Chapter 288: Conclusion (8)

“Brother?” Jezsere was naturally more than happy to oblige their request since that was the very reason why she came looking for them in the first place. She knew very well that Devils who were able to contract Demonesses often only fell into these two categories:  they were either immensely powerful Devils or Devils with noble bloodlines. Based on what she learnt from Regine and Ancarin over the past few days, their master was clearly of the latter type.


Honestly, it didn’t matter to Jezsere what kind of Devil Mo Ke was. Either way, it would only benefit her given how the villagers all gave Mo Ke glowing reviews when asked by Reyage. To think he was actually a kind-hearted Devil! As that strange idea sank into him, Reyage couldn’t help but throw a look at his own little sister as well. There, was another fellow who was strangely kind-hearted as well.


If Jezsere was really able to summon Ancarin’’s master and successfully form a bond with him, it would mean the unlocking of a portion of her potential. That was because once an Occultist was able to form a pact with a Devil, both sides would form a symbiotic relationship.


“Let’s give it a try.”


Reyage nodded at Jezsere who returned the nod with a soft mhm. In actuality, she was deathly afraid of summoning Devils. Each and every time she tried that, the Devils ended up bullying her…to be fair however, it wasn’t really their fault either, if there was anyone that had to be blamed here, it would be Jezsere for being so weak. With how cowardly she looked, who else were they to bully other than her?


Ancarin gingerly handed over her daughter to Regine before reaching into her skin-tight underclothes and pulling out a golden horn. As she ran her fingers over the severed horn, a glimmer of moisture appeared in her eyes. A while later, she finally calmed down and it was then that she realized how she had been acting just then. She hurriedly handed over the horn to Jezsere: “This is the horn left behind by Master, you can use it to summon the Master.”


Jezsere received the horn with care from Ancarin but just as she touched it, she felt a strange sensation run through her fingers. She couldn’t put a finger on what it was exactly but if she had to describe it, it would be that it was complex and noble at the same time. However, that feeling didn’t come from the horn itself…it was strange but she was somehow able to verify that the horn’s Master was at least a full tier stronger than what Ancarin had described. Just based on that feeling alone, she was immediately able to judge that her current self wasn’t powerful enough to summon Mo Ke. On top of her personal deficiency, they lacked sufficient sacrifices as well.


“Sister Ancarin, the owner of that horn…seems to be a lot stronger than you described…” She put on a slightly apologetic look as she addressed the clearly excited Ancarin. “Based on my current level, it’s impossible to summon the other party…in order to do that, I would need a large amount of sacrifices as well…”


“You’re lacking sacrifices?” Even though Ancarin could roughly guess from her tone that she wasn’t able to summon Mo Ke, she still held some hope in her heart as she asked that.


“That’s right, Big Sis’s master, Sir Mo Ke has an extremely high grade bloodline…in Sere’s opinion, the sacrifice would at least have to be at the level of a Seven-stars or a Eight-stars.”


“No way…the last time Duran summoned Master, he never used such an extravagant sacrifice. Don’t tell me Master has gotten even stronger during his absence?” With no way of communicating right now, it was only natural for them to be unaware of Mo Ke’s new body, the one which had been imbued with Lucifer’s own feather, becoming a full fledged Fallen Angel in the process. With the sin of Pride, Envy and Lust all packed into one little package, his bloodline was even more noble than the most pure-blooded Fallen Angel. Adding on the fact he was a Devil Overlord appointed personally by Lucifer’s clone, summoning him really wasn’t a simple matter anymore.


Ancarin turned to face Regine who had been standing beside her all this while. She emotionlessly shook her head in response to show that she didn’t know as well.


“Sister Ancarin, can you give Sere that Horn?” Jezsere gently stroked the golden horn as if she was touching some rare treasure. She then said thusly in an excited voice: “If Sere can use this horn as a medium, she can return to the clan and even use the clan’s resources to summon Sir Mo Ke. I’m sure Mother won’t reject this idea since Sir Mo Ke is a Devil with a noble bloodline…as long as Jezsere can summon a Devil, she won’t be useless in the clan anymore…”


“Sere…I’m so sorry. The horn is an important treasure of the Demoness’s Abode, I can’t give it to you…” Truth be told, Ancarin really didn’t want to see her upset because of that rejection. However, Mo Ke’s horn was truly an important treasure of the Demoness’s Abode, nothing could replace it. Furthermore, it was the proof of the Demoness’s Abode’s faith. Without it, the power of faith generated by them wouldn’t be able to locate Mo Ke.


At that, Jezsere fell silent once more. She knew how unreasonable her request was but at the same time, as long as she had that horn, she could officially make a return to the clan and no longer live the life of a wanted fugitive…


Naturally, Ancarin knew that as well and was about to offer a compromise when Regine made the executive decision to simply wrest the horn away from Jezsere after handing over the baby she was carrying to Ancarin.


It was at the point that Reyage lunged out as well but was promptly held back by Jezsere.


“Big Brother…don’t…”

His brows furrowed. Because of his sister’s insistence, he was truly stuck in a tough situation right now. With regards to her little sister’s requests, he had never turned down a single one before. Yet if he didn’t steal the horn now, they would be thrown back to that miserable fugitive lifestyle. Even worse was that he couldn’t guarantee that he would be able to keep his sister safe from their family forever…there was clearly an easy solution just standing there right now so why shouldn’t he snatch it?


Still, it was his desire of not wanting to see his little sister sad won out in the end. He quietly sighed to himself. Truly his sister was a little too kind at times. Had it not been for her unwillingness to see someone sad because of her needs, Reyage wouldn’t have waited so long to act in the first place.


“Even though I can’t give you the Master’s horn, I can, however, give you another item of the Master’s that you can use as a medium.” Ancarin stated in the midst of that tense face-off. She was very fond of Jezsere. Whether it was out of guilt or simply wanting her master to be summoned once more, she really had no reason not to table this proposal. Thus, she stuck her hands into her innerwear once more and fished out a small red purse that was four fingers wide.


“Sister Sere, this is for you.”


“What’s this, Big Sis?” Asked Jezsere as she received the little pouch from Ancarin. With her permission, Jezsere opened the little pouch and gave it a peek. There, she found a lone strand of slightly burnt blue hair. Surprised, she asked: “Big Sis, is this hair?”


“It should be.” Ancarin then proceeded to explain: “The first time I met the Master, it was during a summoning ritual where Duran used that hair to summon him. Give it a feel, will that work?”


“It will, by Sere’s estimates, it should work as a medium but it won’t be as good as that golden horn. A more precise array and even more sacrifices will be needed to perform the ritual…” Having confirmed that, Jezsere excitedly stowed away the pouch before bowing to Ancarin and Regine: “Thank you, Sister Ancarin, Sister Regine, Sere will do her best to summon Sir Mo Ke as soon as possible… is there anything I should tell Sir Mo Ke?”


“Tell the Master, Ancarin and Regine really miss him…”


“Anything else?”


“ old is little sister? I heard that Elves have a longer lifespan than humans, is that true?”


“Sere is 36 years old this year, Big Sister Ancarin.”


“36 huh…” Ancarin exchanged a shocked glance with Regine whose eyes were wide as saucers right now.




By now, the forces of Mo Ke within Abaddon had started to take roots and make gains. With a former native like Baccarel to show them the way, living there wasn’t all that difficult. Naturally, it wasn’t easy either.


Whether it was humans or other strange life forms, as long as a community was involved, a social hierarchy was inevitable. There was only ever a need for one leader but, annoyingly, there was never a lack of people who wanted that position.


If Mo Ke was still present, he would have undoubtedly occupied that position and no one would question that. However, he wasn’t there because of One-eye’s betrayal. Initially, when they realized that Mo Ke might have gotten into trouble, it still hadn’t occurred to them how severe the problem actually was. What they lost wasn’t just a comrade but a leader as well.


Thankfully, Evilin was still there. Being a slave of Mo Ke who had signed a pact with him, as long as he was alright, it meant that Mo Ke was still alive. It was precisely because of this that they still had the leisure of discussing the following topic.


Back then, there were two candidates who possessed sufficient prestige to control the entire army. There was the leader of the Demonic Werewolves and also the person who suppressed the Lizardmen by force, Habona. Then there was Numila, the Harpy Witch who contributed in a major way in the previous battle with Flametail and was also the fiancee of Mo Ke.


In terms of combat strength, Habona was the undisputed champion in their army. Yet with an Epic-grade weapon to aid her, Numila wasn’t that far off either. In a single one on one fight, their fight would most likely end in an indecisive manner. Naturally, the odds were more in favor of Numila thanks to her flight abilities complementing Flametail so well.


In terms of influence, Habona had the support of her own clan and the Lizardmen. Numila had the support of her clan as well and even had the identity of Mo Ke’s fiancee to back her up. The Devils under Mo Ke, along with Violet Snow, all seemed to favor her as well. Of course, that probably because Violet Snow wasn’t on good terms with Habona in the first place…


As the last faction who hadn’t taken a stand, the Medusas and their leader, Manasha, they didn’t seem to have any intention of taking a stand. She was most likely trying to maintain a neutral stance.


According to that tally, Numila ended up in command of the entire army.


It was then that a dissenter appeared. The female Lizardman and also the most diehard fan of Habona ever, Weslin, objected to Numila’s election as the temporary leader and even tried to have the Demonic Werewolves and the Lizardmen leave the army. However, she was rejected by Habona.


Still, the issue of Habona wasn’t something Numila could now ignore either. Her strength made her a force to be reckoned with. Moreover, there was the fact that she was also the one who gifted Mo Ke an Epic-grade weapon. Adding on the fact that their army truly needed a fighter like her right now, Habona ended up becoming the vice-leader of this army.


Thus a new faction was created in Abaddon, one centered around Numila as its leader.


In order to survive, basic necessities such as food had to be secured. With that in mind, Numila started sending out the Dogmen to scout for food. After all, was there anyone more suited to this task than them?


The fact that they had formed a faction meant that friction with others was inevitable. As such, a page of a new bloody chapter was about to turn for them.




High above at the top of Abaddon was a floating island inhabited by the Fallen Angels. This island was known as Heaven’s Gate. It was named as such by Lucifer all those years…as for what the intention was in choosing such a name, only Lucifer knew.


Not long after Yi Yi sent Mo Ke into the Blood Sea, she managed to return to Abaddon. It turned out that the whole reason she was in the Western Human Realms in the first place was because she made a mistake while practising Dimensional magic. Yi Yi’s father, An Qie’er Lucifer immediately sent out people to find his missing daughter. By following the trail of her failed spell. It didn’t take long for this search party to locate her. At that time, she had just sent Mo Ke into the Blood Sea…in other words, if Yi Yi had been just a little slower, Mo Ke wouldn’t even have to go to the Blood Sea at all…


At the time that Mo Ke awakened the slumbering clone of Lucifer, Yi Yi’s father received a message from the clone of Lucifer. The clone told him to start amassing troops as soon as possible because the seal on the Blood Sea had finally been undone. From that moment on, countless Devils would start returning to Purgatory and Abaddon.


The time for their offensive was at hand. Naturally, they still had to wait for Hades to finish conquering the new world.


The seal on the Blood Sea had been undone? An Qie’er couldn’t help but gasp to himself when he heard that piece of news. Soon after that, he was reminded of another piece of news that his beloved daughter told him about. A piece of news that had to do with a certain person whom he would have loved to have chopped up into pieces and fed to the Hellhounds after which he would throw the person’s soul into a volcano to roast for ten thousand years…


It had to be said that An Qie’er was a bonafide Daughter-con. In his eyes, his daughter was the best, his daughter was everything and if anyone tried to take away his precious, they would have to do it over his dead body else he would step over theirs…

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Each time he laid his eyes on his daughter, he would make a silent prayer to Lucifer that the human brat, who somehow was engaged to his daughter, would just die in a corner of the Prison of the Dead. Unfortunately, things never proceeded according to one’s will. Not only did Mo Ke not die, he even broke out of the Prison of the Dead like a stubborn little cockroach…


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Holy Lucifer, that was a prison that hadn’t been breached in over 80 000 years since its formation…how did a human brat even break out of that place?!


Still, facts had a way of catching up to a person. No matter how much he didn’t wish to believe that, it was an ironclad fact that Mo Ke succeeded in breaking out of the Prison and undoing the seal on the Blood Sea in the process. In a sense, he had made a contribution to the entire race on the level of a miracle, not that any of them appreciated it. In fact, they would loved to have a taste of his flesh and see how it differed from other Devils…


Back to the topic at hand however, the moment Mo Ke broke out of the Prison and awakened Lucifer’s clone, he had unknowingly sounded the bell announcing the beginning of Apocalypse.

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