Chapter 274: Genesis and the Apocalypse (3)

It was only now that I finally understood the reason behind everything. Lucifer was the main culprit behind the Blood Sea being sealed…Lucifer, the progenitor of all the devils…the Fallen Angel known as Satan…


It was said that the more you knew, the less you knew; that was exactly how I felt right now. The moment I heard all that the clone of Lucifer had to say, I realized how ignorant I was before. Along with that came a host of unanswered questions.


By now, I was thoroughly dumbstruck. At times, it felt like my lips were flapping but my brain wasn’t the one moving it: “Why did you seal the Blood Sea?”


“Because I had a deal with Hades to provide him enough troops for his war.” The clone answered with an eagerness most likely borne out of boredom from being alone for so long. “That was the only way I could get him to not attack the Western Human Realm.”


‘You’re kidding…that’s the reason? Isn’t he supposed to be the Devil here, the one trying to destroy the world, why is he trying to protect the humans instead? But then, there’s no reason for him to lie to me either. After all, I’m just an ant to him; no one would lie to an ant, that’s just pointless.’


“A deal with Hades? To protect the human world?”


The instant I said that, I was suddenly struck by the image of a more awe-inspiring, messiah-like Lucifer.


Naturally, that wishful and naive thinking was swiftly struck down by Lucifer’s next few words.


“Protect them? No way, I merely wanted to destroy the world myself.”


“But if you wanted to destroy the world, does it really matter who does it? The end result is the same.”


“Haha, it’s not the same. Some things you just gotta do yourself, someone else might have gotten it wrong.”


‘Uhhh…I guess that’s true…kind of like giving birth to a baby… The result is technically the same if the purpose is just to procreate…but can a person truly ignore the baby’s lineage?’


“But by giving them unlimited access to the Blood Sea, won’t that bag of bones just betray you once he has enough troops? Besides, where is he going to expend those troops if not the Western Human Realms?”


The fact that Hades needed troops meant that he had an invasion target in mind. Given that the Western Human Realms were off limits, where else did he have then? The Devils? Clearly, that wasn’t possible.

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“Truth be told, Hades and I discovered a new world 80 000 years ago. A world completely different from our own. Back then, we had a hunch that this new world was created by the Creator as well; because the sensation we got off its dimensional barrier was familiar to me. Furthermore, that barrier ended up taking a long time to breach, even for us…”


“Creator…new world…dimensional barrier…” With so many information being thrown my way in one simple conversation, it truly felt like my brain was starting to fail. ‘Also, a new world? Don’t tell me he’s referring to Earth…after all, I came here from Earth and Lucifer even mentioned he found a new world. There’s a bible there too, and it even has a record of how the world was created. Chinese legends state that Pangu was the one who split the heavens and Nu Wa was the one who created humans…but then…didn’t the legends also say that she used the earth to create humans? Just like the Lord…so both of them agree on that point, but who is the real version here and who is the fake? Somehow, things aren’t looking too good for team Nu Wa.’


“That’s right, the Creator must have created a new world after leaving ours, going so far as to even strengthen its dimensional barrier with his divine power. He probably predicted that we would come knocking if we ever found it. That barrier was extraordinarily tough but the Creator was mostly like absent by then as well. In other words, over the past 80 000 years, this barrier hasn’t had the chance to replenish its energy. While I might have been hibernating for these past 80 000 years…Hades probably…well, I doubt there’s much time left for that barrier…”


“So what you’re saying is, the undead won’t disrupt your plans to destroy the human world since they have a new target?”


“That’s right, Hades has his own matters to attend to so he won’t bother us here.”


“But what if their invasion progresses too quickly? Won’t they end up coming over to destroy the human world? Wouldn’t they end up as a burden to you then?”


“They won’t. Our goal is to destroy a world, as long as we each have a target, there’s no real reason for either of us to get greedy. At least till the time that both of us destroy a world, what you just said would never happen.”


From the way he spoke, I could tell that Lucifer had the utmost confidence that Hades would never betray him, at least up to the point where they both destroyed a world.


“Then what’s the reason for destroying the human world? For fun? To prove something? Plus, isn’t destroying the human world just a simple matter for you, is there a point in going about it in such a roundabout fashion?”


Being such a high level divinity, Lucifer’s thoughts were truly beyond me. Based on what I knew of him so far, he was basically immortal and even his clone had the power to destroy a world. Instead of doing that however, he decided to help the undead and even had them invade another world…


“What are you? Dumb? Clearly there are people who don’t wish for me to destroy this world. I don’t want to get into some random fight for no reason at all. Even though the lot of them aren’t a match for me, if they combine forces, they can be rather annoying.”


‘So what he’s saying is that there’s a bunch of guardian gods who are protecting the Western Human Realms? Don’t tell me it’s the Archangel Michael or maybe Gabriel…’


‘Come to think of it, exactly whose side should I stand on since I’m now a devil? Hold on, of course I’m standing on the side of the humans. If not for others, then at least for Nicole, Roscar and all the people I know. Based on that alone, I can’t fight against the humans. But what can a weakling like me even do against the entire devil race?


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‘Besides, the humans won’t believe me either…just like what happened when I was summoned to the Western Human Realms… All it took was a few words from those bandits and suddenly all the swords were pointed at me…though the misunderstanding was resolved in the end…but still…having the person you were protecting just a while ago turn on you…’


“I said so before, didn’t I? You probably don’t even know how the Blood Sea was formed.”


“…exactly how am I supposed to know that…”


“That’s true. I doubt it ever crossed anyone’s mind that the Blood Sea is actually one of the Creator’s works.’


“…no way, no matter how you look at it, the Blood Sea can’t be linked to the Creator…”


“I bet you don’t know that the Creator flooded the world once…” Even though the clone didn’t actually smirk, I could clearly feel the disdain in his words. “Because he felt that the entire world was sinful, he flooded the world which he had meticulously crafted. Other than the select few species he chose, everything died in that flood.”


“…Noah’s ark?” The bible did in fact mention such a thing on Earth. Jehovah felt that the world was too sinful so he found one of the few virtuous humans, Noah, and had him build an ark…


“You actually know of Noah’s Ark?!” The clone was shocked that I knew of Noah but thankfully he didn’t press that line of questioning. “That’s right, other than the clan of Noah and some animals, the entire world was wiped out.”


“So after the floods subsided, Noah and his clan made landfall and created a home?”


“No, the floods never subsided. The Creator created a different world and that world was later named the Western Human Realms.”


‘Western Human Realms…isn’t that where Nicole is right now…holy potatoes, what’s going on with this story? I thought the bible stated that Noah returned to the land once the floodwaters subsided…up to this point, the events in the bible had basically aligned with the events of this world so why was there such a huge discrepancy now? Still, based on what I’ve seen thus far, Lucifer’s words are more likely to be true than the bible’s.’


‘After all, even if the bible contained the words of God, humans were, are, a species that loved to take things into their own hands…just like how they purposely misrepresented the strength of Lucifer…as if his power would diminish just because of a couple of words in a book…’


‘For example, even if I said the Earth was flat, would that change anything? Of course not, even if the entire population believed in my alternative facts, the Earth wouldn’t suddenly turn flat.’


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