Chapter 52: Dark, Magical Beast

Hearing Leng Youyou, Long Yi was dumbfounded. “This place is the heaven for dark magic cultivators? Seems like i should also cultivated dark magic here. If i did, wouldn’t I be like a fish in water in this place?” Long Yi thought as he immediately wanted to try cultivating dark magic. However, as he was about to begin his plan, he saw Barbarian Bull crazily swinging his mace around. Fearing that he might have an accident while cultivating, Long Yi decided to knock Barbarian Bull out first to prevent anything bad from happening.

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“Youyou, look after Lu Xiya, I will handle them.” Long Yi instructed Leng Youyou. Then dodging left and right, he held Barbarian Bull’s wrist with one hand, and other hand chopped the back of his head. Immediately after that Barbarian Bull’s two eyes turned white and he fell to the ground. When Long Yi was thinking of knocking out Ha Lei and Lan Tian too, he suddenly heard a shriek from Leng Youyou.

Long Yi immediately turned his head around, and was frightened out of his wits. Looking at the ground where Leng Youyou and Lu Xiya were standing just a moment ago, a huge black colored crack had appeared out of nowhere. The only thing he saw after turning around was Leng Youyou pushing Lu Xiya out of the way of the crack, before falling into the terrifying black crack herself.

“Youyou!” Long Yi madly roared, as he activated big cosmos shift to its limit. After using his movement skill, he instantly disappeared and appeared in the midst of the black coloured crack, right where Leng Youyou fell in. Stretching his hand, he tightly held onto Leng Youyou’s wrist, unwilling to let her fall into the abyss. Because he had forcefully opened his body’s latent capacity, Long Yi spat out two mouthfuls of red blood.

Leng Youyou who had basically given up all hope, seeing the sudden appearance of her beloved by her side, nearly died due to happiness. She had forgotten her fears and her eyes were staring straight at Long Yi.

Long Yi however, was in no mood to enjoy Leng Youyou at the moment. He was currently busy cursing inwardly about his endless hardships. His meridian had suffered damage at the time he had caught Leng Youyou who was falling down, and now this black crack was in the process of closing quickly. He was burning with impatience to get out of the crack. If this crack closed, then both he and Leng Youyou might disappear from this world.

Long Yi gnashed his teeth, and his body strangely stopped in the sky. Holding Leng Youyou in his arms, he started flying upwards, but when they were about to exit the crack, Long Yi felt a sharp pain coming from his meridians. Having no choice, Long Yi could only choose to stop mid air with Leng Youyou in his arms. But this pause caused them to lose their final opportunity. The crack closed above them and the two of them fell downwards weightlessly.

Long Yi was stuck in a daze for a long time, he couldn’t tell how long they were falling, as they lost all track of time. . At some time, rays of light appeared in front of Long Yi. After carefully inspecting the surroundings, Long Yi discovered that the both of them were in the sky above the forest.

Peng Long Yi with Leng Youyou in his bosom firmly crashed on the ground. He felt great pain coming from his internal organs which resulted in him spitting out a mouthful of blood and his vision started going black. Fortunately, Long Yi’s physique was not ordinary, so he was able to maintain his consciousness.

“I didn’t die, I am really lucky ah.” Long Yi mumbled then he turned around, and his expression immediately stiffened. He was not lucky, he was too lucky.

Seeing strange beasts not far away from them, Long Yi was thoroughly speechless. These strange beasts looked nothing like what he had seen before. Although they had different features, but without exception, each and every one of them had black coloured fur with blood red eyes.. From head to toe, they emitted an evil dark aura, which could make people feel absolutely terrified at first sight.

“Youyou, wake up.” Long Yi shook the beautiful woman in his embrace, as he thought that she might know what these things were.

Leng Youyou slowly opened her eyes after Long Yi shook her, “Long Yi, did we die?” Her first words after she opened her eyes was to ask Long Yi if they were already dead.

Long Yi don’t know whether to laugh or cry and said, “We died, now our souls are being surrounded by a group of evil spirits.”

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Leng Youyou sighed and raised her head, then she said with surprise: “Why are there so many dark magical beasts here? Could it be that after we died, we arrived at the world of dark magical beasts?”

Long Yi made a wry smile and said, “This damnable place seems to be the world of dark magical beasts… Seems like we became their food now.”

Leng Youyou was shocked. She pinched her face before excitedly pinching Long Yi’s face. “We are not dead, you big liar!”

“Now we’re not dead, but we’ll be dead soon.” Long Yi said with a wry smile on his face. Not knowing whether she was dead, Leng Youyou felt a little stupid.

At this moment, dark magical beasts started slowly advancing in their direction. Leng Youyou crawled out of Long Yi’s embrace and stood in front of him. In an instant, she took out a pitch black magic staff from inside her space ring but compared to this magic staff, the one Long Yi ripped off the silver dire wolf king was many times more remarkable..

“Soul Devouring Magic.” Leng Youyou shouted loudly with her lovely voice before raising her magic staff. More than ten dark magical beasts in front of her whined pitifully before their bodies emitted black fog. All of the black fog emitted by the dark magical beasts gathered around Leng Youyou and as she inhaled, the dark fog entered her body.

Soul Devouring Magic? Long Yi recalled a bit and he knew that this was a Rank 7 dark magic spell. Which belonged to the realm of advanced magic spells of the dark element. This magic spell’s ability was to suck the spirit from the opponents to strengthen the caster’s own magic power. This was a common spell used by Dark magicians. Since the caster could become even stronger when using the spell facing the enemy, why not use it?

At this time, the dark magical beasts began their counterattack. Although the class of these dark magical beasts was low, an elephant would be bitten to death if there were enough ants. When tens upon tens of thousands of dread and corrode skills which were enough to cover the heavens and earth were thrown at them, Leng Youyou became unable to withstand the attacks in a matter of minutes. With no other choice, she released her life saving defensive magic, Dark Prayer. This was one of the few lifesaving magic spells she had carried along with herself before the start of their journey to Lost City.

Although Long Yi couldn’t move, he still had his powerful spirit power. Lying on the ground, Long Yi used the best move he could think of to counter the dark magical beasts, Soul Spiking Magic. Although the name was similar to Soul Devouring Magic, Soul Spiking Magic exterminates souls, unlike Soul Devouring Magic which absorbs souls.

Long Yi’s eyes twinkled with brilliant lights and vibrant colors. Those dark magical beasts who received his attack began to frantically attack their companions as if they had gone mad to relieve the pressure on their soul. But his spirit power’s attack range was limited, the amount of dark magical beasts he was able to attack was nothing compared to the total number of dark magical beasts which was present.

“Long Yi, my defense is not going to hold much longer.” Leng Youyou turned around to face Long Yi, before saying these words with an indifferent expression as if she didn’t care about their current life and death situation.

“Well, it seems the two of us are going to die together.” Long Yi smiled helplessly.

“Now do you regret desperately jumping down to save me at that time?” Looking at Long Yi, Leng Youyou asked.

Long Yi shook his head and said, “My only regret is that I was not able to save you.”

Leng Youyou threw herself into Long Yi’s arms as she held on to Long Yi firmly. She said in a trembling voice, “I am perfectly content to die together with you. I hope I become your wife in the next life, I will properly serve you and give birth to lots of your children.”

Hearing the heart stirring words coming from Leng Youyou, Long Yi was moved beyond words. Suddenly, the blood coloured skull mark in the middle of his left palm vibrated. Looking at the skull mark on his hand, Long Yi cursed himself as he hit his own head.

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