Chapter 278: Genesis and Apocalypse (7)

All that I had heard so far truly left me on edge and dripping with sweat… ‘From now on, I should just avoid antagonizing devils, or at least kill them off should I do so…lest I end up getting hounded in the future…holy potatoes, how vengeful can one person get…’


Because the legends I knew of stated that it was Lilith who told Cain how to draw power from blood, the fact that the statue told me it was Lucifer who passed on that secret instead, left me curious. “Wasn’t it Lady Lilith who told Cain the secret?”


“Lilith is my demoness, everything she has is given by me.”


‘So she’s a demoness worshipping Lucifer…in that case, all that talk about Lilith two-timing with Cain doesn’t hold then…because to a demoness, the master they worship is their everything. Even if Lilith really had some kind of relationship with Cain, it was done with Lucifer’s approval.’


Now that the gossipy section was dealt with, my thoughts then drifted to the question of how did the later angels gain a body. Yet just as I was about to ask, the clone of Lucifer started talking about the Second War of Angels…


On the whole, the Second War of Angels was simpler one. A certain section of angels who were dissatisfied with being lower than humans started clamoring for a body. As for the other side, they were staunchly in support of the Creator so the two sides ended up clashing. Naturally, Lucifer joined in the war as well, in support of the rebelling side to be exact. Unfortunately for them, the Creator intervened and ended this rebellion.


In the end, the Creator, for some inexplicable reason, decided to bestow a body onto those angels who supported him. Even so, these angels were still of a lower rank than humans. After all, the angels were created merely as tools while humans were the true children of the Creator.


With a body, their emotions started to become more complex. As the saying went, ‘the body is the root of all desires’. Upon gaining a body, the angels naturally gained a gender as well and that led to another important question…given how pretty the human girls were, should they bang them or should they bang them?


Truly a serious and critical question…


To begin with, the whole reason why the Creator did not want to give them bodies was because he knew that they would be affected by the desires that came with one. For example, the bodily needs. By not having a body, they could perform their functions as managers of this world better.


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The bible on Earth also had records of angels descending to the mortal realm because they wanted to get a piece of the action…action being that, of course… Coupled with the fact that humans ended up mucking up the world on their own,the Lord finally came to the conclusion that there were no virtuous men left. Thus, he decided to flood the world, probably.


However, going back to the topic at hand, the same thing could probably be said of the Creator of this world and the humans. In some sense, the Creator’s decision to give the angels a body led to him flooding the world…so was that his motive all along?


Right after that, Lucifer shared another explosive bit of news with me that pretty much confirmed my suspicion: “Do you know why the Creator was so adamant about wiping out the humans?”


“No idea, I just know that the humans were too sinful and that there were basically no virtuous men left.” My knowledge of the flood was basically limited to what I read in the bible and that naturally meant that it was limited to what the church allowed us to know…


“Man was immortal in Eden…”


Immediately, the first thing the clone said shocked me to the core. ‘That’s right…man used to be immortal…immortal!’


“Ever since man left Eden, humankind started experience sickness, death and famine. As time passed, the lifespan of succeeding generations started to shorten. Adam lived for 930 years, making him the human with the longest natural lifespan. Even though a few of his direct descendents managed to live longer than him, it was only a matter of a few years. There was no better representation of the fear of the unknown as death. Because man feared death, humankind started researching ways to fight off death itself. Undying was the sole privilege of the Creator. Other than the Creator, every being had to die eventually, even the angels.”


Before Jesus appeared, in other words during the Old Testament, there was no mention of humans rising to Heaven upon death. Only the New Testament made mention of such a thing; Jesus’s appearance was to lead people to Heaven after death.


It was safe to say that those who lived in the Old Testament period didn’t know a thing about the afterlife since the Lord made no mention of receiving their souls after death…truly, the unknown was a terrifying thing.


“So the humans were really researching immortality back then?” Even though I knew that their research ultimately failed, I was still rather hopeful as I asked: “Did they succeed in the end?”


“In the end…they didn’t succeed, but they didn’t fail either.”


“What do you mean by that?”


‘How about being clearer please?’


“The reason why the Creator decided to wipe out the world was because their research progressed down the wrong road. Rather, it should be said that their research progressed down a path that the Creator didn’t wish for…”


As he said that, the statue paused for a second, perhaps simply to build suspense or perhaps for some other deeper reason. Or maybe he had just gone senile. Either way, the statue’s abruptness left me itching for the answer.


“Go on then, don’t just stop at the crucial point.”


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“Sigh…” The statue exhaled for a long time. “Back then, what the humans researched was actually Undead magic…by daring to revive the dead in order to escape from death…they essentially created a new life form…more importantly, Undead magic was only in its infancy then, so a lot of live subjects had to be used for experiments…


Live experimentation…the first thing that came to my mind was the infamous Unit 731 from World War II. As for what they actually did…even the most ignorant of peoples would at least know what they did, right?


(TL: . The euphemism employed in their name is just sublime…you just can’t get more morbid and insidious than that.)


The live experimentation conducted by the researchers of Undead magicks was basically the same, perhaps even worse. After all, the most 731 did was to perform inhumane experiments on the psyche and the body. In those Undead experiments however, even the soul was targeted; death wasn’t even a clean affair anymore. After the destruction of the physical body, the soul still had to undergo a variety of cruel experiments seeing as death was the true starting point of Undead research…


As the saying went: respect the dead. Almost everyone knew not to disrupt the rest of the dead. However, Undead magic, by definition, was anathema to this rule.


In that sense, the appearance of Hades wasn’t really a coincidence either…moreover, the clone of Lucifer mentioned that he had aided the creation of the Undead so in other words, Lucifer perfected Undead magic?!


‘No, maybe instead of perfecting Undead magic, he instead led the humans to create it…that must be it! So he’s technically the ancestor of Undead magic!”


‘In other words, Lucifer was also partly responsible for the destruction of the world in the ancient times.’


‘Not that it matters to me, of course; that was all in the past. What I would rather know is why did he leave a statue behind for me to awaken? There’s no way you’re convincing me that it is all a coincidence, not even if you beat me to death.’


“Judging by that expression on your face, I bet you’re blaming me for the destruction of the ancient humans.”


Even though I never said it out loud, my expression betrayed me rather handily.


“Haven’t you realized yet? This is all a ploy by the Creator. Me sneaking into Eden to seduce Lilith, me tricking Eve and Adam into eating the forbidden fruit, even all that I had done after that, do you honestly think that he didn’t know? He definitely knew what I was planning, I dare say he even tacitly allowed it. Back then, I was beside myself with joy at the thought of having fooled him…in truth, he already knew about everything from the start, from the moment he had me kneel to Adam, he knew I would rebel. Yet he still did it. Why? Because his goal was to destroy the world!”


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