Chapter 273: Genesis and the Apocalypse (2)

The formation of Half-planes is a subject we’ve delved into multiple times. There was once a scholar who hypothesized that these dimensional planes were actually a failed creation of the Creator. The reasoning behind his theory was twofold. One was that a complete Plane of existence and a Half-plane both shared a significant number of similarities. Second, while the two were vastly similar, Half-plane lacked a day and night cycle. Moreover, Half-planes were directly linked to the endless void. Should a creature accidentally cross over the boundaries of the Half-plane, it would get devoured instantly. Normally, these Planes were devoid of life. Because there is no day and night cycle, ordinary plants aren’t able to survive either.


There are still a whole host of mysteries in this world for us to uncover. The Creator blessed mankind with intelligence which allowed us to apply our wits to solve a variety of problems. I believe that sooner or later, every mystery in this world would be unravelled by us humans. Perhaps this is the real test given to us by the Creator.


—From <<What We Know and What We Don’t Know>>


“Speaking of which, you’re from the Blood Sea right? Have you ever wondered how the Blood Sea was formed?”


Because I was so overwhelmed by all the information I’ve learnt thus far, I ended up unintentionally staying quiet for a long while. Probably bored and also a little impatient, the statue spoke up once more to disrupt my contemplations: “I bet you don’t even know why you’re here right now.”


“…I’m here because the Shadowcat Princess, Meisian, directed me here…where I really want to be is Abaddon…err, is there any other reason I should know of?” Each time this statue touched upon this topic, I made sure to measure my words carefully. After all, the fact that I had transmigrated into this world was a miracle that boggles the mind. What I truly feared was that something bad would happen should this secret ever get out…not that an almighty divinity like him would care so much about me to begin with…would a human ever care about the thoughts of an ant? Clearly not, unless it had some kind of research value.


“I said before, being able to awaken me means that you must have had some kind of deep connection to one of my descendents. Perhaps you might think that all Fallen Angels are my descendents, that’s where you are wrong. The kids who truly qualify as my descendents are far and few between. One identifying trait is that they all have purple wings.”


“Purple wings…”


“That’s right, ordinary Fallen Angels have black wings, only my descendents are worthy of a more regal purple hue.”


‘Yi Yi’s wings were purple then too…so that’s why they weren’t black…she’s actually the descendent of Lucifer…then was the reason why she sent me here because of this statue? Why does it feel like I’ve gotten myself into a whole new mess again…don’t tell Yi Yi was using me from the start?’


“I’m sure you’ve realized by now, you’re not the first nor are you the only one sent to the Blood Sea. You are, however, the only one who successfully made it before me and that’s why, you should feel proud.”


‘Proud? What’s that? I have no idea what you’re talking about…’


Honestly, I had always thought of myself as a lucky person. Even after I died saving Yi Yi, I was actually satisfied. Although we barely knew each other then, but the moment she was that I was useful, I died with gratitude in my heart.


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Putting it like that, it must have really sounded laughable to some. To die for another and then to feel grateful towards that person instead simply because of those simple few words…was there anything more ridiculous than that? But even so, I really felt complete then. At least, right on my deathbed, I managed to do something that I felt was right; I helped a girl that was in trouble and that girl even became my fiancee and helped me reincarnate, purely out of gratitude.


From that moment on, I worked my hide off to try and reach Abaddon to find her…just like how I desperately wanted to return to the Western Human Realm to find Nicole. And yet, here, right now, the answer that I got was that it was all just some giant plot? A farce?


If that was really the case, then what had I been doing all this while? What was even the point of my existence? To get married to Yi Yi? Or was it just to awaken this clone of Lucifer? No, that’s not right…I was sent here in the first place because One-eye betrayed me. From the very beginning, I intended to head straight to Abaddon…then One-eye…was his betrayal a part of all this as well? Who was the one controlling One-eye? Or perhaps he was a spy from the very beginning?


If Yi Yi’s true aim was to have me awaken Lucifer’s clone, then wouldn’t Ferti’nier be a spy as well…after all, she was present within my soul from the very beginning, and had, for a time, been hiding out in my soul, watching and observing me…

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If all that was true, then didn’t that mean that Ferti’nier had predicted I would break out of the Prison of the Dead right from the very beginning? That was why she placed some kind sleeper curse within One-eye that would only activate under very specific situations…


Like for example…when I was about to step into that portal…or perhaps she was already awake then and had used that opportunity to mesmerize One-eye…


‘Blast it, there’s too many possibilities…exactly what have I gotten myself into here…why does it feel like there’s nobody I can trust right now…’


“Why…why must it be like this…I was just an ordinary human back then. Because of my soft-heartedness, I ended up saving some purple winged girl and ended up dying thanks to that. Once I woke up, I found myself in some terrifying place full of red-skinned devils feeding on each other to grow…what’s worse was that I was one of them as well…I always thought that she revived me out of gratitude and yet you’re telling me that all that was just because of you…Ferti’nier…Ferti’nier, are you awake…I know you’re awake…I bet you’re enjoying the show right now, aren’t you?! Answer me…get out here! Now!!”


With so many questions bombarding me at once, I was almost on the verge of a mental collapse. All I wanted to know now was what the heck did I work so hard for…exactly what was the point of my existence? Was Yi Yi making use of me…exactly what was Ferti’nier’s position in all this…


If awakening Lucifer’s clone was the real reason behind my revival…that meant that Yi Yi had been using me all this while…all that talk about being a fiance…that was just a load of bovine poop… ‘Ferti’nier, get out here now, I know you’re awake, I bet you’re having a good laugh right now…get out here, I have something to ask you!’


“Stop shouting, whether you believe it or not, Asmodeus’s daughter is actually still in hibernation. She must have forcefully used her soul energy, causing it to get damaged in the process. Unless she gets some form of nourishment, she probably won’t be able to wake up in the short term.” Having had his fill of watching me yell like a mad devil, he finally decided to explain the situation to me.


“Even though I don’t really have to explain this to you, I’ll do so anyway since you look so pitiful. Sending a closely connected soul that required reincarnation was a rule set by my main self 80 000 years ago. As for the reason, I’m sure you have some inkling about it as well…it has to do with the Blood Sea.”


‘So what he’s saying is that Yi Yi made me her fiance because of some ancestor’s wish? In other words, she might not know the real reason for sending me into the Blood Sea as well? No, she should know some facts as well. The key is that she admitted our relationship…if that’s the case, she technically isn’t using me either. She was just fulfilling an ancestor’s wish; it didn’t have to be me who got sent down to the Blood Sea…even so, a fiancee huh…’


‘Also, that Blood Sea…’


“Blood Sea…” According to what I’ve learnt so far, the Blood Sea had been sealed up for 80 000 years. Since the whole link between the Land of the Dead and the Blood was created by Lucifer, did that mean that he was the one behind the sealing as well? Based on what little information I’ve gathered so far, he was the only one who had the power to do so…the fact that the Prison of the Dead was linked to the Blood Sea was the best proof there was…


After all, the Blood Sea was the birthplace of all the fiendish races. Even though the three hells now had enough devils and fiendish creatures to sustain their own populations, the Blood Sea must have still been an important source of replenishment. For such an important place to be sealed up for so long,…there was no way the devils wouldn’t be angry…imagine if someone barred entry to your ancestor’s tomb…clearly you would be angry.


Yet throughout my journey, I saw no signs of such anger at all. Even though the majority of the devils I had come into contact with were all from the Blood Sea, there were still those who weren’t. Back in the Prison of the Dead, a portion of Mo En’s devils weren’t born in the Blood Sea. I had chatted with them before and when I mentioned the Blood Sea’s sealing, they didn’t seem to react all too much at all.


Truth be told, I didn’t think too much about that either. Thinking back on it now, it was truly a strange situation. After all, if someone had boarded up my doors and kidnapped my family, I would definitely call the police or something. And yet the mother-like existence known as the Blood Sea had remained sealed up for 80 000 years without a single devil making a fuss about it…even if these devils were all selfish creatures and only cared about their own gains, shouldn’t dominating the Blood Sea be enough of a merit?


Based on that, it was safe to say that their placid reaction was nothing but unthinkable.


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