Chapter 69: Thrown into Gold Cave


Long Yi, along with fireballs floating above his head, walked into the middle passage. After rushing in, he found something was wrong, because even though the fireballs were clearly not extinguished, he didn’t see a gleam of light, only felt their heat and magic fluctuation.

Long Yi was startled inwardly, and wanted to return back, but who would have thought that as soon as he retreated, he felt a burst of weightlessness, directly free falling downwards. Then he couldn’t help but cry out in alarm.

After passing through the pitch black space for a while, Long Yi merely saw a flash of blue lights, then was directly thrown into the water. A huge force of the impact caused Long Yi to sink down just like a torpedo. Fortunately, he had internal force protecting himself, or else he would have suffered injury.

Long Yi opened his eyes, only then he discovered this water was azure blue, extremely clean and transparent. After sinking to the particular depth, the water’s buoyancy began to push him upward. Long Yi silently circulated internal force to increase his weight to sink as he suddenly wanted to take a look at what this water possessed at its bottom. Long Yi quickly sunk down, and not long after, he could indistinctly see the bottom. The wide expanse under the water was glimmering with radiance. Looking at that underwater magnificent light, it strangely was a gorgeous sight.

Just then, sounds of something falling into the water came through the surface of the water. Then Long Yi stopped diving down and began to swim upward. He suspected that Leng Youyou and other might have also fallen down.

Swimming for a short while, as expected, he saw three figure was beginning to float up. Long Yi coupled with the strength lend by the buoyancy of water rush upward, instantly catching up to them. After that, he held Lu Xiya with one hand and held Leng Youyou with the other hand.

Because his appearance was too sudden, both women were startled. But Long Yi saw their situation were far from good, so he immediately pulled over their body, then gave one breathe to Lu Xiya and next gave another one breathe to Leng Youyou.

Both women recovered, and seeing Long Yi, they couldn’t help but become happy and also surprised, then gave him a supercilious look. Receiving their flirtatious supercilious look, Long Yi’s heart swayed, and his eyes became profound. Leng Youyou and Long Yi already had many happy times, so she naturally knew the meaning of this expression in his eyes. She hurriedly struggled free from Long Yi’s big hand that was pressing on her breast and glare him, then swam upward.

Having Leng Youyou run away from him, Long Yi would naturally not let Lu Xiya run away too. He bent over, sealed Lu Xiya’s small mouth, and began a romantic French kiss inside the water. How could Lu Xiya resist her beloved’s teasing, even her slight struggle also thoroughly lost strength. Lips and tongues tangled with each other, and Long Yi’s big hands were also not staying quiet, one moment rubbed Lu Xiya’s bulging breast, another moment touched her perk buttocks, and his that burning hot hard-on was rubbing between the legs of Lu Xiya with pants separating them. Because their clothes were already drenched, it had stuck very close to the skin, so Long Yi was easily able to feel that mysterious long crevice.

This kiss inside the water made two people deeply indulged for a while. And when these two people bore out from the surface of water gasping for breath, they saw Leng Youyou’s stiff face and Barbarian Bull’s curious eyes.

Lu Xiya’s beautiful face immediately become fiery red, and become even more burning hot. Then shrieking, she immediately buried her face into Long Yi’s bosom.

Long Yi embraced Lu Xiya and looked all around the water. After looking all the way around, he was immediately stupefied. This place was the underground secret room of gold and jade in glorious splendor. Everywhere was gold, silvers, treasures, jewels and riches. High-class magic cores were naturally pile up like a mountain, furthermore many exquisite and matchless suit of armors and weapons were also there. Oh God, even the treasury of three large empires would not possess so many riches and treasures. Moreover taking out any one of those weapons and suit of armors would make people go insane.

Just when Long Yi was being shocked, he suddenly felt pain from his waist. Turning around to look, he saw Leng Youyou with red face glaring at him, and Barbarian Bull also staring at his………lower part of the body.

Long Yi lower his head to look, and immediately felt awkward, after that, laughing hollowly, he waved his big hand and fired one dark barrier enveloping three people. As a matter of fact, after the indulgence inside the water of just a moment ago, Long Yi’s little brother was still standing erect and was firmly pushing up his wet pants.

“Change your clothing, I don’t want Barbarian Bull to see your body.” Long Yi said with a smile, then began to take off his wet clothing.

“My husband, I will help you.” Leng Youyou looked over to Lu Xiya and said lovingly to Long Yi. After that, she stepped forward and gently helped Long Yi to undress.

Lu Xiya was extremely shocked, and in a startled fashion, opened her mouth: “You….you?” She really didn’t know the relationship between Long Yi and Leng Youyou, because Long Yi didn’t have time to tell her, but today Leng Youyou intentionally let her know.

Long Yi smiled and said: “Little elf, hereafter your big sister Youyou is your real big sister, are you unhappy?”

Lu Xiya instantly become absent-minded, and her expression rather complicated, but very quickly she reverted back to normal. Then she also stepped forward and helped Long Yi to undress. Only then she replied with a smile: “How can I not be happy ah, from now on big sister Youyou and I will simultaneously attend you.”

With the help of two women, Long Yi smoothly took off his clothing, and that huge thing under his hip was still in high spirits. Seeing this, Lu Xiya, this virgin maiden, blushed and her heart heat up. Moreover, her maiden heart, as if a rabbit, jumped nonstop.

“Bad fellow.” Leng Youyou lightly flickered Long Yi’s little brother, as she spoke.

Long Yi’s little brother suddenly grew a bit again, then Lu Xiya screamed and turned around, didn’t dare to look again. Long Yi stared at two exquisite and curvy female body in front of him, and the evil fire in his heart grew even more. He pulled Leng Youyou and knead her body.

“Don’t, Barbarian Bull is still outside waiting for us.” Leng Youyou opened her small mouth and panting, she said weakly.

Long Yi snapped out of it, this very moment was truly not the time to walk down the pleasure of close intimacy in a couple. He took a deep breath and suppressed the fire of lust inside his body. After that, he took out a set of clothing from inside his space ring, then put it on. Two women also coyly took off their clothes and exposed their **. Long Yi couldn’t help but size up the figure of two women. Lu Xiya belongs to petite and dainty appearance, but Leng Youyou belongs to slender appearance, both of them were beautiful women with snow-white and satiny skin. Lu Xiya’s ** was plump and forceful just like inverted jade bowls, but the shape of Leng Youyou’s however was just like fresh springtime bamboo shoots, both of them were of highest grade among highest grade.

In this side, Long Yi was comparing, and how could two women don’t?

“Big sister Youyou, your figure is really great.” Lu Xiya admiringly said.

“Yours also pretty good.” Leng Youyou said with a smile.

Taking advantage of the time when two women were wearing clothes, Long Yi’s wolf claw again became dishonest, one moment, he touched Lu Xiya, and the other moment, he touched Leng Youyou, making two women charmingly pant endlessly.

“Youyou, now we are a family, no need to conceal.” Long Yi said with a smile. He naturally was even more willing to see Leng Youyou’s that gorgeous peerless beautiful face.

Leng Youyou nodded her head, then her face distorted, and her ordinary face instantly changed into that of a goddess, which could drive anyone who saw to distraction.

“Wow, big sister Youyou, it turned out you are so beautiful.” Lu Xiya’s two eyes stuck on the face of Leng Youyou as she exclaimed with admiration.

Leng Youyou proudly smiled and said: “Younger sister Lu Xiya is more beautiful than me because the first one that Long Yi liked is you ah.”

Hearing Leng Youyou, Lu Xiya immediately beam with joy, the small rift that had appeared between them immediately disappeared without a trace.

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Long Yi gave Leng Youyou a look of appreciation and said with a smile: “Well, we should get out, otherwise Barbarian Bull this guy will die due to impatience.

Long Yi got rid of the dark barrier and saw Barbarian Bull idiotically staring at those neatly arranged suit of armors and weapons. If eyesight could, then he would have already swallowed all the things, but people could only look not touch with eyesight.

“Barbarian Bull, what are you looking at? Your saliva is flowing out.” Long Yi patted Barbarian Bull’s shoulder and said.

Barbarian Bull turned around and was about to answer, but suddenly he paused, then blankly stared at Leng Youyou who had revert back to her original appearance.

“She, who is she?” Barbarian Bull stutteringly asked.

Long Yi laughed mischievously, he knew Barbarian Bull would have this kind of reaction, so he explained the identity of Leng Youyou. After knowing this beautiful woman was precisely Leng Youyou, the attention of Barbarian Bull again return back to those weapons and suit of armors. Then he excitedly said: “Long Yi, can we take away these things?”

“Of course, as long as you take, all of these things can be taken away.” Long Yi said with a smile, then greedily looked at those endless riches and treasures all around.

Hearing Long Yi, Barbarian Bull immediately reach out to take one dark green thick club which was emitting indistinct fierce killing intent and aggressiveness without any modest. Barbarian Bull grabbed the club, and immediately threw his mace to one side, and after swinging twice, he strangely said: “Why am I feeling that this thing is not listening to my order ah?”

Long Yi pondered, from the aura emitted by this club, it is definitely a magic weapon level weapon. And they say one needs to drip blood for a magic weapon to recognize its master, so he said: “Drip a drop of blood on it, and try again.”

Not saying anything further, Barbarian Bull bit his finger and drop a blood in that dark green big club, then, that club suddenly flashed with green light, entire body actually emitted dim green rays of light, then several magic characters which meant ‘Ruling Greenstone’ emerged from the handle, ought to be the name of this weapon.

Barbarian Bull excitedly yelled, held Ruling Greenstone and madly swung. Each swing gave rise to a dim green radiance filled with aggressiveness.

Holding this Ruling Greenstone, Barbarian Bull stare blankly at this magic weapon and his eyes become more and more gentle as if he was looking at his sweetheart, making two girls chuckle.

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Just then, this secret room suddenly swayed, and many dark doors suddenly opened on the walls of all side, then along with the chill wind, mournful cries came from all direction.

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