Chapter 272: Genesis and the Apocalypse (1)

At times, it really felt like I was on some kind of operating table in a lab –powerless and laid bare.Truly, had it not been for the fact that this statue couldn’t read my mind, I would have honestly thought that it understood more about me than I did.


In order to shift the initiative to my side, I decided to change the topic slightly: “You mentioned that the Fallen Angels are your descendents, then who might you be?”


“You’re asking who I am?”


“That’s right, may I have the honor of knowing your name?”


‘Hmm, why does it feel like he isn’t all that willing to speak…well, since he answered, I’ll just keep asking then, lest he uses his X-ray eyes on me again.’


“I have two names. Once, long ago, I was known as Lucifer. Later, I was called Satan, which of the two you think fits me more?”



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‘Wha–what the heck, what’s a legend-class divinity doing in front of me? This doesn’t make sense! No sense at all! But then…aren’t I in Purgatory…and didn’t I transmigrate after dying…that’s not very logical either…’


‘What’s Lucifer doing in a different world anyway? Isn’t he supposed to be like the first angel created by Jehovah or something? Something about having six sevenths of Jehovah’s divinity and all the shiny effects to go with it. Sacred Six Wings, Right Wing of the Lord, Second-in-Command of the Heavenly Kingdom, the greatest angel created by the Lord, blah blah blah. But all that’s supposed to be from Earth…this is a different world so what is Lucifer doing here?’


‘I know this is a world of magic and fantasy, I know it’s normal to have devils and angels, but for some random guy to pop up in front of me and claim to be Lucifer…impossible! This is…this has to be one of those famous names, right? It has to be!’


Just as I was lost amongst all the shocking revelations, the arrogant voice of that statue boomed once more: “I think so too, my original name is still the best after all. Satan and what not, that just doesn’t have the same ring.”


‘Satan, the Hebrew word for enemy. Who would’ve thought that even in a different world, this name would actually stick…’


“…” At this point, I really didn’t know how to react anymore. Forcefully suppressing the excitement in my heart, I tried probing him once more: “May I know what’s your relationship with Jehovah?”


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“Jehovah? Who’s that?”


Surprisingly, Lucifer actually didn’t know who Jehovah was…that didn’t make sense…impossible….


At this point, my brain was basically farting. Following this line of questioning however, I asked: “Then may I know the name of the Creator? Isn’t it Jehovah?”


“Hahaha, what a funny little fellow, exactly who taught you this version of history? His name is obviously Yahweh. And who is Jehovah anyway?”


‘Man, he even saw through that…I’m sorry for learning history from the school security guard…still, for the Creator of this world to be Yahweh…hold on, that name sounds kinda familiar…where did I hear it before…’


‘Jeebus, I remember now, isn’t that a different name for Jehovah…’


‘Man this is New Testament vs Old Testament stuff all over again…I get that you guys like to fight, but why did you have to bring Lucifer over here too?!’


(TL: I’ll be honest here, I cannot be f**ked to translate this author’s nonsense sometimes, it’s not even funny…all he did was spend three paragraphs describing stuff about Judaism, Christianity for no rhyme or reason at all.)


‘Don’t tell me this world has some kind of connection to Earth? Is that why I transmigrated here after dying? Ahh, this is all so complicated. Should I tell Lucifer I’m a transmigrator? Will I get dissected if I do that…’


“If you don’t mind me asking, Almighty Lucifer, do you know of Earth?”


“Earth? What’s that? Never heard of it.”


‘…so he doesn’t know of its existence. That means me coming over here had nothing to do with him at all.’


In order not to have him stuck on this subject any further, I hurriedly changed the topic: “Almighty Lucifer, you mentioned that you’ve waited for me for 80 000 years, I hope you will forgive my stupidity but I can’t seem to understand what you mean by that.”


“Hmmm, that huh. It’s a long story so grab a chair.”


Just like that, he embarked on a long tale by first setting the stage for it: “This is the Kingdom of Sable Radiance, you know that right?”


“That’s right, I heard that 80 000 years ago, this place was destroyed and that the person who did was so strong, it boggles the mind…I heard the entire devil population disappeared in one night…”


“Mhm, that’s about right.” He nonchalantly declared as such. His next words however, shocked me and almost made my soul jump out of its shell. To some extent, I had already guessed the answer he was about to give but guessing and knowing were two entirely different matters.


“That’s right, I did it.”


A simple yet chilling admission. Even now, I still wasn’t able to fathom how huge Sable Radiance actually was. All I knew was that all the lands we’ve travelled through so far were all Sable Radiance territories,,,as for how large that was…according to my rough estimations, I had crossed a China’s worth of kilometers. As for how huge the entire Sable Radiance…could it actually have been as large as Earth? That would mean that there used to be several billion devils living here…


Given that, the fact that this so-called Lucifer actually made the entire population of the Earth disappear in one night…exactly how much power did that actually take…the sheer scale of that exceeded whatever meagre imagination I had…


‘Hmph, all that talk about S*iyans, they are all weak sauce compared to Lucifer. Yes, they can blow up the Earth, but can they make the entire population disappear in one night?’


Now however, wasn’t the time to dispute the veracity of his claims. To begin with, the proof was staring me right in the face so I had no choice but to believe his words.


“Then is it alright if I ask why did you do it? It’s fine if you don’t want to answer…it’s perfectly alright…”


“It’s simple really.” As the statue said that, his voice was perfectly even, with no emotional disturbance whatsoever. “I needed their bones to create a bone prison.”


“…is it called the Prison of the Dead?”


“Yeah, that should be what it’s called. Didn’t you just break out of there yourself? You should be more familiar with the name than me.”


‘…I know you’re a busy god and all but at least remember what you did in the past…’


“Don’t give me that look, it’s been 80 000 years. It’s only natural that I don’t remember.”


“80 000 years huh…I guess that’s true. If it was me, I would be nothing but dust now. By the way, are you really Lucifer? If you’re so strong, why are you a statue now? Did something happen?”


“Not really, to be honest, I’m not actually Lucifer, I’m just a clone. From the very beginning, Lucifer never intended to do all this himself so he created me to seal off this place and move all the devils into the closest Half-Plane that borders the Blood Sea. After all, their bones had already been reserved as the main building material for the bone prison.”


‘The closest Half-Plane that borders the Blood Sea…what’s a Half-Plane? Also…isn’t the Blood Sea where I was born…also…’


‘Didn’t he say that he was just a clone…for a clone to do all that…that’s just frightening. I can’t even imagine how strong his true self is…so it’s actually true that he has six sevenths of the Creator’s divinity then?! If not, how can a mere clone possess the power to wipe out a kingdom…after all, a Devil King is on the level of a demigod and for someone that powerful, they would at least have to be as destructive as a nuclear bomb, right…to wipe out such a monster in one night…without even allowing the other party to see his face…’


‘I still remember those Christian priests telling me when I was young that Lucifer possessed two thirds of the Lord’s divinity…I also heard that he possessed six sevenths of the Lord’s divinity too…so which is true…given that they would definitely try to play down his power after his fall from grace in order to lessen his influence on mortals…also given what I learnt from this statue…the latter is probably more likely. I wouldn’t put it past them to try and reduce his influence by spreading such lies. After all, there were plenty of ways to wage a war.’


‘In other words, Lucifer’s power is infinitely close to that of the Creator’s.’

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