Chapter 73: Mea Holy Magic Academy


Violent Dragon Empire, Soaring Dragon City.

Midnight, a shadow silently appeared in the mansion of Ximen clan. Just like a ghost, he quickly evaded one group after another group of patrol guards, and finally arrived outside Patriarch Ximen Nu’s study. Then he knocked the door in a very peculiar rhythm.

“Enter.” Ximen Nu’s dignified voice came from inside the study.

“13th Skynet pays respect to Patriarch.” After this shadow entered, he immediately knelt down on one knee, then respectfully said.

Ximen Nu still sat and wrote at a tremendous speed without lifting his head. Only after a long time, he asked: “Did you find the whereabouts of Little Young Master?”

“Answering Patriarch, several months ago, we discovered Little Young Master in Light City. There, he registered with a group of mercenary to go to Huangmang Plain for A-class mission called mission of Lost City, currently, his whereabout is unknown. According to the news from Light City, Little Young Master and eldest daughter of Phoenix Clan had come in contact with each other, with an ambiguous relationship between them. Furthermore, the strength of Little Young Master has already reached Sword Master realm.” This shadow replied precisely and clearly.

Ximen Nu’s writing hand paused, and the expression in his eyes fluctuated, then he said: “Continue searching, and if you discover the whereabouts of Little Young Master, immediately report to me.”

This shadow answered and disappeared from inside the study. And Ximen Nu stood up and strolled inside the study, then he sighed deeply, “Yu’er ah Yu’er, until now your father always thought you were ignorant and incompetent, didn’t expect you actually concealed yourself so deeply.”

Ximen Clan had stood tall among the power of Violent Dragon Empire for thousands of years, so their power was complicated and very tricky. Being a big official aristocrat had tied them with this boat, and their secret power had seized every opportunity to spread all over Violent Dragon Empire’s every corner and every industry. A person mind was infinite and was also most difficult to satisfy. If it was said that Ximen Nu didn’t have any idea towards the title of Emperor, then that would absolutely be a lie. But Ximen Nu was a man with great sight and was waiting for an opportunity, and now he had seen a slight hope. Because of the magician incident of Huangmang small town, the relation between Proud Moon Empire and Nalan Empire was extremely tense. Both sides were frequently moving weapons, and the war might break out at any moment.

What Ximen Nu wanted to do was very simple. As long as he poured oil in this height of anger to make it burn even more prosperously, Violent Dragon Empire as a one of the three big Empire would inevitably get involved in it. And he can take advantage of that time’s disorder to rise up. He believed that relying on the power in his hand, wanting to aim at the title of Emperor was also not without possibility.

Ximen Nu walked to the side of the window and sighed. He was not flourishing with sons, only had Ximen Tian and Ximen Yu, these two sons. Normally speaking, Patriarch position ought to be passed down to Ximen Tian, but Ximen Tian’s mother was merely the young lady of an ordinary clan. Originally he (Ximen Nu) was also a silkpants just like Ximen Yu, and at that time he played around with a young miss of an ordinary clan causing her to have a big belly, so against his will, with no other alternative, he made her his concubine. Although the oldest son, Ximen Tian, was highly talented, but he was narrow-minded who can’t consider big matters.

Later he married Dongfang Clan’s eldest daughter as his primary wife, then had Ximen Yu, this ignorant and incompetent silkpants young master. Ximen Nu showed favoritism to Ximen Yu, everybody of Ximen Clan knows about this. Although he believed Ximen Yu was ignorant and incompetent, but that day’s noble qi and domineeringness nevertheless couldn’t be compared by Ximen Tian, no matter how Ximen Tian tried to pretend. Ximen Yu was very like the younger version of himself, not regarding any law and natural mortality, unexpectedly even daring to ** princess.

Thinking of this, Ximen Nu’s dignified face showed a rare smile. This boy truly was green than blue and better than blue ah. He again thought Ximen Yu had actually secretly cultivated to the rank of Swords Master, and had also dared to go deep into Huangmang Plain for that mission of Lost City. He very clearly knew this Huangmang Plain, and his son had dared to go there had made him very happy. Although he was also somewhat worried about his safety, but he however believed that his son was not that unlucky enough to die there. As for the next Patriarch of Ximen clan, Ximen Nu had long ago already selected inside his heart.


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The sun was shining brightly, and a warm gentle breeze was blowing, making people feel better.

On a public road outside Soaring Dragon city, a cavalry regiment was escorting a luxurious carriage towards distance place. Those blood red suit of armor on the body of cavalrymen reflect dazzling rays of light, and that dense killing intent made people walk out of its way one after another, and none of them dared to look at them twice.

“Wow, who is so imposing, actually being escorted by Bloody Battle Cavalry of Violent Dragon Empire’s army group.” A passerby shivering due to that ice-cold killing intent seeped into his bone marrow, asked.

The second passerby snorted while looking down at him, and said: “Ignorant, can’t you see the royal family crest on the carriage? The person inside must be either prince or princess, also only the direct line of the royal family member is qualified to be escorted by Bloody battle cavalry.”

“Two idiots, you don’t even know this, the person sitting inside the carriage naturally are Little Princess Long Ling’er and Miss Ximen Wuhen. They are going to Mea Holy Magic Academy to study.” After hearing the first passerby, the third passerby proudly said.

“Princess Long Ling’er, can it be the same person who was raped by Ximen clan’s young master?” The first passerby asked.

This second passerby and the third passerby instantly jumped back and had an expression of ‘I don’t recognize this person’ on their face. Just when the first passerby was unable to make head or tail out of it, he was restrained by two people who looked like a soldier and was taken away.

As a matter of fact, gossiping about royalty or wealthy and influential clan in leisure time didn’t matter, but the issue was Long Ling’er stayed depressed in the palace, moreover due to all the talks in the streets filled with the matter of Ximen Yu raping her, her mood became worse and she became even more depressed, and finally fell gravely ill, never to recover.

So Emperor Long Zhan handed down an imperial edict, any person that talks about this matter again, whoever they were, all without exception would be imprisoned for 10 days, moreover would also be whipped as a punishment and in addition, they had to pay fine too.

Inside the luxurious carriage, Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen sat on either side. Long Ling’er was as beautiful as ever, merely a lot thinner, and her face completely lacked expression. Both eyes were even more ice-cold as if ten thousand years cold ice. Now she was silently leaning against a soft cushion, unknown what she was thinking.

Seeing the appearance of Long Ling’er, Ximen Wuhen lightly sighed inside her heart. Ximen Yu truly committed a sin, he made Long Ling’er who was originally filled with haughtiness into this body without a soul. She clearly felt the heart of Long Ling’er was being sealed more and more firmly, and as her best friend, she had heart but was powerless to anything.

“Ling’er, what type of institute do you think Mea Holy Magic Academy is?” Ximen Wuhen found a topic to talk, she really didn’t want Long Ling’er to become this more dead than alive appearance.

Long Ling’er raised her eyelids, and said indifferently: “What type it ought to be that type.”

“I heard Fire Master Archmage PuXiusi also give lesson personally, I don’t know when we will reach such level.” Ximen Wuhen slightly smiled. She knew that only if she mention magic, a trace of vitality would appear on the body of Long Ling’er.

“Absolutely will, there will come a day when I will surpass him.” A trace of spirit appeared on the frozen eyes of Long Ling’er. Now she pursued only magic inside her heart, and perhaps also a hatred buried deep down inside her heart. And making a mincemeat out of Ximen Yu that beast ought to be her biggest dream outside magic.

Mea Holy Magic Academy was Blue Waves Continent’s best magic Institute built 800 years ago. Although Mea was only one small nation, but Mea Holy Magic Academy nevertheless was this nation’s pride. In 800 years, this academy had cultivated countless outstanding magicians and swordsmen for Blue Waves Continent. Fire Master Archmage PuXiusi was this institute’s dean. And among the reason why Mea stood tall throughout the frequent wars of Blue Waves Continent, this Mea Holy Magic Academy plays an extremely key role.

Before Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen went to Violent Dragon Empire’s magic academy only in name, but they had specialized teacher to guide them. All of them were Archmage realm court magicians. This time Long Ling’er suddenly wanted to go to Mea Holy Magic Academy to study, and because Ximen Wuhen was worried about her, she had no other choice but to accompany her.

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Under the protection of Bloody Battle Cavalry regiment, luxurious carriage quickly headed forward. With the gradual proceeding of time wheel, the entire world regardless of how misgivings threw away a one expect of a matter on the other side of the horizon.

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