Chapter 302: A Discussion on Golem Construction (2)

Whether I was going to help Lucifer or aid the humans, I needed more strength, that much was certain. Besides, even if I didn’t consider the future, my present needs were just as pressing. After all, the clone of Lucifer said so himself, the seal on the Blood Sea was on the verge on coming undone. At that point, a portion of the Devils from there would come streaming into Sable Radiance. Whatever my considerations for the future were, there really was no point in giving up free manpower. In the face of my overwhelming might, they would surely capitulate, willingly I might add, lest they wanted to get squished.


Other than the impending wave of Devil newcomers, there were still the other races to deal with. Like the Warhorse, the Hellhounds, the Purgatory Shadowcats, the Demon Fire Salamanders, the Fire Elementals and those Demonic Fire Sprites whom I still hadn’t had the chance to meet yet…perhaps even those Fire Devouring Fishes as well.


For now, my plan was to consolidate the powers of Sable Radiance and quietly wait for Apocalypse.


The more soldiers I had, the better. Whether it was by force, trickery or coercion, I fully intended to conquer every inch of Sable Radiance in the shortest time possible!


Yet, all that was predicated on me having enough Abyssal Golems…not just sufficient, but an unending supply as well!


After all, my personal strength was worse than rubbish…


When I asked Mo Na about creating those golems, I honestly wasn’t expecting too much out of her either. While she might have been a genius, she wasn’t even a year old; it was merely a wistful hope on my part and yet who knew that she would answer in such a manner.


“Mama, if it’s just putting together those big lugs, Mo Na should be able to.”

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Her answer had truly exceeded my expectations then. Thus, with surprise and elation in my heart, I asked: “Ah, so you’re saying you can manufacture those golems yourself, Sweetie?”


“Mo Na can put them together, Mama, but she can’t create that blackish-red outer armor.” Having said that, she lowered her head slightly in despondence before sneaking a peak at me with her jewel-like but concerned eyes. “Mama, is Mo Na useless?”


‘Oh…so it’s just assembly…’ A hint of disappointment flashed across my eyes at that instant but the moment I laid eyes on her despondent face, my heart started to ache. I hurriedly bent down to pick my little baby in a tight hug before gently consoling her: “Being able to assemble them together is already impressive enough, my little Sweetie is the best!”


“Really?” She looked up at me with expecting eyes.


Naturally, there was no way I would, or could, ever say no in that situation. Thus, I nodded my head before smiling. “My little Sweetie is the best out of all the Devils out there, it’s Papa who is useless, Papa can’t even assemble those golems.”


“No way, Mama is the greatest!” She hugged me even tighter before plastering her soft face against my own. “Mama is the nicest mama ever, Mo Na loves Mama!”


“Woof woof woof!” Came Cinderel’s timely barks, lest her existence ended being forgotten. In the midst of our father and daughter bonding, Cinderel excitedly pawed at my thighs with her adorable little puppy paws in what had to be the cutest plea for a hug ever. I smiled and gently scooped up the little puppy, giving a little pirouette in the process to entertain the two little babies.


‘Hmmm…come to think of it, she has only been woofing all this while…I wonder if she will even be able to speak the language of the Devil in the future. That’s all up to how gifted she is but the daughter of Sinmosa couldn’t possibly be a moron, right? But that daddy of hers…ah, somehow the future is looking bleak again.’


‘Also, when Mo Na said she could assembly a golem, she must’ve meant putting together a bunch of completed parts from the factory.’


An Abyssal Golem was constructed from an outer covering of thick, rocky armor, while its internal structure was comprised of a skeleton core; both were still in stock in the weapons factory. Of the external armor-like covering, there had to be at least a thousand golem’s worth of exoskeletons so we shouldn’t have a problem there. The cores on the other hand…


From the situation in the last warehouse, I could tell that the golem cores were all crafted from a complete set of Giant bones that had been preserved using special methods. Even after 80 000 years of wear and tear, those skeletons would most likely still be usable.


Still, there weren’t that many skeleton cores in that warehouse –100 or so, max. In other words, once Mo Na has assembled a hundred golems, we would lose the ability to create more golems entirely.


While the golems were indeed powerful, whether in terms of offense or defense, the road ahead was long and who could say what we would meet or how many golems we would lose. If it was just the matter of ordinary chips and bruises, Mo Na could easily patch up those damages. However, should the damage ever be so complete as to reach the innermost core, it would mean that the golem was forever lost to us, seeing as we had merely the method of creating golems but not the ability to do so.


In all likelihood, the day that those golems ran out would probably be the day of my death.


Naturally, all that could be avoided by me becoming stronger but with a certain glutton in my body, that was a lot easier said than done.


“Baby, I have to remind you, while those golems are really strong, our materials are limited…we have enough exoskeletons to last us quite a while but those skeleton cores would at most give us 100 golems.”


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‘Truly, this is such a pain. There’s probably no more giants in Sable Radiance and even if there were, I can’t beat them anyway.’


After that bit of lightheartedness with the two of them, my thoughts started to take a darker turn. I knew that, in the future, what awaited me was one gruelling battle after another. With how limited the golems were, they were basically consumables right now. Unless I was able to truly become strong before those golems ran out…who knew what would happen to me then.


That bit of worrying wasn’t just me being paranoid either. After all, the entities I had to face in the future truly inspired despair in me. Was it truly alright for me to be a simple puppet in all these? Was it okay for me to stand by and watch millions of innocent people die? Was it alright for me to…murder humans?


As those questions repeated themselves over and over again in my mind, the sheer weight of theses concerns began to bear down on me like an overwhelming mountain. To begin with, why should I even care about a bunch of strangers? I could just write them off as a bunch of ugly potatoes who had a face worse than those Black Blood Ants. Perhaps even worse than a zombie or a worm…


As long as I gave up that bit of kindness in me, my life would be so much easier…


‘My face must really be a trainwreck right now…I’m such an open book after all…’

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