Chapter 71: Perverted thief


Long Yi laid over the crystal coffin just like an octopus, and his internal force slowly absorbed and assimilated this crystal coffin’s strange magic barrier. He truly admired the caster of this barrier. You should know that Long Yi could break a level 10 holy light barrier magic as easy as blowing off the dust, however it took so much time to break this crystal coffin’s magic barrier, one could well imagine how much more powerful the caster of this barrier was, caster could be comparable to Archmage, or perhaps Magic God.

Unconsciously, Long Yi unexpectedly entered meditation state underwater, so didn’t notice pale blue rays of light that began to appear on the crystal coffin, and the waters around it was slowly being pushed away. Now the four or five meters space around crystal coffin changed into a waterless space.

Suddenly, the pale blue rays of light on crystal coffin flashed and instantly disappeared again, and the cover of crystal coffin actually began to slowly melt, becoming thinner and thinner.

Finally, the crystal coffin’s cover disappeared, and Long Yi who was lying on the cover naturally fell down, pressing down the body of the young girl lying in the coffin, and his lips coincidentally made a contact with young girl’s pink lips.

Long Yi immediately woke up, and before he opened his eyes, he smelled an extremely good fragrance of young girl, which was fresh and simple but elegant, similar to orchid fragrance. When he opened his eyes, he saw bright and clean just like jade forehead and also her long eyelashes. This moment he felt something soft below him, and even fool would know his body was pushing down a woman.

Long Yi didn’t move, his lips still pasted on young girl’s pink lips. Not because of his desire for beauty, rather because he was stupefied. And he was not stupefied like this because he found himself pressing down the crystal coffin’s young girl’s body, but was stupefied because he unexpectedly felt heartbeat coming through that soft place in his chest.

Pengpeng, pengpeng. Long Yi was somewhat doubtful and felt as if he was dreaming. Suddenly, he had a kind of sensation that the rate of that heartbeat unexpectedly become more and more similar to his own heartbeat rate. Finally, the rhythm of heartbeat was so matched that he was unable to differentiate his own and this young girl’s heartbeat. Two hearts correspond to each other in such strange circumstance, peng peng, both of their heart beat as if a single person’s heart.

Suddenly, the tightly closed two eyes of young girl opened. Her eyes were such deep limpid eyes just like a water of clear brook that could make people feel ashamed of one’s inferiority.

The young girl stared Long Yi’s almost within reach two eyes, first was at a loss, next was suspicious, and then eyes finally flashed with intimate expression.

Only at this moment, Long Yi snapped out from his daze, and he immediately propped up his body, but the faint fragrance was still lingering in his mouth.

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“Are you alright?” The young girl opened her mouth. Her voice was clear and melodious just like that of a golden oriole. It sounds very comfortable.

Long Yi was stunned, but still very reluctantly climb off from the body of this young girl. That soft touch was still lingering in his memory.

The young girl sat up, looked around with her autumn eyes, and lightly knit her elegant brows as if she was trying to recall something.

“Can you tell me who am I?” After a long time, this young girl lift up her body, and rubbing her head, she asked Long Yi.

“Uhhh…” Long Yi was dumbfounded. If even she herself didn’t know who she was, then how would he know?

“You don’t know me?” The autumn eyes of this young girl immediately became cold, and the temperature around also reduce by quite a few degree.

Long Yi was struck dumb with amazement as he retreated two steps. He sensed a vast and boundless amount of strong water elements magic fluctuation from the body of this young girl. She was so young in age, but could it be that she was already Master Archmage.

“I definitely know you?” Long Yi said with a wry smile.

“You shameless perverted thief, I will kill you.” This young girl began to silently chant incantation, powerful water magic element insanely gathered, and the water inside the pool began to roll about.

Long Yi was so startled that his whole body was drench with cold sweat. Such powerful mana, if he let her fire this magic, then he would be a goner. His figure flashed and disappeared from this location instantly appearing behind this young girl, then he pinched the neck of this young girl with his big hand, interrupting her chanting.

“Don’t be so impulsive, impulsive is a devil. Here I saved you, but you are treating me your savior like this after you regain consciousness?” Long Yi wiped cold sweat from his forehead and said.

But just at that time, the blue light flashed from the body of this young girl and a powerful thrust sent Long Yi flying, and many light blue colored barriers appeared around her body.

“You saved me?” This young girl coldly asked.

“If I hadn’t saved you, then you would still be lying inside this coffin in this all black, no daylight place.”  Long Yi said with a wry smile.

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“Humph, do you expect me to believe you?” This young girl practically gnashed her teeth. She had woken up without any memory, and thought that this man who was pushing down her body was her husband, but who would have thought that he actually was stranger, this truly couldn’t be forgiven.

“There is no other choice but to believe in me, and if you kill me you will also die.” Rolling his eyes, Long Yi lightly said.

This young girl kept on coldly watching Long Yi, she obviously hadn’t believed his words.

Long Yi mischievously laughed: “I used a kind of secret magic to wake you up from your millennium-long slumber. Now both of us are sharing a life, if you do not believe, then calm down and feel your heart.”

“Millennium-long slumber?” The young girl was rather stupefied. Then looking at that crystal coffin, she subconsciously believed it.

Two people dumbly look face to face, and both of them felt an invisible spirit connection between them. Peng peng, peng peng, both hearts were beating in identical rhythm. A kind of feeling as if she and this man before her eyes was inseparable single entity appeared in her heart.

The young girl withdrew that light blue barrier around her body and softly sighed. Her expression became indifferent and tranquil again.

“You really don’t remember anything?” Seeing she had eliminated her hostility, Long Yi asked. He was extremely curious to know how much more splendid the magic civilization of Lost city was.

Young girl shook her head, then said: “My mind is blank without anything.”

Long Yi thought for a bit, then took out that crystal ball he had found in city lord mansion from his space ring, then threw it to her and said: “Look at this, perhaps you might remember something.”

This young girl caught crystal ball, and instinctively send mana into it. After that she blankly looked at that garden and herself inside the crystal ball, then creasing her brows, she spared no effort to remember.

“So familiar ah, but I am still unable to remember anything.” This young girl softly sighed and looked disappointed.

“Slowly think about it later, you have slept for so long, so forgetting is a very natural thing.” Long Yi said with a smile. As a matter of fact, he basically didn’t know whether this was a reason or not, but for now, he could only think about this, and this reason could also comfort her.

The young girl nodded her head. Her current gentle and tranquil temperament could involuntarily make people intoxicated, there was not even a trace of that ice-cold killing intent on her of just a moment ago. Some people say women were born with versatile nature, it seems this really was true.

“Let’s go up first, I have some companions above.” Long Yi interrupt young girl’s thoughts.

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