Chapter 67: This place also has bra?


Ha Lei didn’t care about the anger of Lu Xiya and Barbarian Bull, merely looking at the indifference eyes of Long Yi, he tried to make out any of his thinking from the expression in his eyes but was disappointed. Long Yi’s pitch-black eyes were just like deep abyss without the bottom, and they gave him a kind of heavy sense of oppression.

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“Aren’t you surprise?” Ha Lei asked with a smile. He had indifferent look on his face as if he had only killed an animal just a moment ago.

“Do I need to be surprised?” Long Yi slightly smiled and answered with a question. Then Long Yi amusingly looked at Ha Lei who had shed off that layer of simple and honest mask, and whose eyes were shining with pithy and poignant expression.

Ha Lei didn’t answer, only stand silently in front of that fan-shaped metal entrance door, and with a muffled sound, dense black qi overflowed from his body, then he hit that dark magic seal on the entrance door with both of his hands. After that, that black colored magic talisman began to slowly fade and finally disappeared.

“You cultivate dark magic!” Lu Xiya said with great alarm, then once again raised her elf bow.

Long Yi stopped Lu Xiya signaling her not to get agitated, then said to Ha Lei with a smile: “Is this the reason why you killed Lan Tian, now we also know it, don’t you want to kill us too?”

Ha Lei sharply looked towards Long Yi and said: “He is the member of Light Church, so he must die, but I however do not have any reason to kill you all. Perhaps, you have the ability to kill me but you can’t, because without me it’s impossible for you all to leave this Huangmang Plain. So why don’t we help each other?”

After speaking this much, Ha Lei paused, then turning to Lu Xiya, he said: “Lu Xiya, were you very surprised to know I cultivate dark magic? Then I fear later you will be even more surprised.”

“What do you mean?” Lu Xiya asked.

“Heh, you can ask your close sister Leng Youyou, I think she is very willing to give you a great surprise.” Ha Lei laughed.

Lu Xiya looked over towards Leng Youyou, however, she saw that Leng Youyou was looking towards Long Yi, and Long Yi lightly nodded his head towards her.

“Are you Dark Church’s people?” Leng Youyou asked.

“Who said all the dark magic cultivators should definitely be from Dark Church? I fear I am not from Dark Church like you, Miss Youyou.” Ha Lei lightly snorted. From his speaking tone, it obviously seemed he extremely scorn Dark Church.

Even after hearing Ha Lei, Leng Youyou didn’t express anything, so Lu Xiya cried out loudly, then pointing at Ha Lei, she said in a stern voice: “Don’t talk nonsense, big sister Youyou definitely isn’t people of Dark Church, she cultivates spirit magic, how can she be Dark Church’s people?”

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Long Yi secretly made a wry smile, everyone from Dark Church doesn’t perform unpardonable heinous acts, however, Light Church’s propaganda turned them into one incomparably evil organization. And all the people of Dark Church were seen as a devil who eats human meat and drinks human blood.

“Don’t I also similarly cultivate douqi? I cannot see through Long Yi, but I however dare to confirm that Leng Youyou and I have the same dark aura on our body. Although she spared no effort to conceal it, but she cannot hide the truth from me who is the same kind. I think she had also already perceived dark aura on my body.” Ha Lei laughed.

“Big sister Youyou, this bastard is deceiving me right, you are not Dark Church’s people and you don’t cultivate dark magic, isn’t that so?” Lu Xiya expectedly looked at Leng Youyou.

Leng Youyou lightly sighed, waved her jade hand, and a black colored ball appeared on her hand, then she told to Lu Xiya: “He is speaking the truth, I truly cultivate dark magic, and indeed Dark Church’s people.”

“It can’t be, it can’t be, Long Yi.” With pale complexion, Lu Xiya looked over to Long Yi, she naturally was unable to accept this.

Long Yi rubbed the head of Lu Xiya and said: “Silly girl, cultivating dark magic and cultivating other magic, all are same, merely the type of magic is different that’s all.”


“You want to say all the cultivator of dark magic are brutal and ruthless devils who kill without blinking an eye, right?” Long Yi smiled. This Light Church ah, treating heathen as if they truly need to kill to the last one.

Lu Xiya nodded her head.

“Little elf, you and your big sister Youyou got along for a long period of time, did she resemble a female devil to you?” Long Yi asked.

Lu Xiya shook her head.

“Believe in your own eyes, believe in your own feelings, don’t care about what other people say, got it? If you don’t believe in your big sister Youyou, that means you are not believing in me.” With a serious expression, Long Yi said.

Lu Xiya looked over to Long Yi in a startled fashion, and also don’t know what to think.

Long Yi sighed, then he snapped his finger producing a wisp of black flame on his fingertip, and said: “I also cultivate dark magic, now do you not believe in me?”

The whole body of Lu Xiya shook and she didn’t dare to believe what she had seen with her own eyes. Then seeing his eyes were becoming more and more ice-cold looking at her, she immediately panicked inside her heart. She feared that Long Yi would get angry, and also feared that he would not want her. As a result, she hurriedly held Long Yi’s arm and said in a trembling voice: “Long Yi, I believe, I believe in you, don’t be like this, I’m scared.”

Long Yi’s expression softened, he absolutely did not wish his woman not believing him. This was precisely the most intolerable matter for Long Yi. He didn’t care anything about other people, but towards his most intimate people, he however was extremely sensitive.

“Barbarian Bull, what about you?” Long Yi turn around and look over to Barbarian Bull. He had an extremely good impression of this beast-man, he was upright without any scheming and also extremely loyal.

Barbarian Bull scratched his head and replied: “I, of course, believe in you. Regardless of whether you cultivate dark magic or not, I, Barbarian Bull admire you the most.”

Ha Lei was surprised looking at Long Yi and was very much afraid inside his heart. He could sense the dark aura on the body of Leng Youyou, but couldn’t make out Long Yi’s depth. Throughout the way, Long Yi had surprised everyone time and time again. His that ghosts like martial arts, and super strong destruction ability, was not something ordinary Swords Master could accomplish.

“I didn’t expect you also cultivate dark magic, like this, everyone is fellow travelers, time is precious, so we should go in.” Ha Lei said, then kicked open that silver metal entrance door. Suddenly a smell which was capable of chocking people burst out.

Several ‘pupupu’ sounds resounded, then suddenly fiery rays of light appeared inside the pitch-dark hall, turn out to be the magic lamps on the walls had automatically lit up. Long Yi and his group of five gingerly walked in.

The hall was full of dust, but those old furnishings and decorations showed its former days’ luxury. Casually taking out any items displayed on the tables could be sold at a good price, but they however didn’t touch them.

After passing through the lobby, there was one long corridor, corridor without magic lamps, and the magic lamps of lobby also went out automatically after Long Yi and others left, such superb craftsmanship’s design, don’t know which genius invented it. Blue Waves Continent however didn’t have such advanced magic light equipment.

Deep in the darkness, Long Yi and others had to use illumination magic. This city lord mansion really was very big, and it had already been a very long time since Long Yi and others entered it. The mansion had many valuable items, but none of these rubbishes satisfied Long Yi and others. Now they were looking for the hidden treasure trove of city lord mansion.

Now all of them were basically clear about the circumstance of city lord mansion. There wasn’t any danger, so, after discussing, they decided to go separately to see if there was any secret room or something.

Long Yi pushed open a door full of dust, and in a first glance, he knew that this was the bedroom of a young girl, decorated in extremely warm and refined way. Long Yi looked over all around to see whether there was mechanism and such. He opened the wardrobe, various bright-colored beautiful clothes which were unique in style entered his eyes.

Long Yi reached out and feel about inside, suddenly his pupils enlarged, as his finger lifted a pink thing, then he inwardly shouted loudly: “Br…bra, this ghost town actually has a bra!”

Just then, Lu Xiya walked in, then she curiously looked at that semi-circular thing in Long Yi’s hand and asked: “What is this?”

Long Yi snapped out of it, then with an evil smile on his face, he gave this pink bra to Lu Xiya and said: “This is girl’s clothing.”

Lu Xiya lifted this piece of small cotton, looked left and right of this clothing, but wasn’t able to understand how to wear such small thing and also where to wear.

“Giving you a heads up, this thing is called brassiere, or only bra.” Looking at those bulging breasts of Lu Xiya, Long Yi laughed mischievously.

“Bra?” Lu Xiya was confused, then suddenly saw Long Yi was lecherously staring at her breasts, then she again looked at these two semi-circular connected to each other thing in her hand, and immediately understood.

“Ah, bastard.” Lu Xiya’s beautiful face become very red, then she hurriedly threw this thing.

This pink bra Lu Xiya had thrown lightly landed on the bed.

Long Yi eyes shined, he directly walked over, picked up this bra and threw it aside, underneath, there awesomely was one fist-sized crystal ball.

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