Chapter 59: Violent Lightning Beast

Looking at this huge magical beast statue in front of him, Long Yi suddenly felt as though he had seen it somewhere before as it looked quite familiar to him. However, he had no time to think about such things as the pursuers behind him were already closing in on him. Long Yi looked behind at those statues who were trying to kill him, before turning to face the huge beast statue in front of him again. Gritting his teeth, he rushed forward. Until the final moment, who knows what would happen.

The fact was that Long Yi’s unlucky streak was still going on.The instant Long Yi approached, the petrification of this magical beast began to dispel quickly. Long Yi madly roared, as the entire person changed into a blur, and from the small gap between the waist of the magical beast and the wall, he passed this magical beast. Suddenly, Long Yi felt that he saw a spacious location before his eyes. But before he had the chance to carefully look at the place before him, more than ten lightning bolts descended from the heavens, striking his body. Long Yi felt a burst of numbness all over his body, as the clothing on his body instantly changed into broken bits, and his whole body fell backward just like a corpse. Finally after he landed on the ground, the lightning gathered in him scattered to the ground..

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“It turned out to be the SS-class Violent Lightning Beast, and here i was thinking why was it so familiar.” Long Yi glanced behind with his eyes. Currently, this was the only organ within his whole body that he was able to move. He felt the numbness in his body slowly dispersing, and also sensed that a part of the lightning magic element that entered his sea of consciousness slowly dissipating. The other part of the lightning magic elements which remained in his sea of consciousness was completely absorbed by his body.

Long Yi secretly sighed inside his heart. Fortunately, his body was immune to lightning, and lightning spells couldn’t damage him. Today if it was any other super magical beast instead of this Violent Lightning Beast in this passage, then Long Yi was afraid he would have already gone to heaven to meet the so-called Light God.

Soon after, Long Yi’s body recovered and he was finally able to move about. He stood up, as he shook his somewhat numb arms and legs, before turning around and discovering that the Violent Lightning Beast was walking step-by-step towards him through the passage entrance. Long Yi took out another set of clothing from inside his space ring and put it on. He felt extremely alert as even though lightning was unable to injure him, it could still make him temporarily lose his ability to move. If this big guy hit him with one violent lightning, then used its huge body to press him down, then that might become one of the most hilarious deaths in the Blue Waves Continent.

Long Yi didn’t summon Long Two, because he knew that it was of no use. Super skeletons were immune to dark magic but not to other types of magic. If it were to confront this SS-class super magical beast, the moment he summoned Long Two, it would probably turn into a pile of bones.

Long Yi looked over towards the Violent Lighting Beast, and discovered its eyes didn’t have any hostility in them Instead, it had an amiable expression plastered on its face as it approached Long YI. Right now, Long Yi was carefully sizing up this beast that was described as a terrifying SS-class super magical beast in the books he had read. Purplish silver hair which covered its entire body, bulky arms and legs, short tail, and one long silver horn on its forehead with a pretty decorative pattern carved on it. The SS-class super magical beast in front of him didn’t look terrifying at all, instead, it looked kind of cute. At this moment, the Violent Lightning Beast already walked over to Long Yi’s side and used its nose to sniff Long Yi’s body in confusion. On his body, this Violent Lightning Beast sensed a kind of extremely powerful lightning aura, which made the Violent Lightning Beast feel extremely close to him. It used its furry big face to rub against Long Yi’s body. After suddenly letting out a roar, that huge body shrunk rapidly, changing into a silver purple cute Pekinese. The silver horn on its forehead also retracted inside its body. [Note: Pekinese is a breed of dog.]

Long Yi was dumbstruck, books had never mentioned about Violent Lighting Beasts having the ability to change into another form. The surprising thing was, after it transformed, it actually looked so cute. After the Violent Lightning Beast transformed, Long Yi finally saw those more than 100 pursuers at the intersection, Strangely enough, they didn’t enter, but they merely stood at the entrance of the passage and stared at Long Yi. Looking at the people chasing him, Long Yi felt a sense of suspicion creeping up on him. Although the people chasing him had different professions, and they had dispelled their petrification state, the expression of everyone was lifeless as if they had no soul in them. But this Violent Lightning Beast who was circling around his legs was clearly different. The rich expression it displayed just a moment ago testified that it possessed an intact soul.

Long Yi picked up the shrunken Violent Lightning Beast, and stared directly at those limpid eyes on its face, as he had a strange feeling inside his heart. The books stated that the nature of Violent Lightning Beast was cruel and ferocious, but this Violent Lightning Beast in front of him was not displaying any of those characteristics. Seeing that Long Yi was holding it, the Violent Lightning Beast used its tongue to intimately lick his wrist.

Without any warning, the Violent Lightning Beast suddenly used its sharp teeth to bite his wrist. Long Yi almost threw it out in anger and shock, but the subsequent strange phenomenon startled and stopped him. A drop of blood from the wound of his wrist strangely floated, and released a blood-red radiance in midair, before it suddenly split into two.Each half entered into his and Violent Lightning Beast’s space between their eyebrows. After the drop of blood entered him, Long Yi unexpectedly managed to feel a kind of blood link with the Violent Lightning Beast.

“Blood contract, how is this possible?” Long Yi muttered, a magical beast actually knew the oft-referred-to contract magic. Moreover, this was highest level blood contact. Long Yi had seen vague records on this contract magic in books, it said very long time ago, basically, all the magicians of the Blue Waves Continent could use this contract magic. They used this magic to make a contract with strong magical beasts, turning them into a battle companion. The magicians managed to research contract magic to such an extent that they could use various contract magic against other races. However, there was no such thing in the present, which led to no one knowing much about contract magic, much less using contract magic on others. What a pity it was that due to the unknown reason this contract magic vanished from the long river of history.

Long Yi sensed for a bit, but he didn’t discover any changes in his body. As a test, he ordered the Violent Lightning Beast to attack those people at the passage entrance inside his heart. The Violent Lightning Beast jumped off Long Yi’s hand, and its body immediately rose dramatically. A concentrated electric network covered those people at the passage entrance. Then with the exception of few people on the back, everyone else was turned into carbon by this electric network. The thing that amazed Long Yi was, this electric network didn’t explode, instead, it disappeared like his lightning technique. As the Violent Lightning Beast showed off its might to Long Yi, in a blink of an eye, those people covered by the electric network turned into a pile of carbon. This gave insight on another type of usage of lighting magic to Long Yi.

Just as the Violent Lightning Beast was about to deal with those survivors, Long Yi issued a command inside his heart to prevent it. Long Yi picked up the shrunken Violent Lightning Beast again, and it proudly roared loudly twice. As a matter of fact, his fortune was not bad. After all, he got the SS-class super magical beasts, plus he already had those super skeletons. In the light, he could use the Violent Lightning Beast, and in the dark, he could use the super skeletons. Now wherever he went in this world, what Master Archmage, what Sword Saint. One move from Long Yi and they will piss their pants in terror.

After the excitement, Long Yi began to size up this spacious hall-like room. This room was absolutely empty without any items, and the walls on all sides and the conical roof had scribbles all over them. Long Yi carefully read those scribbles for a while and discovered that he was unable to read even a bit.

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With the exception of that passage entrance, this hall didn’t have any other exit. But that was not possible, as this place was so well concealed and had a Violent Lightning Beast as a guard. There must definitely be some kind of secret in this place if there were so many layers of defence for it. Long Yi thought hard from the beginning and circled around this hall. He believed that there surely must be a mechanism or something like a mechanism here, merely, he haven’t discovered it yet.

Even after ten or twenty laps, Long Yi still didn’t find any clue. He thought to concentrate his spirit to decipher those scribblings to see if he could find a clue, but the only result he had was a splitting headache from using too much spirit power.

Recalling that Leng Youyou was still bitterly waiting for him outside the cold pond, Long Yi got increasingly anxious. The happiness he felt when he obtained Violent Lightning Beast just a moment ago had disappeared long ago, and was instead replaced by heaviness.

“Could it be that heaven wants me, Long Yi, to die here?” Long Yi mumbled, before going to the center of the hall. He ungracefully opened his arms and legs wide and laid on the ground, as he stared at the uncommunicative sharp dome with determination in his eyes.

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