Chapter 277: Genesis and Apocalypse (6)

‘So Lilith was Adam’s former wife, Cain was his son. Then the fact that both of them ended up in a relationship was, in a sense, revenge against him. But what about Lucifer…I wonder if he can even stand his wife’s little lover…’


‘Still…for me to stray so far from just the phrase ‘Origin Angels’…gossip really is second nature to all humans huh?’


{Insert 1000 characters worth of nonsense here}


‘Hmmm, so did Lilith really cuckold Satan?’


‘That’s a question of absolute importance…ah, my gossipy nature is kicking in again…’


Seeing me in a daze like that, the statue mistakenly assumed that I was still stuck on the fact that the Origin Angels had no gender.


“I said so already, didn’t I? The Creator created the angels solely to use them as tools. Tools don’t need gender separation, and those angels didn’t care either.”


If the Origin Angels were really just tools, I could understand them not having a gender, after all, who would care about the gender of a refrigerator, a television or your chair. As long as it was usable, who cared if your handphone was a female or a male?


The fact that the angels themselves didn’t care, made sense as well. Back then, humans didn’t exist yet so the concept itself was foreign.

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If I had to hazard a guess, their attitude then would have been similar to how Nola viewed us: why even bother with gender separation? Isn’t it more convenient to just give birth alone…etc.


‘At this point, being able to penetrate and take it yourself is almost a kind of racial talent…’


“Then what about you…” If Origin Angels really had no gender, then Lucifer, being the first angel the Creator created, must have had no gender as well, right? So what about those descendents of his…were they actually of his flesh and blood or were they all like me, transformed by one of his feather? As I mulled over the question of his gender, I picked up my fallen armor and put it back on. Even though I technically had no gender right now so I had no modesty to outrage, having clothes on was still important.


“Do you know of the Angel War?” The statue seemingly ignored the question entirely.


“A little, you started it right…”


“It was me…”


The so-called War of the Angels was naturally a fight between angels, more precisely, it was a war in the heavens. Such a battle had been recorded in the bible as well where it was said that Lucifer was the one who started it.


“Initially, the Origin Angels had no gender at all, in fact, they had no bodies at all.”


‘No bodies? I guess gender is kind of a moot point then…honestly, a priest from the church that I used to loiter around in once told me that angels were actually just spirits. But didn’t the bible also say that a number of angels had gone behind the Lord’s back to marry human girls…so did they or did they not have bodies?’


Finally, the clone of Lucifer gave me the answer I was looking for.


“Humans were created in the image of the Creator so they had a spirit, a soul and a body, just like the Creator. In the beginning, angels were just spirits, they later evolved to have a soul but no body. So angels were actually a lower life form in that arbitrary sense defined by the Creator…’


The soul represented the mind and the memories; the control center for the seven emotions and the six desires. Simply put, back when the angels were just spirits, they were nothing but tools. Whatever their creator had them do, they just did.


In ancient China, they used to have a saying that everything in the world had a consciousness. That was probably referring to the spirit. Simply put, the spirit was an intangible thing. A baby who had just been born wouldn’t know a thing. As time passed, the spirit would accumulate enough experiences to give birth to a soul. Once the two combined, they had a personality…


For example, those plant demons from legends. While they were still plants, they only had fuzzy memories but once they matured sufficiently, they gained the corresponding level of emotions.


Origin Angels were similar in that aspect. The original angels, including Lucifer, only had a spirit to begin with but as they worked for the Creator, they naturally gained a soul, and thus desires as well.


But the fact that the humans, like the Creator, had a spirit, a soul and a body, showed how much the Creator favored them over the angels. Was it strange then, that humans could be considered a higher life form than the angels?


That was where the whole problem started. Even though humans were of a higher rank than the angels, they were vastly weaker than the angels. Even more problematic was that the first ancestor of the humans seemed like a piece of junk in the eyes of Lucifer. Yet somehow, this junk ended being known as the Son of God whom the Creator even had the angels kneel to…


For a prideful angel like Lucifer, how could ever accept such a command? To him, the weakling, Adam, was no better than a pile of poop. Would he kneel to a pile of poop? Of course not, he’d rather Adam die instead!


Thus, Lucifer refused to kneel to Adam, along with a certain portion of angels as well. Just like that, the War of Angels started.


Basically, what the clone of Lucifer proceeded to tell me fell in line with what I learnt on Earth. As for the details of this heavenly war, Lucifer chose not to go into details. Even so, the result was clear for all to see. He fell from grace and became Satan.


On the surface, the Creator didn’t take part in the War of Angels. In reality, the Creator did in fact take part. Lucifer had six sevenths of the Creator’s divinity so there was no one who could stand up to him in a fair fight. Yet he still failed. Why? Because the Creator acted through Adam to defeat Lucifer!


Having lost the War of Angels, Lucifer had no choice but to flee from Heaven. Unwilling to accept defeat, he quietly snuck back into Eden and met with Lilith…


“The Creator actually made use of that useless Adam’s body to defeat me…so I seduced Lilith had her doubt the Creator and hate Adam. In the end, she chose to leave the garden to come with me…Eve eating the forbidden fruit was because of me as well. I had a hand in Cain killing Abel as well…I even had Lilith teach Cain how to draw strength from blood…the expression he had on then was so amusing…”


The clone of Lucifer summarily recounted the disagreements he had with Adam. Naturally, that could have been interpreted as his disagreements with the Creator as well… As he did so, he made sure to show off his ‘accomplishments’. For example, how he stole Adam’s first wife, causing him to have to rely on livestock for a moment. Or he turned into a snake to trick Eve into making Adam eat the forbidden fruit. Or how he made use of the fact that the Creator favored Abel more to goad Cain into killing his brother…


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