Chapter 290: Is it Really Okay For a Person to be Toyed Around by a Rock?

There had always been legends about the Great Flood floating around in the Western Human Realms. These legends had never ever been confirmed by any divinity but after years of investigation, I found that almost every country had its own version of the Great Flood legend, even the desert countries. In other words, it was more than likely that such a thing really existed.


I had once had the fortune of discussing this matter with an Occultist under the strangest of circumstances. Originally, I thought that he was going to stab me in the heart and use my blood in some summoning ritual. Yet the moment he approached me, he instead smiled warmly at me and said that he was my fan. He mentioned that he would collect every book I wrote and was even looking forward to my next book. At that point, I knew that I was probably safe.


We ended up having an animated conversation in which he even told me about his hypothesis that the tongue of the Devil might actually be the language used by the ancient humans.


When we parted, he even asked for an autograph although I had to say that the little scamp he had send over the pen seemed rather miffed about that…


Perhaps there might some of you who might now be scoffing at the idea of believing the words of an Occultist, but there is something I feel I should make known. Even Occultists had virtuous members amongst their ranks. Naturally, they tended to be in the minority…vast minority, but at the very least, there was that one or two out of a hundred or so…


In a sense, this situation is kind of like how we fear snakes and their venomous bites. Yes, they might be able to kill but how many people actually knew that they are actually harmless? Unless provoked, they rarely attacked humans. In short, not every Occultist is a bad person. As for whether or not that Occutlist I met was a good person, that I didn’t know…


Whether or not the tongue of the Devil is actually the language of the ancients humans is still a mystery to me. Moreover, the vast majority of the world doesn’t even believe in the existence of ancient humans. After all, the <<Bible of Light>> states that humans were created by the Goddess of Light in order to fight against Evil and Satan’s Creations, in short, Devils.


Based on that saying, it can be concluded that the orthodox point of view in the world is that the ancient humans didn’t exist.


Furthermore, if what that Occultist said was true, didn’t that mean that the ancient humans had turned into Devils or perhaps they were Devils to begin with?


Clearly an outrageous proposition…


—From <<Scholar Einzberth’s Notebook>>




The moment Shadowfang came flying towards me, I instinctively reached out to grab it before pausing in shock for a second. ‘Exactly what is going here? All I did was think about it and it actually responded to me…’


“Oh? Seems like Little Brother has already picked up a new skill. Go on then, don’t keep this one waiting. What is it?” She pestered me, clearly interested in my new ability.


[I’m not too sure myself, I just wanted Shadowfang to come over and it actually did…]


(TL: Mo Ke talking to Ferti’nier will be done in square brackets from now on. Technically, the author started doing this in the previous chapter but I felt that it was still manageable without it.)


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‘Don’t tell me…my new ability is psychokinesis?’ At that, I tried out that theory on a nearby rock but no matter how much I willed it to move, it refused to budge an inch… ‘at least wobble a little so I don’t look bad…’

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‘Strange…so why did Shadowfang come flying over while that rock didn’t? Don’t tell me that rock is looking down on me?’


I gave the rock a swift kick and as I did so, I infused a bit of my mana into it –the intention was to send it flying further away from me. After it had done so, I couldn’t help but think to myself, ‘Let’s see you try and fly back to me then, hmph’…and as fate would have it, it actually did…


That rock, the size of a baseball, suddenly made a physics-defying U-turn and flew right at me…’Hey, that’s just unscientific, don’t you know!’ Yet no matter what I had to say about that, it was an ironclad fact that it was already on its way back…


I immediately deflected it with Shadowfang at which point it harmlessly fell to the ground and moved no longer.


Once more, I tried giving it a mental command but it ignored me completely, like the sleeping b*stard that it was.


‘What the potato is going on here? Why is it ignoring me again?’


“You stupid potato, how about thinking back on what you did just now, what did you do when you kicked it?” Probably fed up with my idiocy, Ferti’nier finally decided to step in herself and offer her scathing advice(taunts): “Your mana! Didn’t you infuse some of your mana into it just now?!”


‘Mana…ah…I did do that, didn’t I? So that’s the reason why?’


With that in mind, I gave this whole experiment another try. I habitually slung Shadowfang over my back but just as I did so, I was met with resistance from my new wings. If I were to sling it over them like before, they would undoubtedly be very uncomfortable. Thus I had no choice but to temporarily place Shadowfang on the ground for now while my right hand picked up that stuck-up rock. I channelled my mana into it and then tossed it away.


Watching it barrel away from me for a second, I then willed it: ‘Come back.’


Then, like watching a miracle play out before my very eyes, it actually made a huge U-turn…


I stretched out my arms and caught it, mouth and eyes wide open as I did so. How should I put it…the moment I laid hands on it, it felt like I wasn’t gripping a rock at all but rather a living thing… ‘How is it suddenly alive?! Don’t tell me this rock is made of some kind of special material? Or maybe it’s some kind of Divine-grade weapon? But for me to just casually pick up a weapon of rocky destruction…what are the odds…practically zero I bet!’


Yet just as I busy being shocked by a mere rock and was about to investigate it further, the sensation of life started to gradually fade away until there was nothing left but a cold lifeless rock.


‘This…why is it back to being a rock again? Hold on, maybe it’s because my mana ran out…don’t tell me…my mana can impart life onto an inanimate object?! If that’s the case, what about Shadowfang?’


In order to prove my suspicion, I picked up another rock lying nearby and infused some mana into it. I then tossed it away after which I willed it to come back. Amazingly, it came flying back!


It was at that point that it dawned on me how amazing this newfound power of mine was…

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