Chapter 280: Genesis and Apocalypse (9)

“…good luck to me…” ‘Is he going to kill me or what? Well, it’s not like there’s a good ending waiting for me if I go along with his plan anyway…so…I guess my next mission is to destroy the Western Human Realms? Hmmm, destroying the world sounds great and all but…I really don’t want to do bad things. I don’t mind killing bad people but the problem is that I don’t want to kill the innocent. But if I don’t do it, the consequences…will probably be worse than death. After all, Lucifer is the creator of Undead magicks…’


‘Better to fight against an Overlord than to fight against a Necromancer’ that was a common saying in the Western Human Realms.


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“Alright, I’ve said what needs to be said, I’ve completed my mission so it’s time for me to return as well.”


‘Return? So you aren’t going to stay in my body then…’


“My main body will keep an eye on you often…Little Fellow…you’re still too weak but the moment you accepted the Gem of Authority, you became the new Overlord of Purgatory…even though you technically do not possess the power of an Overlord…”


‘Purgatory Overlord? Me?’


Having said all that, a blackish purple mass of light appeared above the clone of Lucifer. It flashed for a brief moment before disappearing just as suddenly as it appeared. With its disappearance, the barrier created by Lucifer crumbled as well. As if it was actual glass, the purplish dome began shattering and falling to the ground. At that point, I was basically prepared to shield my head like a mouse, so as to prevent any potential injuries. Yet, nothing fell. Instead, the shards merely dissipated in the air.


‘Geez, scared me for a second there…’


Soon after the barrier disappeared completely, the aura of Lucifer’s clone vanished as well. The basis of its existence was that single feather of Lucifer. Now that it had entered my body, the clone was no longer able to sustain his existence. Besides, his mission was over and he had a report to make. From the way he disappeared so decisively, he probably was going to do just that.


This little adventure could be said to be an important turning point for me. Just using the energy given to me by that feather, I successfully evolved into a Four-stars, and even reconstructed my body at the same time. As of right now, I was a unique Devil with the original sin of Pride, Lust and Envy dwelling inside me. And yet despite all that, I didn’t feel the least bit excited at all. It wasn’t because my pee pee hadn’t reported back from its vacation yet, rather I was worried about the Western Human Realms… ‘I wonder…if I entered Abaddon directly and didn’t get the chance to awaken this statue, would this outcome have changed?’


‘Ah, looks like I’m overthinking things again. Ever since I reincarnated from the Blood Sea, I think it is safe to say that my days have basically been spent in one giant trap after another. I’m not even sure if Yi Yi is using me anymore. Even if that clone said that she was merely following his wishes, the whole timing of this sordid affair is too just coincidental…’


The whole reason for me being the last to leave the prison was because Harlow died and Majosha decided to accompany him in death. Because I was so touched by her devotion, I decided to stay behind till there were only the two of them left. It was only when I was about to enter the teleportation gate to Abaddon that One-eye suddenly stabbed me in the back, figuratively of course…


On the surface, the whole issue laid with One-eye. However, it was important to remember that I had a Demigod level Lust Demon resisting in my soul who also specialized in psychic magicks. Moreover, she was a top-class Devil King who was about to forge a divine core!


Back then, she should have been asleep but whether or not she was truly asleep, who could say? Unfortunately, there was no way I could verify or disprove this matter. In other words, it was entirely possible that Ferti’nier deliberately hid herself and then used her powers to control One-eye and force me into Purgatory.


After all, Ferti’nier was the one sent to look after me by Yi Yi…but upon thinking back on that fateful day once more, I realized that Yi Yi was in a pretty desperate situation herself. Her mana had been all but spent and there was nothing much she could do. Had it not been for that, she would have never relied on a piece of trash like me.


It was clear that she didn’t possess the power to revive me and had to rely on the Crystal of Chaos to revive me. Because Ferti’nier’s soul was in that crystal as well, she ended up getting dragged into this whole mess… Given all that, it was entirely possible that Yi Yi was merely focused on trying to save me, all that nonsense about Purgatory was merely a giant coincidence.


‘Ahh…my head hurts just from thinking about this…there’s just too many possibilities. Who should I even believe…should I believe my gut that says she was merely trying to save me or should I believe in this giant conspiracy theory? But really, I don’t think now’s the time to be thinking about this either. Since Lucifer is basically forcing me to take part in the apocalypse, I can’t say no or the consequences will be dire. But just obeying him is just… I really don’t want to hurt the innocents. I mean, if it’s some other race or just someone who really didn’t fit my sense of beauty, I will definitely not hold back at all. Even so, I won’t go so far as to wipe them out either.’


‘But he wants me to wipe out the humans…Nicole is still there for crying out loud…if this so-called Apocalypse were to suddenly erupt, the humans would definitely suffer heavy losses. At that point, Nicole would have to join the war, seeing as she was a warrior. She might even rush to the frontlines…Even ordinary folk might get implicated…after all, an apocalyptic battle like that was everyone’s business…not to mention that Lucifer’s plan is to send in hordes of Undead as well…’


‘Hmmm, there are other races in the Western Human Realms as well but unless the situation is truly dire, they will never set aside their differences..’


Just as I was basically stuck in an infinite loop of what ifs, Mo Na’s adorable voice suddenly jolted me back to reality: “Mama! How did Mama change all of a sudden?! Your wings are so pretty, Mama! Mama smells so nice too…”


Just as I lifted my head, my sight was immediately overwhelmed by Mo Na leaping towards me, completely entranced by the scent of my body. She directly wrapped her hands around me and started kissing my cheeks till my entire face was full of her saliva: “Mama, why are you standing there in a daze, is there something wrong with the statue?”


Now that Lucifer’s barrier was gone, Mo Na and the others had recovered their freedom as well. However, judging by the expression on their faces, they didn’t seem to be in the least bit aware of what had just happened. In other words, their memory of me had stayed at the point where I had just mentioned wanting to investigate the statue.


“Mama, what’s that, it’s so shiny!” Mo Na stretched out her arm to try and touch the Gem of Authority. Because the gem itself had no offensive properties to speak of, I simply handed it over to my little baby.


“That’s called the Gem of Authority, it can be used to control the Abyssal Golems.” I gently hugged Mo Na and explained as such with a smile on my face: “The Abyssal Golems are those black and red golems we fought not too long ago. With this gem, those golems now belong to us.”


“Mama, this gem is so nice, it feels comfortable just hugging it.” As she wiggled about in my embrace to find a cozy position, she continued fiddling with the gem. “Mama, how did your appearance change? At least Mama got prettier, Mo Na just knew Mama is prettiest in the world!”


“Master…you’ve evolved!” Before I could even answer Mo Na’s question, No.3 and Big 4 practically dashed to me and with a disbelieving look, blurted out as such. Had it not been for the fact that my soul signature hadn’t changed at all, they probably wouldn’t have been able to recognize me at all.


“How did you evolve into a Fallen Angel?” Sinmosa asked, having trotted up to me as well, with husband and child in tow. She first gave me a cursory sniff and upon confirming that it was really me, she then asked as such in an unsure tone: “How did you suddenly evolve in the blink of an eye? Did something happen that we aren’t aware of?”


As she said that, little Cinderel came scampering up to me to give me a friendly snuggle with her little noggin. Even though my appearance had changed drastically, her friendliness towards me hadn’t changed at all. She then stood on her two back paws and started pawing the air as if she wanted a hug too. I hurriedly had Mo Na made the necessary preparations after which I bent down to pick up our little doggy VIP. It was only after I finished hugging her that I finally had the time to answer Sinmosa’s question.


“It’s a long story…”

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Yet just as I was about to embark on said long tale, I paused, unsure as to how to start. What happened before was definitely not known to them but I wasn’t exactly in a position to explain either, seeing as even I had difficulty processing the fact that I had just spoken to Lucifer. ‘I need some time to think…’


Unfortunately, that clearly wasn’t going to happen. Upon seeing my new form, the Black Blood Queen Ant immediately fell to the ground and crawled up to me in a prostrated form. Even with how much she was kowtowing to me now, her face showed no unwillingness at all. It was as if she was worshipping me.


“What’s going on with you?” ‘Why is that ant suddenly acting so reverently? The fact that she wasn’t even faking it, had to be the biggest surprise here.’




‘She’s actually calling me master now?! Wasn’t she all hardcore rebel just a while ago? How did I suddenly turn from her hated enemy to her master? Did she hit her head somewhere or something?’


Just as I was busy being perplexed about it, Nola’s gigantic mountain of a body came lumbering over to me. Upon reaching me, she curiously bent down to assess me. After pondering for a moment, she then spoke in an unsure fashion: “I remember the elders in my clan once mentioning that the Devil King of Sable Radiance once had a pair of wings like yours. However, his head didn’t have a horn, nor did he have a tail.”


“…so you’re saying the queen ant might have mistaken me for the previous Devil King?” Turning away from Nola, I fixed my gaze back on the grovelling queen ant. ‘I guess that’s possible too.’


Curious about my current form, Nola asked: “Oh right, how did you suddenly evolve? You were in front of us all this while but suddenly you just evolved…I can swear I didn’t even blink too…”


“Some things happened…perhaps all this might have just been an instant for you all, but for me…it felt like an entire century had passed…” Unsure as to where to start, I decided to give them an abridged version: “We can go into details next time, all you guys have to know now is that I’m now the Overlord of Purgatory…”


“Overlord?” Sinmosa threw me a disbelieving look: “You’re the Overlord?”


“That’s right, even though my strength hasn’t changed all that much…but I’m now the Overlord…”


(TL: The author added in a note here describing how Mo Ke looks. However, all that was written before the cover page of the novel was updated so…there’s really no point in me translating it now. Just go look at the cover picture of this novel, that’s how he looks like now. Mo Ke is roughly 170cm tall.)


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