looking at him as if a stranger, and even inexplicable disgusted in her eyes, Long Yi was stunned.

Peng, Wushuang raised her magic staff and waved it, then Long Yi was completely frozen into an ice sculpture, and again heavily fell down to the ground.

Wushuang didn’t unleash a killing move. When the ice sculpture came into contact with the ground, it shattered, but it was not only the ice around the body of Long Yi that shattered, his heart was also broken. His heartbeat was still beating in the same rhythm as Wushuang’s heart, but why was Long Yi feeling a bit numb? This woman was obviously Wushuang, but why didn’t she recognize him? Long Yi didn’t dare to believe that Wushuang would completely forget him who had practically saved her life.

Long Yi struggled to stand up, then sadly looked at Wushuang. He covered his heart with his hand, after waiting for two years, was this the result?

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Pengpeng, pengpeng, Wushuang frowned feeling her heart beating in that peculiar rhythm, which seemed to combine with the heartbeat of that man. Why was he sadly looking at her like this, could it be that he recognized her? She truly was unable to make head or tail of this, the heart of Wushuang was in jittery.

Long Yi used his final bits of strength to stagger towards Wushuang, he couldn’t bear this kind of result, he must ask her clearly.

Seeing Long Yi was flying towards her, the heartbeat of Wushuang got faster and faster, and she hated this kind of feeling. The gaze of Wushuang turned cold, then she waved her Blue Ice Magic Staff, shooting a huge icicle straight towards the space between the eyes of Long Yi.

That old man fighting against Wushuang slightly moved that huge sword in his hand, planning to save this youngster, but he suddenly felt that the aura of this woman who had already reached Magic God was fluctuating, and with a smirk, he retracted his move.

When the icicle was just one inch away from the space between the eyes of Long Yi, Long Yi felt the ice-cold qi emitted by the sharp point of this icicle.

“Humph, madman.” Wushuang snorted and the icicle suddenly turned into fine powder and floated down, then confusedly looking at Long Yi for a short moment, she disappeared into the thin air.

The handsome face of Long Yi twitched in pain, and his expression became extremely ruthless and he said gritting his teeth: “Ice Palace, very good, I, Long Yi will definitely make you all regret.” Long Yi concluded that Ice Palace had done something to Wushuang, otherwise how could she lose all of her memories.

At this moment, Long Yi was completely exhausted, and he was already injured after the impact of that incomparably powerful shockwave of magic and douqi collision, moreover, this moment, he was angry, disappointed and had heartbroken, so losing his consciousness, he fell down from the sky.


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