Chapter 293: A Winged Abyssal Golem

The inside of the weapons factory was like a giant assembly line. By using the Gem of Authority, our entourage managed to smoothly pass through the factory and right into its core.


Because I didn’t possess the creation method, all we did was give the area a general sweep. Based on that cursory glance, I noticed quite a number of golem parts scattered about, indicating that the Abyssal Golems were pieced together rather than being carved from a single piece.


Passing through the assembly line, the Black Blood Queen Ant very quickly brought us to the front of the warehouse. There I had her sniff out the location where the smell was strongest…in other words, where there was the most poop. The idea was that since the poop was the main ingredient in crafting these golems, anything important related to the golems would be stored there as well. For example, materials or half-finished products.


The warehouse entrance was guarded by two Winged Abyssal Golems, one on the left and one of the right.


As a comparison, those damaged golems we encountered outside were technically false Six-stars. While they might have the defense of a Six-stars because of their innate quality, their wounds meant that they could only put out the power of a Five-stars. The intact golems we encountered in the castle were bonafide Six-stars, whether offensively or defensively.


At this very moment however, there were two Abyssal Golems standing before me who were probably at least a full Star Level higher than the others. Those wings on their backs were definitely not just for show.


These two golems were at least taller than the ordinary variants by two meters, bringing their overall height to over 7. In terms of appearance, there wasn’t much change; still the same old blackish-red armored-looking warrior. They just seemed a lot stronger when compared to the other golems.


The moment those two golems noticed us approaching, they immediately turned their heads around and their ruby-like eyes flashed us a dangerous look.


Under the fierce glare of the two golems, the queen ant instantly froze on the spot, not daring to even breath lest she angered the two of them.


“Watch out Master!”


My two trusty bodyguards yelled as they instantly dashed in front of me and Mo Na, eyes stern and body ready to dash out at a moment’s notice to buy time for our escape.


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“Mama…” Mo Na gave me a slightly terrified look.


‘To think even she has times when she is scared, how amusing…’


While I might have thought that, I knew for a fact that a pair of Seven-stars like them truly weren’t a laughing matter. Even though these two high grade Abyssal Golems weren’t actually alive, they were still powerful constructs, and entities of power always inspired fear in those who were weak. The fact they were able to exude a fearsome aura like that was probably because of some kind of unique craftsmanship.


“No.3, Big 4, I need you to stand aside for a while. Even though they might have wings, and even though their behavior is a little strange, they are still Abyssal Golems. In that case, they shouldn’t be immune to the control of the Gem of Authority.” I allayed their fears briefly before gently ruffling my little baby’s head and saying: “Don’t worry, Sweetie, just lift up the Gem of Authority.”


“Kay.” Feeling the warmth of my touch, her frightened nerves calmed down somewhat. She breathed in deep before raising the gem to her red lips and kissing. “You two big lugs over there…look here…” She said in a slightly quivering voice.


Upon hearing her call out to them, the two golems promptly turned around to face her, eyes swivelling right into the path of the Gem of Authority. The gem immediately glowed a bright red, and as expected, the golems were easily subjugated.


Unlike the other Abyssal Golems however, they didn’t stand still after being subjugated but instead stepped backwards slightly before performing a half kneel. They were paying respects to me…rather, it would be more accurate to say that they were paying respects to the gem.


“Mama, I think it worked.” Seeing them act so subserviently, Mo Na excitedly jumped into my arms and said so in the sweetest voice ever: “Mama, that gem is so fun, how about letting Mo Na play with it?”


“Go ahead, whatever my little precious wants, she gets.” I gently flicked her on the nose. “Make sure not to lose it, alright Sweetie?”


“Got it, Mo Na will be careful.”


Truth be told, whether or not she lost it didn’t matter to me since it was soulbound to me. Even without the gem, those golems wouldn’t attack me. Thus, I was more than at ease with handing her the gem since she was going to be by my side all the time anyway.

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Now that the guards were taken care of, it was now time to enter.


Grasping the gem in her hands, she pointed it at the two guard golems and said: “Take us in.”


While the golems might not be able to speak, they were able to understand the language of the Devil. One of the golems nodded its head before turning around to press a certain section of the cave wall behind it. Just like that, what had to at least be over a thousand kg of stone door slowly rose into the ceiling.


“Black Blood Queen Ant, once the door is fully opened, I need you to enter first.”




Even though I still found it a little strange that she suddenly decided to serve me, it didn’t concern me all too much since she wasn’t all that strong to begin with. Given how stubborn she had been acting all this while, I highly doubted that she would suddenly change tact in order to plot against us either.  Moreover, given all the information I had gathered so far about their race being slaves and me looking like the previous Devil King, there was basically no chance of her rebelling.


While she was stuttering in the same manner as before, thanks to her innately low level of intelligence, she no longer seemed as annoying given how much more obedient she was now.


We quietly waited there for the doors to open.


The entrance to the warehouse was roughly 30 meters wide and 30 meters tall. It was most likely constructed in such a manner to facilitate the golems moving in and out.

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