Chapter 65: Touched


At this moment, Lan Tian had recovered some of his magic power, so he immediately used two advance light healing magic to heal Ha Lei and Barbarian Bull.

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Holding Lu Xiya in his hand, Long Yi looked all around and eventually felt this place was not quite right. It had already been few months after he had fallen into that space rift, so how could they still be at the entrance of city gate ah. In theory, they should have either already returned back or eternally rested here. Long Yi felt more and more amiss.

As it turns out Leng Youyou was also questioningly looking at him, it seems she also discovered this problem.

“Barbarian Bull, what happened after I fell down into the space rift, why are there so many undead?” Long Yi asked.

Barbarian Bull scratched his head and answered: “Yesterday all of us lost our consciousness, later Lu Xiya wake us up, only then we knew that you were fallen into the space rift.”

Yesterday? Long Yi and Leng Youyou looked at each other, and both of them had shocked expression. They had obviously spent several months inside that strange space, how could it be only one day. Could it be that everything happened inside that space was nothing but a dream?

“But barely after a while, countless undead dug out from inside the earth and completely surrounded us, then from yesterday up until now we kept on killing them. If you hadn’t shown up just now, then all of us would have died.” Barbarian continued to speak while looking at Long Yi with worship. That overbearing lion roar of Long Yi had invoked his endless admiration towards Long Yi.

“Long Yi, where did you and Leng Youyou fell to? And how did you suddenly appear?” Ha Lei couldn’t bear but asked.

Long Yi smiled and with a poker face, he replied: “I fear we are also not that clear, everywhere was pitch-black inside, as for how we came out, we are even more unclear, just suddenly saw the light again.”

Ha Lei nodded his head and no longer asked another question, but Long Yi however saw a flash of doubt in his eyes.

Because of fighting whole day and night, the vitality of Barbarian Bull and others were greatly injured, so they decided to take a rest for a night, then go into the city to explore. Now it could be said that they had mostly completed this mission of Lost City, but for them, the mission of Lost City had just begun. According to legends, there was a large number of treasures, as well as a matchless magic weapon, and even the spirit tablet of Dark God in this place. So all of them would naturally not give up at this point.

Long Yi looked at those thickly dotted skeletons and zombies not far away and frowned. Where did so many low-level undead creatures come from in this damnable place ah. He circulated his spirit power, and wrapped up his undead magic ‘drive away undead magic’, then threw it towards those undead creatures. Immediately, those low-level undead creatures who would cause one to lose one’s appetite dug into the earth. The reason why Long Yi had use spirit power to wrap up and conceal his dark magic power was naturally because he had no trust in seemingly warm Lan Tian and seemingly straightforward Ha Lei. If they learn about it, then he feared he had to silence them, because Long Yi didn’t want people to hunt him down everywhere.

At that moment, Leng Youyou suddenly appeared behind Long Yi just like a ghosts, now she was already Dark Archmage and coupled with that strange Black Lotus, even if she ran into Master Archmage, she could fight toe to toe. However Long Yi was not satisfied with the increase of his strength, although AoTianJue had entered the second layer, but his magic power however still stuck at Master Magician realm, and he also didn’t know whether this was because he was learning various elements so it was difficult to progress, or not.

“Unable to fall asleep?” Long Yi asked without turning his back.

“M-hm.” Leng Youyou softly answered and hugged his waist from behind.

“Youyou, don’t you feel too strange? We have stayed for so long inside that space, but its only one day here.” Long Yi placed his big hand on the jade hand of Leng Youyou which was hugging his waist.

“Wherever there is Dark God, nothing is impossible.” Leng Youyou’s answer made Long Yi not to know whether to cry or laugh. Was Dark God so amazing?

“Long Yi……..” Long Yi softly called out, with some hesitation in her voice.

“Huh? What do you want to say, say it. What else is there that can’t be spoken between us ah.” Long Yi gently smiled, then raised both of his hand and reached out to the buttocks of Leng Youyou and gently caress it.

The caressing of her sweetheart caused her whole body to quiver, and her sensitive body immediately became soft, then she crooned: “Don’t move randomly, I want to tell something serious to you, I think, think there is some problem with Ha Lei.”

Hearing this, Long Yi become serious, he laid down his mischievous big hands, and turning around he asked: “Where do you think that problem is?”

Leng Youyou frowned, and spoke after thinking: “Today when I was at his side, I sensed a kind of familiar aura which was similar to us, but I’m not completely sure.”

“You mean he also cultivates dark magic?” Long Yi exclaimed.

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“There is a possibility.”

Long Yi pondered, and after a while, he just laughed, then said: “Forget about it, even if Ha Lei cultivates dark magic, it doesn’t matter, aren’t we also similarly cultivating it?”

Leng Youyou nodded her head, but just then suddenly felt a pull and her whole body fell into the bosom of Long Yi.

“What do you want to do?” Leng Youyou’s beautiful face become red. She was somewhat expecting and again somewhat shy.

“I want to do a thing that will make both of us happy.” Long Yi lower his head and kissed Leng Youyou’s exquisite earlobe, and his big hands slipped into her warm secret garden with bad intention.

Leng Youyou’s charming body became soft, and her face changed back into that of hell saintess which would overturn all the living things. Her beautiful eye became misty, and her pink lips slightly opened, as if inviting her beloved to savor her to his heart’s content.

Long Yi’s heart immediately swayed, his big mouth kissed her. That ice-cold sweet taste made him intoxicated, leaving behind a rich aftertaste.

Leng Youyou’s body got burning hot, even the breath she breathes out was unusually hot. She and Long Yi already had many happy moments inside that space, and Long Yi already knew her each and every sensitive spot very clearly. Long Yi teased her until she surrendered, and she herself couldn’t and also didn’t want to resist this kind of embarrassment, however, this caused her to be addicted to the pleasure of close intimacy in a couple.

Long Yi’s one big hand comforted that tall and erect jade peak and another big hand however tease young girl’s secret garden. Her extremely thin silk pants were already soaked with her fragrant syrup.

“Oh, my husband.” Leng Youyou couldn’t withstand and let out ** sound. Her limp, numb and empty private part of the body made her feel extremely troubled, so she subconsciously fiercely moved her waist harmoniously with Long Yi’s fondle.

“My husband, enter.” Leng Youyou was rather unable to maintain self-control, her little hand entered Long Yi’s pants and tease his little brother. She extremely needed it to fill up her private part’s emptiness.

Hearing Leng Youyou’s fiery moans, Long Yi held her in his arms, then with one flash move, he wanted to settle an account.

Divulging in **, the flame suddenly burned. Two people tore apart other’s clothing, soon stood ** face to face. In the middle of love, passionate Leng Youyou was very fiery, she pushed down Long Yi, and straddled him.

“Long Yi, don’t, don’t leave, don’t abandon me.” At this critical juncture, from the tent next door, the sound of Lu Xiya crying in horror came through.

Two people’s **, as if a bucket of ice-cold water was poured was extinguished instantly. Long Yi hurriedly put on his clothes and rushed out, leaving behind Leng Youyou who was pouting with dissatisfied lust lying on the bed.

Long Yi rushed into the tent of Lu Xiya, she was wailing and waving her hands in the air to frantically catch something, and mouth was constantly repeating those same sentence. She obviously was having a nightmare.

Long Yi grabbed Lu Xiya’s hands, and worriedly call out: “Lu Xiya, wake up, don’t fear, I’m here.”

Lu Xiya opened her eyes, and seeing Long Yi looking at her with concern, she immediately threw herself into his bosom while sobbing. Her thin and small charming body quivered nonstop, making Long Yi feel endlessly sorry.

“Good girl, don’t be afraid, I will always accompany you by your side, and never abandon you.” Long Yi lightly stroke the back of Lu Xiya.

“Really? Even in death, will you let me accompany you?” Lu Xiya asked with tearful eyes.

Long Yi was moved inside his heart. Having so many head-over-heels women by his side, made him very happy and also let him feel the heavy sense of responsibility. He had to be strong as soon as possible so as to have the ability to protect all of them.

“Silly girl, do you think I will die that easily, I promise you, as long as you don’t allow me to die, I will also be alive.” Long Yi took Lu Xiya’s head and pressed it into his bosom.

“This is your promise, you are not allowed to go back on it, no turning back…….” Lu Xiya muttering voice increasingly became lower. Because of physical and mental exhaustion as well as getting relieved, she fell asleep in the bosom of her beloved. Her both hands firmly held his clothing, as if she greatly feared he would run away.

Long Yi lightly sighed and laid her in his arms.

Night arrived, but was dawn still far away?

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