Chapter 57: Cold Pond

After the leakage of *, Leng Youyou powerlessly collapsed in the bosom of Long Yi. She was feeling so weak that she couldn’t even move her toes. In the first battle, she lost against the counterattack from Long Yi, but she believed she could do better. As such, she took the initiative again to ignite the flames of war in Long Yi, resulting in Long Yi who had been in the state of lust for a long time to take advantage of this chance as he renewed his attack and came back stronger. He released in her several times in succession which caused her to nearly lose her consciousness.

“Long Yi, where is that little tiger of yours ah??” Leng Youyou who was lying in Long Yi’s bosom, sluggishly asked.

“That little fellow hasn’t woken up yet, so I threw him into the dark dimension.” Gently caressing and stroking Leng Youyou’s snow white back, Long Yi answered.

“Is that inside the blood-colored skull mark on your palm?” Leng Youyou asked.

Long Yi nodded his head and proudly said, “This skull mark is something refined by that Necromancer Master Archmage, Bite.Xiuge several hundred years ago. Which includes the 18 skeletons which were going on a rampage just now.”

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“Bite.Xiuge? No wonder, only he could refine this kind of abnormal skeletons.” Leng Youyou exclaimed. Necromancers was viewed as gods by all the dark element magicians, and they possessed a transcendent status in Dark Church.

The two of them who were hugging tightly in each other’s embrace talked about many things which included their past experiences. During this time, they naturally talked about their respective circumstance. It was naturally impossible for Long Yi to tell her that he was from another world, and he also didn’t tell that he was the person who was called ‘lewd thief’ by everyone in the Violent Dragon Empire. He merely told her that he was a citizen of the Violent Dragon Empire. As for the other questions she had about him, he said nothing. Leng Youyou also knew that there were things she should not ask, and she believed that one day, Long Yi would naturally tell her everything when he is ready.

However, Leng Youyou revealed everything about herself to him without reservation. Originally, she was also a citizen of the Violent Dragon Empire. However, after she lost both her parents when she was just a little child, her master, i.e. one of the two Great Hell Priests of the Dark Church Rafael discovered she had the heavenly-gifted dark physique. Which compelled them to take her in to nurture her to become the Dark Church’s Hell Saintess. This position of the Dark Church was equal to the Light Saintess position of the Light Church. She had sneaked away from the Dark Church as the Dark Pope forced her to marry his son. Which led her to accept the mission of Lost City, which allowed her to leave for a place far away from the Dark Church, and at the same time increase her own powers. As is was said that there was a Dark Magic Jade inside Lost City, and the person who managed to obtain it would be able to obtain infinite dark magic power.

After listening to her, Long Yi was extremely furious. That old bastard Dark Pope actually dared to force his woman to marry a man she didn’t like. He vowed to teach him a lesson one day. However, it was also because of the Dark Pope that he managed to meet Leng Youyou, and in this regard, it seemed as though Long Yi had to thank the Dark Pope for giving him the chance. With regards to Lost City’s Dark Magic Jade, Long Yi didn’t possess a shred of interest for it. He didn’t believe that this world had such a treasure, what infinite magic power, sounds like nonsense to him.

Time passed just like how a white steed flits pass a crack. According to Long Yi’s calculation, he and Leng Youyou probably had already spent one month in this damnable place. In this one month, they had surmounted several big mountains, and killed countless dark magical beasts. The both of them were already tired of this life full of killing. Because of the special environment here, Leng Youyou not only entered the Master Magician realm, she had indistinctly broken through and entered the Mage realm. The dark magic elements in Long Yi’s sea of consciousness was already dense enough to form a paste. But for some unknown reason, he was only able to use rank 7 magic. In theory, with such dense magic elements, he should have already reached the Dark Master Magician realm.

At this current moment, Long Yi and Leng Youyou were both standing in a daze facing a steep cliff in front of them. Two of them looked at each other in dismay. After passing through so many trails and tribulations, the reached the end of the path. The problem was, the end of the path didn’t lead them out, they actually reached a dead end, could it be that they were truly trapped here forever? The 18 super skeletons were faithfully standing behind them. After absorbing the magic power of countless dark magical beasts, the strength of all these skeletons had advanced greatly, and their armors had also clearly became a lot thicker.

“Long Yi, what do we do now?” Earnestly looking at her beloved, Leng Youyou asked. Staying in this goddamned place for so long, she had already forgotten those words of bravery she had said back then about how she would never leave this place. If they had the ability to leave currently, she wouldn’t want to stay here for even a minute longer. If it weren’t for Long Yi by her side, then she might have already gone crazy.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulder, and side with a smile, “Don’t get impatient, we will definitely get out.” Long Yi leaned on the cliff and was lost in thought. Don’t look at how confidently he spoke like that, as a matter of fact, there was not a trace of confidence in his heart. Perhaps this may be a ‘dead space’, a place where people could enter but never leave.

Leng Youyou glanced all around, and she suddenly discovered a small pool not far away. She walked over to wash her hands to keep herself clean, but just as she placed her hands in the water, she let out a scream and withdrew her hand from the water.

Long Yi was startled. Thinking that Leng Youyou was in danger, he immediately rushed over and appeared in front of her, before asking anxiously, “What happened?

“This water is very…very cold.” Leng Youyou answered while covering her hand.

Long Yi helplessly smiled, seeing as Leng Youyou was so flustered after placing her hand in the water, he thought that something bad happened to her. He pulled her hands with his, having the intention of warming her hands up. Suddenly his expression changed. Her fingers were unexpectedly experiencing frostbite, which shows that the water was not just ordinarily cold, it was exceptionally cold indeed.

Long Yi held her hands, and circulated the internal force of AoTianJue to disperse the chill in her fingers. As he was doing so, a question popped into his head. Seeing the degree of frostbite on her fingers, the temperature of the water in this pool must be at least below -100 degree centigrade. Yet the water was not frozen, neither was the pond emitting cold air like how a cold pond would. If the water was really that cold, one should feel something when standing near the pond, however, the problem here was that even if they stood beside the pond, they couldn’t even feel a hint of coldness.

Long Yi picked up a branch and threw it into this pool. The color of this branch quickly changed, before sinking into the pond. Long Yi muttered to himself for a little while, then after covering his hand with internal force, he extended his hand towards the pool. Despite the obstruction of internal force, he still felt a burst of ice-coldness sensation numbing his hand. Luckily he was still able to bear the frigid waters as his hand continued extending downwards. Intuition told him that this small pool was the key to whether they could go out or not.

“Youyou, wait here for me, I will go down and take a look.” Long Yi turned around and said to Long Youyou.

Leng Youyou immediately gripped onto Long Yi’s arm tightly, and opposed, “Don’t, this pool is strange, if by any chance you are in danger, what will I do?”

“Its fine, this pool is a little bit cold, but it doesn’t trouble me at all, and whether we can find a way out or not is certainly within it.” Long Yi’s big hand stroked Leng Youyou’s cheek and softly comforted her.


“Do you still not trust me? Wait here for me, I will come back up very quickly.” Long Yi interrupted Leng Youyou.

Leng Youyou saw Long Yi’s resolute face, and she knew that it was unlikely for him to change his decision in any case. The only thing she could do now was to believe in him. So she placed her little hand above the big hand of Long Yi which was located on her face, and rubbing her petite face on his hand, she said, “I believe in you, but you must be careful. If something were to happen to you, i’ll follow you to the afterlife.”

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Long YI knew that Leng Youyou would follow through with whatever she said, as such, he sternly declared, “As long as you do not see my corpse, don’t think that im dead. Your husband’s life is very long, you know.”

“M-hm.” Leng Youyou empathetically nodded her head. From the moment he finished speaking, the words that came out of his mouth were engraved in her heart As long as she didn’t see Long Yi’s corpse, she will never believe that he died.

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