Chapter 50: Bail out (2)

Long Yi once again peeled out the skin from the marsh human eating beast and wrapped it on a wooden stick, then he extended it to the blood-colored bugs’ sea. As expected, those blood colored bugs scattered to avoid it, but those human eating beasts began to chase the stick.

“I got it, it turns out these blood-red bugs are afraid of the smell of the marsh human eating beast. Long Yi, are you thinking of crossing this bug sea by wrapping our body with its skin?” Lu Xiya exclaimed.

“Hehe, smart.” Long Yi praised her with a smile. And Lu Xiya felt extremely happy hearing the praise come from her beloved person.

After hearing Lu Xiya, the others also suddenly realized that this was indeed a very good approach. This might be the only method to cross this blood-red bugs’ sea.

But very quickly Leng Youyou raised the question that was bothering her, “Long Yi, even if we can avoid the bugs, how are we going to avoid these marsh human eating beast? Moreover this place is a marsh, and there is basically no ground to stop for a rest. We’ll sink as soon as we stop moving, what if we don’t manage to cross the entire marsh in one breath?.”

Long Yi laughed, then pointing at a big fellow in the middle of the marsh which was significantly bigger than a normal sized marsh human eating beast, he asked,“Do you know what that is?”

“Isn’t that also a marsh human eating beast?” Barbarian Bull said while scratching his head. His simple brain was not able to understand why Long Yi was asking such retarded question.

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Leng Youyou thought for a moment, then said, “That should be the king of the marsh human eating beasts, but so what?”
“Nothing, just wanted it to take us across the marsh, nothing more.” Long Yi casually mentioned, as if this was a trivial matter.

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“What? Let, let it take us across, do you consider yourself a god?” Lan Tian who had a warm exterior appearance most of the time, couldn’t help but go on a rampage after hearing Long Yi. It was simply a fantasy to let the king of the marsh human eating beasts take them across .

“No, I don’t believe I’m a god. But how about we have a bet, if I succeed, then all your mission rewards would be mine.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“This…..” Lan Tian immediately stopped speaking. Although he didn’t believe it, but seeing the confidence displayed by Long Yi, he didn’t dare to take the gamble against Long Yi.

Long Yi inwardly shook his head, this fellow’s bearing was too small ah. It’s no wonder, even after training till he was so old, he was still merely an Advance Magician.

“Long Yi, if you succeed, then I will give you my share of the reward.” Ha Lei said. He was not stupid, also, he had not come here for the mission rewards. Moreover, if he was able to pass through this marsh and get to Lost City, then there was no fear that he won’t be able to strike it rich.

Long Yi Looked at Ha Lei with a smile and said, “Good, you said it yourself, don’t back out later.”

The next moment, Long Yi used the Ice silk to drag out several other marsh human eating beasts. Before he used the skin of these beasts to wrap his whole body from head to foot, only exposing his two eyes.

Lu Xiya bit her lower lip as she looked at her beloved. Although she had faith in Long Yi, but when the things come to head* she still couldn’t help but become worried. This was because the marsh area was said to be a place of death unlike any other places. But Lu Xiya said nothing, as she merely used her eyes to transmit her encouragement and support. She didn’t want to divert the attention of her man. Leng Youyou was the same, she clearly understood how to use practical actions to show her confidence in her beloved. [T.L: *when the things come to head (idiom): at the last moment.] Long Yi looked at two women, as he sighed inside his heart, “If you have wives like them, what else would a husband demand ah.”

Long Yi jumped while yelling loudly, before he weightlessly glided towards the sea of red bugs. Just as Long Yi’s expected, those terrifying blood-red bugs didn’t attack, but those marsh human eating beast smelled the bloody smell emitted by the skin wrapped around Long Yi. Gliding across the marsh, Long Yi could see that all of the marsh human eating beasts raised their heads to use their moss-green eyeballs to stare at him. As Long Yi travelled above the marsh, many of the heads belonging to the marsh human eating beasts appeared from the darkness below.

Currently, Ha Lei and others were stunned. as the same thought ran through their mind similtaneously, “Could it be that he is using the Float Magic which can be used by only Master Magicians?” However, they immediately denied that thought, because there wasn’t any float magic that was so elegant. None of the float magic they knew allowed the user to float in the sky as if they were taking a stroll in a quiet and peaceful courtyard. Even Ha Lei and Barbarian Bull, these rough men were attracted. Much less Lu Xiya and Leng Youyou, these two little girls. Just looking at their ecstatic appearance, one can easily see that they were already captivated by Long Yi’s actions.

After gliding nearly 100 meters, Long Yi used up the force so he prepared to land. However, the marsh human eating beast king was still 50 meters away and it was still staring at him. Long Yi slowly fell downward, towards the group of marsh human eating magical beasts. Seeing their prey falling down, all the marsh human eating beasts opened their big mouth without exception.The sight of their dense sharp teeth dripping with saliva looked very grand.

“Ah, Long Yi be careful.” Lu Xiya and others couldn’t help but cry out to him.

At this time, one marsh human eating beast was too impatient to wait. It opened its big mouth and bit towards the falling Long Yi. Long Yi immediately withdrew both his legs, then his right leg suddenly stepped on the lower jaw of this marsh human eating beast. Using the force to propel him upwards, he once again flew into the sky and resumed gliding forewards. As soon as he was up in the air again, he flashily turned around and displayed an OK gesture, making the hearts of two woman beat violently.
This moment, Long Yi flew in the skies near the king of the marsh human eating beast. This big fellow used its two fist-sized eyes to stare at him. Looking at Long Yi, it instinctively felt threatened, but it was very confident that it was capable enough to tear this human into shreds if he dared to challenge it, because it was king of this marsh.

Around this big fellow, not a single normal marsh human eating beast could be seen. It seems like the king had occupied a very large territory for itself.. If other marsh human eating beasts entered its sphere of influence, then it would attack that beast till it died.

Suddenly, Long Yi’s body which seemed as light as a feather abruptly changed into a blur, and charged onto the back of marsh human eating beast king. The visual impact of that slow human who abruptly changed into a flash of light as he fell extremely quickly towards it was too big, as the marsh human eating beast king felt a sense of excitement seeing its prey rush to its death. The reaction of the conceited and arrogant marsh human eating beast king was too late, as Long Yi had already ridden on its back. Burning with anger, it suddenly jumped up in the sky and moved backwards and forwards, as it attempted to throw off Long Yi. But Long Yi didn’t allow it to do as it liked.ust when he landed on its back, he had used the Ice silk to firmly rein in this beast’s neck.

The center of the marsh was in chaos, countless blood-red bugs were startled, and began to fly up. In an instant, the whole marsh was covered by blood-red bugs. Because of this, Lu Xiya and others were basically unable to see what was happening inside. The only thing they managed to see was a blood red coloured wall.

“Long Yi, Long Yi.” Lu Xiya instantly became anxious and began to call out loudly. Seeing the bugs had completely surrounded Long Yi, she instantly lost her wits.

Leng Youyou grabbed Lu Xiya, and said, “Long Yi is fine, as his woman, you should believe in him.”

“But he…” Lu Xiya chocked with sobs.

“You ah, concerned about this chaos, take a look, these bugs flying in the sky are in a total mess, this proves that Long Yi is still entangled with marsh human eating beast king. Don’t worry.” Leng Youyou was much calmer than Lu Xiya. From the movement of blood-red bugs, she deduced that Long Yi was alright.

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