Chapter 60: Dark Magic Jade

“Could it be that heaven wants me, Long Yi, to die here?” Long Yi mumbled, before going to the center of the hall. He ungracefully opened his arms and legs wide and laid on the ground, as he stared at the uncommunicative sharp dome with determination in his eyes.

Looking for a while, Long Yi’s vision suddenly blurred and slowly become pitch-black. In this pure darkness, even the night vision ability which Long Yi was proud of lost lits effect. Long Yi wanted to move, but abruptly discovered that he basically couldn’t move. He wanted to shout, but just as expected, he was unable to produce any sound as well.

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Just when fear was about to overwhelm Long Yi, a sudden earthshaking change occurred inside this darkness. A red light appeared far away, as it rapidly began to spread, forming a round of red and yellow, alternating explosion impacts. Slowly, the shock wave disappeared. Gradually, tiny radiances began to appear inside this darkness, then more and more appeared, slowly covering entire heaven and earth, forming a vast starry sky.

“This, don’t tell me this is the birth of a cosmos?” Long Yi thought inside his heart. Most of the scientists from his previous world were inclined towards the theory that the cosmos was formed by a big bang. They believed that before the Big Bang happened, matter and energy were condensed together inside of the cosmos. They were so concentrated that it turned extremely small, and became something with a tiny volume, with sky-high temperature, and maximum density. Afterwards, the Big Bang occurred. Matter scattered everywhere, and the cosmos space continuously expanded. Afterwards, the temperature cooled off, and those scattered matters formed into various galaxies, planets, stars and so on.

Long Yi was unable to understand. e was just lying on the floor inside the hall which was at the bottom of that deep pond in perfectly good condition, so how was he able to see such an illusion?. In just this fashion, he stared at this vast starry sky in a daze. Long Yi didn’t know how much time had already passed, perhaps a few seconds, or perhaps already millions upon millions years.

Suddenly, stars all over the sky began to fall, just like meteor showers. When Long Yi was lost in this beautiful scenery, the speed of the falling stars become faster and faster. Each and every one of these stars collided into each other, giving rise to a super explosion. The radius of this explosion became bigger and bigger, gradually extending, until it enveloped the entire cosmos. Again, an earthshaking change occurred, as the heavens and earth fell into darkness.

“Don’t tell me only darkness is eternal?” Long Yi was in a daze. For no reason, random thoughts like this invaded Long Yi’s mind.

Now his eyes blurred again, so Long Yi rubbed his eyes to see if anything changed, only to find himself lying on the ground in the secret hall. He was still looking at the conical roof, and nothing changed around him.
The Violent Lightning Beast was still running around him, everything seemed to be normal. what happened to the cosmos and that gigantic explosion?
“Don’t tell me I was asleep just now, and dreamt about the Big Bang that created the cosmos..” Long Yi jumped up and stood firmly on the ground. Only this reason sounded logical.

“Eh, what is this?” Long Yi stared at the location he was lying just a moment ago. A long, strange shaped recess had appeared at that location. He clearly remembered that there was no such thing when he decided to lie on the ground before.

Long Yi squat down and reach out his hand to feel around the inside that recess. However, he didn’t manage to find any kind of mechanism inside. Still, he found the shape of this recess very familiar. Suddenly a light flashed inside his brain, and he hurriedly rummaged through his space ring. After looking for a little while, he took out that ugly black magic wand which he obtained along with the blood coloured skull. Its form was exactly the same as this recess, could it be that this magic wand which is said to have the power of a dark god sealed inside is the key to this dimension?

Without any hesitation, Long Yi embedded this magic wand in that recess. With black lights flashing, the sound of gears turning came from the innermost wall. Before long, the wall flipped over. In front of Long Yi stood an awe inspiring statue of a human-like figure bundled in black clothing. If not for the statue which revealed two pitch black eyes and two arms hanging at its side, no one would think that it resembled a human.

Seeing this statue now, Long Yi was rather cautious. Long Yi was very afraid that the statue would resurrect and begin attacking him like the statues along the path of the cave. Only when his eyes fell onto the item which was held by the right hand of the statue, he cancelled his thought of avoiding the statue. Its right hand was pinching a completely black jade piece, which was emitting a strong dark aura. With the exception of color and aura, the appearance of that jade piece was exactly the same as that white colored jade piece he had taken out from the stomach of the Earth Bear. Unless Long Yi was mentally handicapped, he would know that these two jade pieces must possess some kind of connection between them.

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Long Yi lightly stamped on the ground and appeared in mid-air, before reaching out his hand towards that black jade in the hand of the statue. As soon as the piece of black jade left the hands of the statue, a strange phenomenon occured. Suddenly many small holes appeared on that conical roof, and blue colored light shone down from each and every one of these small holes. Forming a light diagram on the ground, Long Yi could see that if anyone were to connect the points of light on the ground, it would form a big magic formation.

Long Yi was wild with joy, he guessed that this magic formation was the exit of this space. He threw that black jade piece inside his space ring, picked up the Violent Lightning Beast, then ran towards the passage entrance. Long Yi stopped after he saw five survivors standing at the entrance of the passage. The reason he didn’t allow the Violent Lightning Beast to kill them was because he took a fancy to their strength. All of them had entered the Great Swords Master and Archmage realm. Long Yi remembered a puppet refining method called ‘refining seven attack puppet’ from inside the encyclopedia of undead magic left behind by BiTe.Xiuge. The first thing required to refine puppets using this method was to erase their soul. Long Yi thought that was too vicious, but the souls of these people already dispersed. Their strength were also sufficient to satisfy Long Yi, which made them good materials to refine a puppet using the seven attack puppet refining technique. If unforeseen events were to occur in the future, Long Yi couldn’t always count on the Violent Lightning Beast to solve the problem as it would expose the identity of the SS-class super magical beast. Having these puppets would be different. They could wear a cloak in the future when they carry out his orders, and after they successfully execute it, he could recall them inside his dark dimension. Which would allow their actions to be unknown even to gods or ghosts.

When he thought this far, Long Yi started to laugh in a strange voice. After that, he ordered the Violent Lightning Beast to restrict all of them with its lightning, as the threw each and every one of them into his dark dimension.

Running all the way out to that cave on the bottom of the deep pond, he saw that those strange fishes were swimming around like before.. Since he had the experience of entering the cave, Long Yi easily left the cave as he made a spirit passage out of the encirclement of fishes. He left the cave in a flash as he charged upwards.

Going upstream was many times harder compared to diving down. The hydraulic pressure was in the opposite direction, so Long Yi consumed twice as much internal force compared to when he was coming down. As he was consuming more internal force, it naturally resulted in him running out of internal force much quicker. As the chill entered his bones, Long Yi felt the extreme cold as he continuously shivered..

Finally, Long Yi burst out of the water, and looked over. He only caught the sight of 17 skeletons standing by the side of the pool, while Leng Youyou disappeared without a trace. Long Yi was shocked, he had obviously told her to not run all over the place. These 17 skeletons would not listen to her orders, and they would merely stay at the side of this cold pond. The only time they would move was when a dark magical beast crossed their sights, as they would rush up and kill it.

Before he could dispel the cold, Long Yi began to move quickly and look everywhere for Leng Youyou, shouting her name loudly everywhere he went.

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