Chapter 72: Where am I?


Just when Long Yi and this young girl was about to go up, his vision casually landed on the crystal coffin embedded on the floor of this pool. Suddenly, he felt the bottom of this coffin was somewhat unusual.

“Wait a minute.” Long Yi said. He squatted down and very carefully examined. This transparent coffin’s bottom had an indistinct fog like thing floating, and under it was not solid.

“Exit!” This word appeared in the mind of Long Yi, and he immediately got agitated.

“What are you feeling for?” Seeing Long Yi was feeling left and right inside the crystal coffin she was lying for an unknown number of years, this young girl couldn’t help but become somewhat shy and angry.

Long Yi raise his head and said with a smile: “Don’t misunderstand ah, I am looking for an exit.”

Exit? Suddenly, this young girl was startled. And as if she remembered something, she blankly looked at that crystal coffin, then with the sudden wave of her jade hand, light blue rays of light entered the crystal coffin. After that the bottom of crystal coffin flipped over, revealing a pitch-black big hole.

“Exit, this really is the exit, you are a really good person.” Long Yi excitedly shouted loudly, and he actually couldn’t help but hug that young girl and kiss her face.

“You bastard.” This young girl shivered, and yelling angrily, used Freeze Over Magic to freeze Long Yi into an ice sculpture.

Long Yi made a wry smile, and he knew that he had his head turned by success. He released his internal force, to shatter the ice cubes around his body.

This young girl was surprised seeing Long Yi’s move. But when she was thinking of teaching Long Yi another lesson, the ground began to shake violently all of a sudden. This young girl staggered and fell in the bosom of Long Yi. But this moment, Long Yi however had no mood to take advantage of this chance, as this violent shaking made him aware that current situation was anything but reassuring.

“We have to leave this place quickly because this place is collapsing. Wait for me here, I will go up and call my companions down.” Long Yi stabilized the body of this young girl and said. After finished speaking, he immediately rushed upward very quickly.

Long Yi bore out the surface of the water, just then a large piece of stone was falling down towards him from above. He shouted loudly and sent this rock flying with a punch, then yelled towards Leng Youyou and other two who were in the process of dodging stones, “Quickly dive into the water, the exit is underneath.”

Leng Youyou and others immediately jumped into the water without any hesitation. And for increasing the speed of diving down, Long Yi used all of his strength. He used his AoTianJue to its limit to take three people to the bottom of this pond at full speed.

Many stones had already fallen into the pool, and much more were quickly chasing after him, this increased the pressure on Long Yi.

“Quick.” After arriving on the bottom, Long Yi and all others immediately got into the passage under the crystal coffin. After that, the stones pieces falling down quickly filled up this whole pool.

Long Yi and others appeared outside the city lord mansion of Lost city and were able to saw light once again, but they still didn’t have time to breathe, because they discovered heaven was falling and the earth was rending. The entire Lost City was beginning to sink, and the ground was undulating just like sea waves, capsizing and burying all the things.

Long Yi cast several Gale Magic in succession in everyone’s body, then the crowd began to quickly run as if their lives depend on it. This moment all of them didn’t have any other thoughts, except running away from this hellish place with all their might.

If Long Yi used Great Cosmos Shift with all his might, then he could have escaped without any problem, but with his heavy sentiment and heavy righteousness nature, how could he abandon Leng Youyou and others, and escape by himself?

Long Yi carried Lu Xiya under his one arm and pulled Barbarian Bull with another hand. As for Leng Youyou and that young girl, they were using Float Magic and closely following behind. Just then, more than ten meters tall surging earth wave approached them nearer and nearer, if Long Yi didn’t increase his speed again, then all of them would be buried underground.

“Long Yi, let me go, its okay.” Lu Xiya rather helplessly as well as earnestly said. She didn’t want to implicate her beloved causing him to get buried alive with her.

“Boss, let go of me too and escape by yourself.” Barbarian Bull struggled as he said. This word ‘Boss’, he always wanted to call, but because of discrimination beast-men clan were subjected to by humans, he was always afraid to call it out.

“Just shut up, you two. What kind of man do you think I, Long Yi am? I will never abandon my companions and escape by myself.” Long Yi firmly gritted his teeth as he said. If he abandoned his woman and brother in this moment, then he would be worse than a beast.

Leng Youyou looked at Long Yi’s that tall and straight back view, and hearing his resounding pledge, the rim of her eyes couldn’t help but moisten. As a woman, what else was there that was more happy matter compared to having such man?

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That young girl at the side was also rather stupefied watching Long Yi. A friend in need is a friend indeed, even if he had to die, he would not abandon his woman and brother. She could feel Long Yi’s heart that determination to adhere his chosen course, and she could even feel that his heart’s that regret and warmth.

Soon that soaring huge earth wave was about to bury everyone, and just at that time, this young girl faintly sighed, then a white light suddenly burst out of the bracelet on her wrist enveloping five people, and instantly disappearing from that place.


On a small hill over ten li away, five people were standing and looking at Lost City which didn’t have any remnant with different expressions. Recalling the circumstance of that time now, Long Yi still felt a lingering fear, fortunately, this young girl used bracelet with sealed space magic instantly teleporting them to this place, otherwise, he feared he would be unable to see this beautiful sun and breathe this fresh air. Alive, truly damn refreshing, Long Yi yelled inside his heart.

“Long Yi, is Ha Lei still in there?” Lu Xiya whispered.

Long Yi’s dashing eyebrows rose, right now that guy ought to be dead inside the Lost city. Lost Yi didn’t feel sorry at all, if he had also recklessly rushed in just like Barbarian Bull and others, then he might be still alive with them.

Lu Xiya saw Long Yi unresponsive, so angrily said: “Without Ha Lei’s map, how can we get out of this Huangmang plain ah?”

Long Yi suddenly understand, as a matter of fact, Lu Xiya was talking about this, then he lightly said with a smile: “What are you afraid of, your man I am still here, so why are you fearing that we will not be able to go out from this small Huangmang plain?”

Looking at her beloved’s brash expression, Lu Xiya couldn’t help but feel ecstatic. She leaned on Long Yi’s bosom, and muttered: “En, as long as you are here, I’m not afraid of anything.”

At this time, Barbarian Bull was sitting on the ground and was gently wiping his Ruling Greenstone. From the moment he had obtained this magic weapon, his thoughts were completely on it.

Leng Youyou suddenly pulled Long Yi’s sleeve.

“What happened?” Long Yi asked.

Leng Youyou pointed towards that young girl, only then Long Yi began to discover this young girl was blankly watching towards the ruins of Lost City. Two sparkling and crystal clear teardrops slide down from her eyes.

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“Why? Why is my heart feeling so painful?” This young girl mumbled and looked lost.

Long rather understood, although she had forgotten all the things, but the blood of Lost city still flows inside her body, and her home was this Lost city.

Long Yi stepped forward, took out a piece of silk from inside his space ring and gave it to her. But this young girl didn’t take it, and after looking towards Long Yi, the tears on her face instantly disappeared and her expression revert back to previous indifference again as if that tearful eyed girl of just a moment ago was merely Long Yi’s misperception.

“That is your home, and seeing this, you ought to be broken-hearted, so no-one will laugh at you.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulder, and not minding, he withdraw that silk piece as he said.

That young girl however shook her head, and indifferently said: “That is not my home, I already don’t have a home.”

“Who said you don’t have a home, my home is your home, did you forget our connection?” Long Yi said with a smile.

This young girl blankly stared Long Yi and asked: “Then where is your home?”

At this moment, Leng Youyou and Lu Xiya also quite curiously looked at Long Yi, as both of them were also curious about where Long Yi was from.

The question of this young girl however dumbfounded Long Yi. He lifted his head and looked towards the sky, where Wind Condor circling in the sky, and spoke after a silence of a long time: “Higher than Condor could fly, have son’s place called home and daughter can walk far away, have parents’ place called home, and my home, in the end of the world.”

This young girl felt Long Yi’s light sentimental, and automatically the feeling of fellow sufferers empathizing each other appeared inside her heart. Now looking towards Long Yi, her eyes were no longer ice-cold as before.

The eyes of Leng Youyou and Lu Xiya were already red, and they hugged Long Yi’s left and right arm respectively.

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