Chapter 42: At the Crucial Moment, How Can You Pee?

After traveling seven days, Long Yi and his traveling party finally reached the desert region of the Huangmang plain. According to Ha Lei’s map, as long as they crossed the marsh, they would reach the legendary Lost City.

“This desert is the habitat of the earth dragons, so we must be extremely careful.” Ha Lei warned. Earth dragons were a type of extremely dangerous magical beast with territory awareness. It is said that Earth dragons possess a tiny bit of the dragon clan’s bloodline in their veins. Ordinary earth dragons are merely C-class magical beasts, But above the ordinary earth dragons are the Iron Backed Earth dragons, Silver Backed Earth Dragon, as well as the Gold Backed Earth Dragon.. An Iron Backed Earth Dragon is a B-class magical beast, while A Silver Backed Earth Dragon is a B-class magical beast. The strongest Gold Backed Earth Dragon has the power of an S-class magical beast.. Ordinary earth dragons generally stayed in groups of 10 to 20. Only after evolving to the Iron Backed Earth Dragon would they leave the group and live alone.

In fact, calling earth dragons magical beasts had some inaccuracies because they didn’t use any magic, instead, their physical attacks were extremely terrifying and their defences were also very amazing.

With the strength of Long Yi and his traveling party, perhaps they could deal with a group of ordinary Earth dragons with great difficulty. Or tget could deal with a single Iron Backed Earth Dragon. However, if they encountered a Silver Backed Earth Dragon, they could only flee for their life. If they met a Gold Backed Earth Dragon, the question would be if they could actually flee before it killed them all.

As if he was particularly familiar with the habitat of the earth dragons, Ha Lei led everyone through the earth dragon territory. He frequently grabbed some soil from the ground and smelt it before making decisions on which way to go. For several days, they avoided quite a few groups of earth dragons. Long Yi had been observing earth dragons from the distance throughout the journey, and the so-called earth dragons basically didn’t look like a dragon at all. They resembled giant earthworms, with long folded strips of skin in their back, which made them look similar to a washboard..

Earth dragons and mankind had similar behaviour where they were active in the daytime and slept during the night. Thus Long Yi’s group had to make adjustments to their sleep cycle as they tried their hardest to proceed when the earth dragons were asleep. All of them became owls as they became active at night to avoid the earth dragons.

Ha Lei estimated that in two days or less they would be able to cross the desert, however the world never ran according to one’s wishes. A sudden downpour made the group slow down their progress as the rain lasted for two days and two nights.

Late at night, the heavy rain was still falling continuously, fierce wind was whistling and thunder and lightning were rumbling. The heavens seemed adamant in wrecking everything in its path as the rain showed no signs of stopping . Long Yi was hiding inside his big tent, where he was seated comfortably on the bed and meditating. Little Tiger was sleeping soundly by his side.

Suddenly, Long Yi opened his closed eyes, and said in a low voice, “Who is it?”

“It’s me, Lu Xiya.” a reply was heard as a trembling voice was heard outside the tent.

Long Yi frowned as he thought, “does this little girl not go to sleep? What is she doing here in the dead of night?” He would not believe that she came here to dedicate herself to him.

“Come in.” Long Yi said. As a matter of fact, Long Yi was able to discover her even though he was in mediation because he had spread his spirit power around his location. As long as anyone or anything came into the zone of his spirit power, he would be able to instantly sense them.

The petite body of Lu Xiya made her way inside his tent, as she stood hesitantly at the entrance. Long Yi lit the magic lamp, instantly illuminating the whole tent.

Seeing Long Yi sitting on that super luxurious big bed, Lu Xiya was dumbfounded all of a sudden. She also had a relatively high-level space ring which had more than 10 meters of space inside it. But if she was to store this big bed, then she would no longer be able to store anything else inside.

“Little elf, my bed is not bad, do you want to come over and sleep?” Long Yi shifted to one side as he spoke. as he directed his lecherous gaze up and down the body of the little Lu Xiya.

The face of Lu Xiya instantly turned bright red like a tomato and was hesitating, thinking or not whether to reply Long Yi. But just as she was thinking of a reply, a clap of thunder reverberated, and she immediately screamed. She dashed over like a little scared rabbit and dived into the bed. After that Lu Xiya quickly squeezed into Long Yi’s bosom, and her buttocks pushed against the fast asleep little tiger causing it to fall off that bed.

The little tiger woke up with a start, and saw that its position was occupied by Lu Xiya, so it immediately started to whine incessantly. But seeing that no one was paying attention to it, it jumped to the other side of Long Yi and resumed its nice nap.

“Are you afraid of thunder?” Long Yi asked softly. This moment with a warm beauty in his bosom in this rainy night, it was impossible for him to not have any idea of that kind.

“M-hm.” In the boson of Long Yi, Lu Xiya nodded her head. She couldn’t help but completely lean on his body, it was only after snuggling close to Long Yi that her body slowly relaxed and become soft.

“There was thunder last night too, weren’t you afraid?” Long Yi doubtfully asked.

“Yesterday elder sister Youyou accompanied me, but tonight she started her meditation quite early, so I couldn’t go in her tent.” Lu Xiya replied in mosquito like small voice. After she relaxed, she finally noticed the ambiguous position between her and Long Yi, as her heartbeat suddenly started to speed up.

Unlike Si Bi’s jasmine fragrance, Lu Xiya’s body fragrance smelt like lavender, which was gave off a fresh scent which lingered around her. Surrounded by bursts of young girl’s delicate fragrance, and having her two round, elastic and ample soft buns pressing against his chest, along with Lu Xiya’s quivering breath which was getting faster by the second, Long Yi felt a burst of **, and couldn’t suppress his biological reactions.

“Did you place your sword on your bed? It is pressing against me.” Lu Xiya felt something hard was pressing against her lower abdomen, and mistakenly believed that that thing was Long Yi’s sword which he placed on the bed.

Long Yi was dumbfounded, before a thought struck him and he understood the ‘sword’ Lu Xiya was referring to. A naughty idea popped into his head as he quickly replied, “Yes, I always carry my sword along with myself.”

“Take it off. With it poking against me like this, it makes me uncomfortable.” Lu Xiya said as she extended her little hand downward, and caught a long hot rod. Lu Xiya curiously kneaded it, and felt that this strange sword hilt was twitching. She screamed and loosen her grip, before yelling loudly, “Long Yi, what the is your sword made of! Why is it hot and it even twitches?”

“Stroke it again and you will know.” Long Yi let out a muffled chuckle. This smile resembled a grandmother wolf who had a wicked intention while staring at a good and honest little sleep Lu Xiya.

Seeing as Long Yi had a strange smile on his face, Lu Xiya felt something fishy, she rolled her eyes and abruptly lifted the cover.

“You… scoundrel!” Seeing the tent Long Yi had pitched in his pants, which was threatening to burst out, no matter how slow-witted she was, she immediately knew what the sword she was holding was.

Looking at the red beautiful face of Lu Xiya, Long Yi extended his hands as he pulled her into his bossom.

“You….what do you want?” Lu Xiya bit her lower lip, and didn’t dare to look face to face at that provocative expression of Long Yi. That passionate gaze was about to melt her whole body.

Long Yi bent his head as he lightly blew into the long ears of Lu Xiya. “I want to kiss you, okay?”

The whole body of Lu Xiya became limp, and her whole body lightly quivered. Subconsciously, she nodded her head. However she seemed to be unable to make up her mind as she shook her head in the next instance..

Long Yi half pressed on Lu Xiya, their two noses lightly came into contact with each other, as Long Yi said with a smile, “You are nodding and shaking your head, does that represents okay or not okay?”

Lu Xiya’s towering chest violently moved up and down, and both legs firmly clamped together. She felt her private parts limp and numb as a little bit of liquid flowed from her forbidden area, wetting her pants.

“Long Yi…” Lu Xiya muttered as she earnestly hoped. But no one knew whether she was earnestly hoping for Long Yi to stop or for him to keep going.

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As soon as his name came out from her mouth, Long Yi bent over and kissed Lu Xiya’s lips. Lu Xiya’s brain instantly fried as all her thoughts flew to the ends of the earth. She instinctively responded passionately as she returned the kiss..

As the tongues of the two tangles with each other as if they were wrestling for control over the other party, it was unknown when Long Yi’s hands climbed up Lu Xiya’s clothes and started fondling her rounded breasts. Although her body was tiny her peaks stood out as they cannot be considered small.. That smooth congealed fat’s jade changed into various shapes under his hand, and the bright red one point on the summit proudly blossomed.

Long Yi’s big mouth left her red and swollen glamorous red lips, as his eyes remained at the exposed bosom’s beautiful jade peak. As he opened his mouth again to take the pearl on her breasts into his mouth, he sucked lightly as Lu Xiya’s lovely voice involuntarily came out of her mouth as she let out a ** sound. Her body was quivering slightly as she clamped her legs even more tightly together..

Slowly, Long Yi’s big hands moved downwards. However, Lu Xiya’s thighs were clamped too tightly, so Long Yi could only linger at the periphery of her lower abdomen. Just when Lu Xiya relaxed a bit, Long Yi’s big hand seized the chance and entered between her legs. As he felt that her pants were a little damp and hot, Long Yi secretly thought that the little elf’s body was indeed very sensitive.

Long Yi gently teased the mysterious garden of Lu Xiya, although separated with pants, but how could this little elf who was engaging in these affairs for the first time be able to withstand this sort of simulation. A layer of rosy shade was added to the skin of her whole body, and she was unconsciously moving her waist up and down while letting out moans from her mouth unknowingly.

Long Yi untied Lu Xiya’s belt, and his big hand directly entered inside her pants. Passing through the soft hair, Long Yi’s middle finger directly pressed against her long and narrow crevice between her legs which were already damp.

“Don’t.” The whole body of Lu Xiya shook, and her both hands firmly held Long Yi’s big hand.

Long Yi didn’t take out his hand. according to his experiences, if a woman says don’t, she most probably didn’t mean it, so he still moved his hand continuously.

“I beg you, please don’t.” Lu Xiya earnestly said. Both her hands and legs tightly clamped on his hand located on her secret part.

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Long Yi was dumbfounded, after seeing the appearance of Lu Xiya who really didn’t want it, he asked, “Why?”

Lu Xiya’s beautiful face became even more red as she bit her lip and said in a mosquito-like voice, “I……I need to pee.”

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