Chapter 301: A Discussion on Golem Construction (1)

Just thinking about the fact that one of Lucifer’s clone could so easily destroy a kingdom was enough to send shivers down my spine, and cold sweat running down right after.


‘Do I really have to invade the Western Human Realms? But if I don’t do it, will I end up paying with my life? How am I going to face Nicole like that then? After all, there’s no way she wouldn’t get involved in a battle of that scale. What if I bump into Nicole or Roscar…’


“Don’t fret about it my dear little brother, as long as you put in a nominal amount of effort, that fellow probably couldn’t be bothered to deal with you. You’re just a fly to him after all.”


Even though I knew that she was trying to console me, I had to say, it still irritated me somewhat. But then…she wasn’t technically wrong either…I might as well have been an ant to an existence at that level.


However, upon giving it some thought, what she said made sense. Lucifer was definitely planning to launch an apocalyptic battle in the future, but there was no way he would ever involve himself personally in it. Even if he sent out a clone, the Goddess of Light would probably send out her own as well. Moreover, if Lucifer were to really do that, it would count as an infraction of their peace accord; the deal was that none of the divinities could participate after all.


In other words, even if Apocalypse really happened, the worst case scenario would be that the Demigods and Devil Kings clashed.


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‘In that case, it would definitely be a load off my mi– like heck it is!’


‘There’s no way I can stand up to a Devil King or Overlord with my current Star Level. I know I won’t lose to anyone of the same level as me, but I’m just a nothing in front of those monsters…hmm…maybe I shouldn’t defy his wishes then? But what about Roscar and Nicole? There’s still Ancarin and Regine too…and even though I haven’t been in contact with them much, there’s still those villagers in Plateau Village…Chaik Village too…all those stinking nobles can go kill themselves though. What about all those innocent people?’


‘AHHHHH, such a pain, what should I do?!’


‘Either way, it’s going to be a huge mess for me…’


“My dear little brother, you should stop mulling over this excessively, what’s more important is to improve your strength now.” Just as I was on the verge pulling out my hair, Ferti’nier stepped in with an uncharacteristically helpful consolation. “Be at ease, no matter what you choose to do, that’s all in the future. Even if you want to join the humans, it’s still important that you get stronger now. If you’re still too weak then, you wouldn’t even have the qualifications to join that final war, let alone help the humans.”


‘I get it…I get it…I’m better off charging ahead rather than just standing here in a quandary…otherwise, I won’t even get to choose then.’


‘Speaking of which, since that statue has the ability to siphon faith, doesn’t that mean it can spy on us as well?’


“Don’t worry, that statue has lost all of its auxiliary powers, it’s just a normal golem now.”


‘Sometimes, it’s really not that bad having her around. At the very least, she can clarify my doubts. However, she’s a huge pain most of the time…’


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“Big Sister here, isn’t some pain, it’s just that my dear little brother is too easy a target for teasing. As for your praises, this one will gratefully accept them. Oh right, is my dear little brother starting to fall in love with his big sister?”


[My dear little brother huh…Ferti’ner…when did you start calling me that?]


“Oh, you finally noticed, my dear little brother is really such a dunce sometimes. AHAHAH…” She then disappeared, laughter still trailing behind her.


‘Hey , Ferti’nier, Ferti’nier! Is she gone…sigh…forget it, if she wants to be a turtle, that’s her choice. Not like I can force her out of her shell anyway.’


‘What’s more important now is that I raise my strength and not argue with her.’


With regards to that, the most helpful weapon for me now would probably be those Abyssal Golems. With their impressive strength and overwhelming numbers, I could basically steamroll over any difficulty I encounter. Because of that, the first thing I had to do was find out if we could even create said golems ourselves.


With that in mind, my head reflexively turned to that black leather book which was currently being poured over by an eager Mo Na. She wasn’t the only one interested in that book either. Right beside her was a little black puppy, staring at its contents with eyes wide and tail wagging, even though she probably couldn’t understand a word that was written inside.


“Sweetie, how much have you understood of what’s written inside?”


This little baby of mine was definitely a bright one. Just based on the fact that my long-time companion, the Grimoire of the Dead, decided to take up residence in her was proof enough of that fact. Dark Alchemy had a lot in common with the Undead Arts; calling the former an offshoot of the latter wouldn’t be wrong either.


The golems were made from a combination of Alchemy and Undead magicks, and since Dark Alchemy was a combination of Alchemy and Undead magicks…did that mean that they were actually created with Dark Alchemy?!


Most likely still lost in the world of that black leather book, it took two calls before my little baby finally responded to me. Realizing that I was calling out to her, she lowered the book before massaging her eyes lightly with her left hand. “Mama, were you looking for Mo Na?”


“Mhm, so have you found anything, Sweetie? Given our current abilities, can we create some golems ourselves?”


Looking at my eyes glittering with hope, she merely returned me a quizzical look: “Mama wants to create more of those big lugs?”


“Mhm, Papa really needs those Abyssal Golems, the more the merrier.” I received the book from her and flipped a page. Even though there were detailed instructions written in that book, its complexity wasn’t something I could decipher.


With that in mind, all I could do was pin my hopes on my little baby.


After all, she was a genius of the Undead Arts and given how invested she was in reading it…there was no way she came out empty-handed right?


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