Chapter 289: You’ve Awakened Again I See

Having suddenly turned into the Overlord of Purgatory, under the clone of Lucifer’s direct orders no less…I honestly had to say that the pressure was as huge as a mountain. Lucifer mentioned that I should first conquer the other factions in Sable Radiance and that there would soon be a sporadic stream of Devils coming in from the Blood Sea… ‘In other words, the seal on the Blood had been undone? Also, doesn’t that imply that there would also be some Devils going elsewhere?’


If that was truly the case, it meant that news of the Blood Sea being unsealed would soon spread across the Three Hells…’What’s next then? Will news of Lucifer’s planned apocalypse spread as well? If that really happens, the Western Human Realms will most likely…well, there’s no point in me worrying either. After all, I’m just a Four-stars piece of junk…hmmm, I guess I’ll have to raise my strength either way.’

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‘Hmm, Ferti’nier seems to be still asleep…I have to say though, while she might have saved me a few times, she had also caused me no small amount of headache. For example, causing my evolution rate to be lower than my subordinates, causing my body to be neither male nor female, causing…’


“Yo, is my little brother talking bad about his big sis?”


The moment that teasing voice appeared in my head, I could’ve sworn that all the hairs on my back were raised. The way her bewitching voice seemed to penetrate your very soul and latch onto it was just too intoxicating…’still…what was she doing awake?’


“Oh hoho, how did we end up here? That guy’s statue is here too, not bad.”


‘Hey, let’s get something straight here, don’t just take a nap at your own convenience and then suddenly bomb my mind with your voice. Also, when did I become your little brother?”


“Isn’t it because my little brother is always hoping his own little brother to come back? This one thought that perhaps you would feel better if she addressed you as little brother.”


“…I…you…” ‘That’s a practically a headshot at this point…this brother isn’t in the least bit happy at all…and who are you to talk about my little brother?! You’re the one who caused all this in the first place! Blasted potato, not only do you not pay any room rent, you steal my food and just nap without caring about my feelings at all. You even cause trouble for me when you wake. you know how hard I’ve had it since I got saddled with a freeloader like you?!”


“Little Brother’s mood is a little unstable now.”


Her tone was still as lighthearted as before, clearly not at all guilty about all that I had gone through.


‘How does she expect me to be stable? That statue over there just asked me to destroy the world. Even worse, I have to participate in that battle too…’


‘Have you been here before?’


“This one has never been here before, but this one has definitely seen that statue before. This one can easily guess where this is just by looking at it. It’s the garden of Sable Radiance’s palace, isn’t it? Every Fallen Angel Devil King has a garden like this, there’s really nothing unusual about it at all.”


As of right now, I was still standing before that statue of Lucifer. Even though his clone had already left, I could still feel a strange sensation emanating off it…after all, it was a statue that once housed the clone of Lucifer, who could say that there wasn’t anything special about it?


Everyone else saw that I was dazing off as usual and knew that I was mulling over something again. Thus, they went on about with their own matters such as scouting the surroundings. Even Mo Na knew to pull Cinderel away to another spot to chat. For them to be so accommodating was exactly what I needed right now as I still had something to clear up with Ferti’nier.


‘Ferti’nier, I need to ask you something, did you command One-eye to force me here?’


“Oh little brother of mine, have you gone mad or just dumb? Why would this one ever do that to you? We’re currently tied together; if you die, this one dies as well. Besides, that blasted Yi Yi promised this one that she would reconstruct this one’s body if this one brought you to her…this one wants you in Abaddon more than even yourself!”


Because I had no idea how to approach such a sensitive topic, I ended up asking her straight in the face. I would have never expected that her reaction would be so big.


While it might have been a rather crude way of asking her, it also served the dual purpose of surprising her and perhaps even causing her to spill the truth by accident. Even so, her words seemed to ring true, given how sound her logic seemed.


After all, who knew how long she had been stuck in that Crystal of Chaos. Being without a body must have been hard on her as well. Thus, it was only natural that she was in a hurry to reach Abaddon as well. Besides, she said so herself as well, if one of us died, the other died as well.


Now that the suspicion over her had cleared, did that mean that my detour was nothing but a twist of fate? Lucifer’s clone was here waiting for me so perhaps he already knew that someone would awaken him eventually. As for whether it had to be me who awakened him…that was something I couldn’t know given my level.


At the very least however, I had managed to clear Ferti’nier…probably.


“Little Brother, did something big happen while this one was asleep? All this one did was take a short nap so how did you change so drastically? Your skin has turned white and you even grew out a pair of purple wings…this one can even feel a trace of that guy’s bloodline in you…don’t tell me…that guy left you something, didn’t he…”


‘Mhm, that he did. He left me a feather that practically melted my body like a candle. Throughout all that, my mind was perfectly lucid, throughout the entire reconstruction of my body, my mind was active and watching. However…he didn’t tell me anything else other than giving me a mission. Even now, I still don’t know what kind of powers I have.’


“The powers of the Fallen Angels are extremely varied, and interesting too. If Little Brother wants to find out what they are, he needs to rely on himself.”


‘I know, it’s just a little hard to get used to, given how sudden all this was. However, this body is really really strong.’


Prior to this, I had given my new body a quick look through. Whether it was my speed, power, psyche or mana, they were all top-notch. My previous self couldn’t even hold a candle to what I was now. In fact, I doubt No.3 could win against me now.


That was all without the use of Shadowfang too…speaking of Shadowfang…it had been left neglected in a corner since I was so fixated on putting on my armor. There it laid, lying on the floor just as I had left it not too long ago. Yet just as I was about to bend down and pick it up, it suddenly flew up to me as if I had tugged on some kind of invisible string.

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