Chapter 49: Bail Out (1)

Leng Youyou sat down beside Long Yi, and all of a sudden, she didn’t know what to say to him. Only after sitting in silence for a long time did she question him, “Are you unable to fall asleep?”

Long Yi turned his head around and smiled. He didn’t care that Leng Youyou was asking him redundant questions, the most important thing here was that she actually took the initiative to start the conversation. The fact that she was willing to talk to him again made him happy. Long Yi looked at that ordinary face in front of him and stared directly into the pair of extremely beautiful eyes Leng Youyou had . These eyes were lustrous just like the starry sky. Even comparing to Long Ling’er and Si Bi, her eyes were not inferior in any aspect.

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“You, why are you staring at me, are there flowers on my face?” Leng Youyou felt extremely uncomfortable facing the gaze from Long Yi, so she couldn’t help but protest coquettishly.

“You face doesn’t have flowers, however your face is much better looking than any flower.” Long Yi teasingly said.

Leng Youyou turned her head and snorted, “You don’t have to lie to me. I know that im ugly.”

“I never thought you’re ugly, really. Moreover, pretty faces can’t stay forever. After several decades, wouldn’t even the most beautiful woman will also have wrinkles across her whole face?” Long Yi sighed.

Leng Youyou was slightly moved after hearing what Long Yi said. Yes, a pretty face easily expires, although her current true appearance was very beautiful, but after several decades, her appearance would also become that of chicken. Just thinking of how she would become in the future made her scared. As she was thinking about these useless things, Leng Youyou suddenly felt that her little hand was grasped by a bigger hand. Her whole body quivered as she immediately thought to pull herself away from Long Yi. However, Long Yi’s grip was firm as he grabbed her han and was unwilling to let her go. Seeing as Long Yi was unwilling to her her go, she immediately gave up on struggling as her heart jumped with happiness, just like a little rabbit..

Long Yi pulled Leng Youyou’s smooth jade-like hand lightly, as Leng Youyou took the advantage of this opportunity and leaned her head on his shoulder. Under that fiery red radiance of that blood colored bugs’ sea, these two people looked so harmonious sitting together like this.

When Leng Youyou was thinking whether or not to show her pretty face which would ‘easily outdate’ to her beloved Long Yi, Long Yi suddenly asked, “Uhh when did you realise that it was me that night?”

Leng Youyou trembled slightly, as she clearly remembered ** of that night. Now she was feeling that everything was just like a dream, because of how they were behaving now.

“When you held me tight, I knew that it was you, big pervert.” Leng Youyou bashfully said in a very small inaudibe voice, and her whole body was lightly trembling just like a frightened rabbit in Long Yi’s bosom.

“Are you serious ah, how did you know?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“The smell of your body is very special, so when I smelled your scent, I immediately knew it was you.” Leng Youyou bashfully said.

“Smell? Could it be that my body is smelly?” Long Yi raised his arm and smelled his armpist, but it didn’t have any unusual smell.

Leng Youyou said with a smile: “No, not body odor, it is a kind of particular scent, it smells really good, smelling it makes me feel very relieved.”

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Long Yi said while laughing, “So you are actually talking about the smell of man ah, I thought that I had body odor, scaring me.” It is said that men release a kind of smell similar to a musk’s smell. Whichhad a calming effect on women who smelled it. It was said that it could regulate the menstrual function too, however these were merely legends, whether it was true or not, nobody knows.

Wait a minute, Long Yi suddenly frowned, smell, a particular smell, he continued to mumble to himself as he watched those blood colored bugs and marsh human eating beast inside the marsh. At that time, finally noticed that when the marsh human eating beast moved, those blood colored bugs would avoid it. Immediately after that, he yelled, “I got it, I understood how to avoid the attack of these bugs.”

“You thought of a way? Quickly tell me.” Leng Youyou’s excitement was no less than that of Long Yi’s. In front of them was Lost city, so she naturally didn’t want to give up and return just like this.

“I can tell you, but you have to give me a kiss.” Long Yi mischievously laughed and said.

Long Yi had thought that Leng Youyou would definitely refuse to kiss him. But contrary to his thoughts, just after he finished speaking, Leng Youyou immediately kissed him on his face heavily.

“Now say it.” Leng Youyou crooned with red face, then a particular expression of women who had fallen in love appeared on her face.

“Look over there.” Long Yi mysteriously smiled, then he stared at those marsh human eating beasts who were glaring at them like a tiger eyeing its prey.

Long Yi took out a rope from inside his space ring, this was not an ordinary rope. Rather, it was a rope made up of using the product of an SS-class Magical beast, Ice silkworm Ruyi’s silk. This Ice silkworm Ruyi’s attack power was extremely terrifying, even if a Master Mage encountered it, they should immediately flee. This Ice silkworm Ruyi live in the Blue Waves Continent’s Origin Ice, and produces only one strand of silk per year. Ximen Yu’s grandfather had to spend more than ten years facing the dangers of an Ice silkworm Ruyi to collect enough ice silk to make this one rope.

Long Yi made one slipknot at the end of this rope, then using his internal force, he attacked the nearest marsh human eating beast. This beast raised its head and roared due to the pain it felt. Long Yi was waiting for this moment, and he quickly threw this lasso towards its head. At this moment, the alarmed blood red bugs fled again.
After the head of this beast was inside the loop, Long Yi quickly pulled, and began to drag out this marsh human eating beast. Its neck was tightly tied by this ice silk rope, and it was desperately struggling to free itself. Long Yi thought inside his heart, “Lucky me, if I didn’t have this rope with me, I truly don’t know how I could pull up this marsh human eating beast. I’m afraid that anything else except this rope inside this bugs’ sea would have been gnawed by these blood colored bugs leaving nothing behind.”

At this time, all other people rushed out from their tents, because they heard the marsh human eating beast and blood colored bugs’ piercing noises.
“Long Yi, why the hell are you catching marsh human eating beast instead of sleeping?” Ha Lei asked.
“Long Yi must have thought up a way to pass through this marsh, right?” Lu Xiya had blind faith in Long Yi.

Ha Lei and others expectantly looked at Long Yi, hoping she was right.
BeforeLong Yi said with a smile, “Yes I thought of a way, but I don’t know whether it works or not?”

“You really thought up a way, quickly tell us about it.” Ha Lei grabbed Long Yi’s shoulder and shook him. With the expression of a human who was starving for half a month and suddenly discovering a bowl of appetizing rice, he asked Long Yi with great excitement.

“Don’t shake, first help me butcher this beast.” Long Yi pointed at the still struggling marsh human eating beast and said.

Without saying anything else, Ha Lei immediately raised his sword and slashed down on the beast. The severed the head of this marsh human eating beast fell off its shoulders as the beast immediately died. After that, Long Yi withdrew the rope and using his huge sword, he peeled a bit of skin from this marsh human eating beast’s corpse, before throwing the skin into the marsh. Instead of gnawing this skin until nothing was left behind, these bugs immediately evaded it. This made Long Yi even more sure about his guess. Marsh human eating beast’s smell has the repelling effect on these blood colored bugs.

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