Chapter 276: Genesis and Apocalypse (5)

‘So the real identity of my Cultivation Grandpa is the clone of Lucifer…I just knew that transmigration must’ve have come with some kind of benefit…it’s been waiting here for me all this while! Great, just watch me soar to the heavens now with this feather. If God dares to block me, I’ll kill him; if Buddha dares to hinder me, I’ll murder him!’


My heart pounded furiously as my shaking hands reached out to grab the purple feather. The moment my fingers brushed against the mote of light enveloping the feather, it rapidly dissolved, exposing the feather which dissolved as just as rapidly and mysteriously into my fingers…


‘Hold on, where’s the divine weapon I was promised…why the heck is it dissolving into my body? Also…are you telling me that I have another ancestor living in my body now?’


Before I could even ponder this question any longer, I was suddenly beset by a rush of heat that you would expect just before an evolution; the kind where your first instinct would be to rush into the freezer.


This time however, the heat had clearly exceeded all of my previous expectations. It was as if my entire body was about to melt –and it did just that, starting with my hand! Like molten wax, what used to be a part of my hand started to drip downwards…next was my hair, my golden colored horn, my nose…by the time I recovered from the shock of seeing my hand melt, it was too late. With no body to support the weight of my armor, it naturally fell to the floor with a deafening clang. At the same time, what remained of my body dropped to the floor with a floop, like a pile of mud.


It had to be said that the word ‘mud’ wasn’t just some kind of expression, my body was literally a pile of mud-like goo right now.


Despite all that however, my consciousness was still active. Even without my body, I could feel the scorching heat running wild within me. It wasn’t a pain that burned the flesh, rather it assaulted my soul directly…


‘Am I going to die again…how many times does this make? Blast it, I thought he said he was going to give me a reward, how it did that end with me dying…what’s going on here?! Is he trying to ninja the loot or something? Regret…I don’t want to die…I still need to find Nicole…I want to find out the truth from Yi Yi…Numila…my baby girl…and Roscar too…what about my companions and subordinates who have supporting me all this while…also…’


Just as I was in the middle of cursing my decision to come here, my eyes went black…


Within the endless void, there was no flow of time to speak of. By the time I opened my eyes and confirmed that I was still standing before the clone of Lucifer, I wasn’t even sure how much time had passed.


‘I’m not…dead? Thank god I’m not a rash person…else I would have kicked that stupid Fallen Angel in his immortal rear. Even though it technically doesn’t exist…’


Before I could even confirm if all my limbs were intact, I heard the taunting voice of that statue boom from high above me. Even without looking at his face which was still covered by vines, I could clearly tell that he was laughing at me.


“I bet you thought you were dying just now.”


“That’s right, I really thought that I was dead back there.” In front of such a powerful being, there really wasn’t much point in hiding my thoughts so I said my piece fearlessly, transmitting not just my words but my attitude at the same time. Essentially, I was saying that I nearly dropped the F-bomb right there and then.


The statue didn’t seem to mind my sass at all and instead laughed in a bemused manner: “You, little fellow, sure have some interesting expressions. If it was those other brats, they would have probably kept it locked up in their hearts no matter how much they hated me. They know very well that I might just kill them in a fit of dissatisfaction. Just based on that point alone, I can say that you are an interesting kid.”


‘It’s not me who is interesting, it’s you who has been too lonely over these past 80 000 years. That’s why you think everyone is interesting.’


Because of that dizzy spell, I was still a little lost about the time. Thus, I had no choice but to ask the only other person here: “May I know how much time has passed?”


“An hour.”


“An hour?” ‘That’s all? I honestly thought that half a month had passed or something, or at least a week.’


“Mhm, how long did you think you were out for?”


“I…just fainted, how would I know…oh right, Almighty Lucifer, what about my companions…can you release them?”


Unfortunately for me, the fondness he showed to me only extended to me and not the others. “They have no right to see me.” A clear and crisp rejection, with no room for negotiation whatsoever. With how hard he slapped that answer in my face, even striking my face with a rod wouldn’t have been so painful. That cold arrogance oozing out of his words were such that even a single second more wasted on those he deemed unworthy would be asking too much of him.


In truth, I wasn’t all that surprised by his reaction. The fact that he even treated me well was probably because I was useful to him, and also because I was Yi Yi’s fiance. Had it not been for that, he probably wouldn’t have talked to me at all.


Just as I was sulking over his rejection. The Statue spoke up once more: “Rather than caring about others, how about you look at your body first.”


‘Look at my own body? What’s there to see? Like I can change all tha…hold on…something’s off here…why is there something on my back? It’s sticking out of my back right now, it should be bones —I can even control it?!’ As I moved those two objects on my back like a pair of fans, I started to feel a breeze around me.


‘Bone-like…fan…don’t tell me…’ I tried to flap the unknown appendage on my back once more. Because I still wasn’t used to it, it felt rather stiff and unwieldy. Thus, I had no choice but to turn around and have a look. There, what first entered my field of vision was a pile of purple…feathers?


I seemed to have grown a pair of wings. Moreover, they are in the same shade of purple as those of Lucifer’s descendents…my skin too… ‘Isn’t it supposed to be red, why is it milky white now? Hold on, it’s not exactly white either, it’s more like an asian’s yellowish white…well, to be honest, that suits me more…’


The horn on my forehead was still there but because I had no mirror, I had no way of confirming what color it was now; most probably it was gold colored as well.


‘So, my body was reconstructed then? That’s right…how else would my skin have changed from red to yellow?!’


‘More importantly…’


*looks down*


‘Oh thank jeebus, there’s nothing growing on my chest, so I’ve probably returned to being a complete guy then… but why…why…even though there are no melons growing on my chest, why is there still nothing sticking out of my pelvic region?!’


‘Since I’ve saved some meat by skipping out on the breasts, shouldn’t they have moved down to create a pee pee then? Don’t tell me logic has no place in a foreign world? I finally had a chance to reconstruct my body so why am I still stuck in a non-male body?’


“Why am I still stuck as neither a male nor a female?”


“What’s wrong with how you look now? Besides Asmodeus’s daughter is still residing in your body. For two souls of differing genders to reside in the same body, that’s truly a rare and unusual phenomenon. Normally, that shouldn’t affect you but during a body’s reconstruction, both souls would automatically wrestle for control. More than likely, this struggle would end in a draw. For your body to turn out as it did is honestly a pretty decent result. Don’t tell me you would rather both your chest and lower half to grow something as well?”


‘My chest and lower half…in other words, a breast plus pee pee combination…come to think of it, I never knew that even a divine being like Lucifer had such tastes…this junior still has much to learn…’


“But at the end of the day, I’m still a male. Being stuck like this is just disconcerting.”


“Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with how you are now. Even the Origin Angels had no gender separation.”


“Origin Angels?”


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“Mhm, the first few angels were all like you, genderless.”



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“Because the Creator created them to be merely tools.” At that, the tone of the conversation turned dark.


‘But if the original angels were all genderless, how did Lucifer have descendents? Besides, I clearly remembered that Satan had a lover called Lilith.’


Lilith was supposed to have been created as a female before even Eve; the world’s first female…she was supposed to be Adam’s former wife but had to leave the garden for certain reasons. The question, then, was why did she leave the garden? Exactly what happened after she left Adam? How did she end up in a relationship with Satan?


‘More importantly wasn’t Cain, the world’s first vampire, cursed by Jehovah to have to consume blood precisely because he killed Abel?’


(TL: Cain was mistranslated as Obscuria in C136. I’ve changed that already.)


The reason why Cain was important now was because the legends stated that it was Lilith who taught him how to draw power from blood…as for why she did that…the forums on Earth were rife with varying theories but the predominant explanation was that Lilith and Cain were in a relationship…


‘So Cain cuckolded Lucifer then?’

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