Chapter 70: Sleeping Beauty


Just then, this secret room suddenly swayed, and many dark doors suddenly opened on the walls of all side, then along with the chill wind, mournful cries came from all direction.

The dark skeletons stride out from inside each of these dark doors. Altogether there were twenty skeletons and their appearance was unexpectedly similar to the Super Skeletons of Long Yi, furthermore, several almost transparent specters emerged floating in the sky. And those mournful cries were coming from these specters.

“Specters!” The complexion of Long Yi changed. Specter was a kind of undead creature, and they were very few in number because they are born from great grievance. They were extremely ominous and vicious, and the most unreasonable and hard to deal with attribute was, they were completely immune to physical attacks.

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Long Yi immediately summoned 18 super skeletons and Violent Lightning Beast from inside his dark dimension space without any hesitation and let them fight those skeletons. Super skeletons against super skeletons, Long Yi discovered the strength of both sides was about the same, but Long Two nevertheless was an exception, it used that blood colored sickle and took on three super skeletons without falling into disadvantageous position.

But fortunately, SS-class violent Lightning Beast however was not to be trifled with, its valiant lightning attack easily destroyed super skeletons. And only Long Yi and Leng Youyou dealt with those specters because only spirit attack could injure them.

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Although these specters were fierce, but no matter how fierce they were, against Long Yi’s super powerful spirit power, how long could they sustain fighting? Before long, these several specters were absorbed into his dark dimension space under his control. Using them while refining, the refined puppet will be even more powerful.

At his moment, the confrontation between Super skeletons had also ended. With the support of Violent Lightning Beast, these 18 super skeletons merely suffered light damage. Comparatively speaking, Long Two had its two chest bones broken which was the heaviest damage. But its three opposing skeletons however were chopped into a pile of bone fragments with his blood colored sickle.

Long Yi felt sorry as used undead magic’s Repair technique to piece together those two broken bones, then patting its shoulder with his big hand, he said: “Brother, next time be a bit more careful, if you have three long and two short [1], how can I live ah.”

Leng Youyou was long since accustomed to seeing Long Yi talking to this skeleton inside that space, so now it instead was Lu Xiya and Barbarian Bull turn to be shocked and look at Long Yi questioningly. They had never thought that Long Yi actually was a necromancer, moreover, they saw Long Yi talking to a lifeless skeleton.

Long Yi recalled all these 18 skeletons back to his dark dimension space, so he was again unable to discover that strange red light flashing in the pitch-black empty eye socket of Long Two. He also wanted to recall Violent Lightning Beast, but who would have thought that, after it reduced its size, Lu Xiya however held it in her arms without letting it go. That lovable appearance had immediately conquered her heart.

“Long Yi, what about Little Three?” At this time, Lu Xiya recalled that small tiger Long Yi called Little Three.

“It is still sleeping.” Long Yi said with a smile. That gluttonous kid had slept once and was still sleeping for this long without any notion of waking up anytime soon.

After the danger was removed, Long Yi and others began raiding, first targeting weapons and armors. Altogether they discovered 8 divine artifact level weapons including Ruling Greenstone Barbarian Bull had chosen, 10 divine artifact level armor, several tens of only second to magic implement level, over hundred saint level, and all others were high level.

Lu Xiya chose a bow named Big Nature’s Breath, was also a divine level weapon. This bow was unknown times more powerful than her current high-level Elf bow, but her current strength was insufficient to bring out to play its full might.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any dark magic wand, so Leng Youyou could only hold onto her original wand she was using. All of them, again picked up fitting armor for themselves, after that, all the remaining were swept into the space ring of Long Yi without leaving behind even a single gold coin.

This instant, Long Yi was fully content with his achievement. Now he was one of the richest people in the world. But this complacent didn’t last long. He again wore a worried look, because wealth was as useful as fart for a dead person. All four of them were now trapped inside this secret room. Even after looking right and left, they couldn’t find any way out.

Two days later, four people were rather more dead than alive. They had searched every inch of this place but still didn’t find any mechanism.

“Long Yi, can we no longer go out?” Lu Xiya leaning on Long Yi’s shoulder weakly asked.

“No, this place must have an exit, there is no reason to store riches and treasures in a room without an exit.” Long Yi said while frowning.

“We searched everywhere past these two days, but we still didn’t find any exit ah.” Lu Xiya said.

Long Yi particularly looked at that azure blue pool in the middle of this secret room, and suddenly recalled how he had come out from that inside dark space. At that time, he had discovered secret path inside the pool, so couldn’t it be the same here too?

“No, we still haven’t searched a place.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“““Where?””” Other three asked in unison.

Long Yi pointed the pool, and said with a smile: “We still haven’t search inside the water.”

Everyone suddenly realized, they truly hadn’t searched inside the water, but thinking about it, it was quite strange. They had never heard anyone digging such deep pool inside their secret room.

“All of you wait here, I will go down to look.” Long Yi stood up and said. He remembered seeing dazzling rays of light at the bottom when he had first fallen into the water, the more he thought, the more he felt weird.

Finished speaking, Long Yi jumped into the water. Honestly speaking, soaking in this water felt extremely comfortable, perhaps it contains abundant amounts of mineral. Long Yi couldn’t help but think so inwardly.

Long Yi dived deeper, and before long after, he could see that brilliant lights and vibrant colored bottom. After his feet finally landed on the bottom, Long Yi was surprised to find the floor of this deep pool was a layer of thick precious stone.

“The city lord of this Lost City must be too damn rich, even if you are rich, you should not waste like this ah.” Long Yi had misgivings inside his heart. He naturally took in these precious stones inside his space ring without any politeness.

When Long Yi was putting away energetically, he suddenly saw a transparent point in the bottom of this pool, Long Yi instantly became wild with joy. He believed he found the exit, but after quick scanning, Long Yi was stunned. Fortunately Lost City this mysterious place had given him too many surprises, so he snapped out of it very quickly.

As a matter of fact, this transparent thing was not the exit, rather a transparent crystal coffin nested in the bottom of this pool. And what was most unexpected and surprising matter to him was not the coffin, instead, a person lying inside it.

“Turns out to be her, sleeping beauty ah, I wonder if she will wake up if I kiss her?” Seeing that beautiful young girl inside the crystal coffin, Long Yi thought inside his heart. This young girl was none other than that elegant and quiet young girl he had seen inside the crystal ball.

Long Yi tried to extract this crystal coffin from the bottom of the pool and take along with him, but even after putting forth his strength, he didn’t manage to do so. He naturally didn’t resign, but this young girl truly gave him too much of a shock. This young girl was clearly the person from thousands of years ago, but till now she however was still lying here peacefully, just like sleeping.

Was this young girl really dead? Long Yi couldn’t believe it. Because she who was inside the crystal coffin was too beautiful, clean and flawless skin, and her face furthermore had a slight blush, no matter how you look, she didn’t resemble dead person at all ah. But perhaps this was also something developed by the civilization of Lost City, or perhaps they had developed an antiseptic drug or magic item that can perfectly preserve dead people like this.

Long Yi carefully looked to see whether he could open this crystal coffin or not. His entire person laid on the top of this crystal coffin. If the cover of crystal coffin had not separated him, then right now his whole body would have pressed down that young girl’s body.

Just then, Long Yi discovered this crystal coffin’s cover had the restriction of an unknown magic barrier. Merely a slight magic fluctuation, but even with Long Yi’s spirit power and mana, he was not able to break it.

Lying on the crystal coffin, Long Yi blankly stared at that extremely beautiful young woman inside. He had an urge to take her out from this crystal coffin in his heart.

“How can I undo this barrier?” Long Yi was lost in thought. Looking at this young girl, he unknowingly recalled Si Bi, because her body’s temperament and Si Bi’s was extremely alike. Unconsciously, Long Yi recalled the matters that had happened with Si Bi bit by bit. Thought of how he had tested his wind element magic inside that holy light barrier she had arranged at that time, which had blown her clothing as a result. Thinking about these, the corner of his mouth unconsciously raised upward.

Ah, I’m so stupid, my internal force can absorb mana ah.” Long Yi screamed inside his heart. In the first place, at that time, he had easily passed through the Holy light barrier Si Bi had arranged.

Thinking this, Long Yi got excited. He silently circulated internal force all over his body. As expected, he felt that barrier was loosening, but also felt he wouldn’t be able to open it in a short time. He feared Leng Youyou and others would worry, so he decided to go up first and tell them. He didn’t believe that he would not be able to open this crystal coffin.

Seeing Long Yi come out in the surface of the water, the worried expression of three people relaxed.

“What happened? You dived down for a long time, we were worried to death.” Lu Xiya lovingly said.

“I found something underneath, and was studying it.” Long Yi mischievously laughed and said.

“What is it ah? Is it the exit?” Leng Youyou immediately asked.

“Heh heh, wait for a while and you will know. That thing needs some time, so I came up to let you know, don’t get worried.” Long Yi said.

“What the hell is that thing, why are you laughing so bad ah?” Lu Xiya doubtfully asked.

“You will know in the future.” Long Yi said with a smile, then again dived down.

[1] three long and two short= unforeseen disaster

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