Chapter 68: Secret Path


Long Yi’s eyes shone, and he directly walked over, picked up this bra and threw it aside. Underneath, there awesomely was one fist-sized crystal ball.

“Wow, what a beautiful crystal ball.” Lu Xiya exclaimed. Then she immediately came over and took it in her hand, and as if she loved it too much to part with it, she played with it.

“Yes, it’s very beautiful, you like it, then take it.” Long Yi said with a doting smile.

“M-hm.” Lu Xiya continuously nodded her head. She obviously didn’t have any immunity towards it.

“Long Yi, help me keep it.” Lu Xiya handed over the crystal ball to Long Yi and said.

Long Yi took the crystal ball, then felt a cool, refreshing and smooth sensation. And he suddenly became aware that this crystal ball unexpectedly had magic fluctuation. He exclaimed in surprise, then tried to inject a little bit of magic power.

The crystal ball suddenly gave out rays of light, and originally translucent crystal ball unexpectedly showed images. First, the image appeared was one particularly beautiful garden with green grasses, bouquets of flowers, lifelike artificial mountain, and fountain. Next, the image began to move and also somewhat swayed, just like holding a video camera and walking. The image displayed a unique pavilion far away, and a supple and graceful young girl was sitting inside that pavilion. She was in the middle of calmly holding a book and reading it attentively, but because she was too far away, her face couldn’t be seen clearly.

Just when Long Yi was feeling sympathetic, the image began to get closer and closer, and that young girl suddenly lifted up her head then looked over. Long Yi instantly had a kind of breathtaking feeling, in fact, her fine facial feature didn’t reach the level of Leng Youyou, but her entire person seemed to have a kind of perfect sensation, and that temperament as if spring breeze made people feel calm and comfortable.

Just then, the young girl inside the crystal ball showed a slight smile, then opening her pink lips, and spoke something, but no sound came out from this crystal ball, so Long Yi couldn’t heart this young girl’s voice.

And the image abruptly ended here, then again changed back into the translucent crystal ball. Both Long Yi and Lu Xiya had a blank face, obviously still in a daze.

“So beautiful sister ah.” Lu Xiya muttered as if she was in a dream.

And as for Long Yi, beside that breathtaking young girl inside the crystal ball, he was even more surprised at this crystal ball in his hand. How did this flourishing magic civilization produce such absolutely brilliant thing? Wasn’t this basically a video camera? Current Blue Waves Continent’s magic civilization was merely a toddler infant compared to this.

“Long Yi, quickly come over here, we found a secret underground passage.” Just then, the voice of Barbarian Bull came from outside.

Long Yi immediately tossed this crystal ball inside his space ring, then softly said to Lu Xiya: “For the time being, do not mention about this matter, got it?”

Lu Xiya nodded her head, then rushed over to Barbarian Bull with Long Yi.

The secret path was discovered in the study room. Just behind the bookshelf, there was a long narrow staircase leading underground. And at both sides of this stairs, there was a row of magic lamps.

“Let’s go.” Long Yi spoke and took the lead to walk down, then all others also followed him.

Just after all of them entered, the bookshelf suddenly closed quickly with a bang. When all of them look at each other in dismay, Ha Lei impatiently spoke: “Quickly look for a switch.”

All of them thoroughly looked high and low, however, they couldn’t find the opening mechanism.

“Why are we still looking a switch for, such thin layer, isn’t breaking it enough?” Barbarian Bull said, then he resolutely swung his mace to smash it.

Only loud boom sound resounded through this long and narrow space, and Barbarian Bull was sent rolling down the long flight of stairs. Only after continuously rolling down several tens of stairs, he stopped, and with blood in the corner of his mouth, he snakingly stood up.

A bad premonition immediately appeared in Long Yi’s heart. He used magic and douqi to test and found that this door unexpectedly could counter all attacks.

“The retreat route is blocked, we can only go forward.” Long Yi said with a wry smile.

Thereupon all five of them cautiously walked downstairs. After stepping down several hundred flights of stairs’ level, all five of them were dumbfounded. Where was the secret room, this was clearly an underground labyrinth. Several tens of meters ahead, there actually were several tens of passages, perhaps, among them, only one was right path and remaining others were paths to death.

“This, what do we do? Ha Lei with wide open eyes didn’t have any plan.

“What do we do? Have a salad with dressing.” Long Yi replied in a bad mood. Then without thinking he casually chose one passage and walked in.

Seeing Long Yi going in, all others quickly followed him.

“Long Yi, do you know the way?” Ha Lei asked doubtfully.

“Don’t know.” Long Yi answered in the right and self-confidence.

“Don’t know, but you still lead us here, if this is a path to death, then what will we do?” Ha Lei impatiently asked.

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“Now there is basically no difference whether this is path leads to death or not because sitting there is also just waiting for death, so might as well take a risk.” Long Yi indifferently said.

Ha Lei became silent, Long Yi was right, now they basically didn’t have a way out. Instantly, the atmosphere became rather stifling, all five of them didn’t utter a sound, only a stepping sound resounded inside this passage.

After a while, they stopped their steps, because the passage in front again divided into three passages, and these passages didn’t have any magic lamp, so was pitch-black.

With the illumination of several fireballs above him, Long Yi directly charge into middle passage. After Long Yi got in, others involuntarily stop their steps for a bit. Long Yi had use fireballs when he entered, but when he set his foot inside that passage, as if he was swallowed, the passage inside seemed pitch-black as before.

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Just then, the ‘cry out in alarm’ voice of Long Yi came through inside, next, it became completely silent.

““Long Yi.”” Leng Youyou and Lu Xiya simultaneously cried out. Then, just like a gust of wind, the rushed into that passage. A moment ago, they had stopped their step subconsciously which was a kind of instinct to protect oneself, that’s all, but when they heard the yelling of their beloved, how could they still stay still like that.

Barbarian Bull was dumbfounded, he looked over to Ha Lei then he also quickly entered that passage.

Now only Ha Lei remained outside, he was seized in terror and was rather at his wits’ end. Hearing Long Yi’s scream, he knew that Long Yi definitely met something, so wasn’t rushing in now just courting death?

“Ah” Just then, the scream of Lu Xiya, Leng Youyou and Barbarian Bull came in succession. This made Ha Lei even more unable to muster the courage to enter. Suddenly a cold wind blew out from that passage, Ha Lei immediately shivered, and retreated two steps, then turning around, he ran back the same path.

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