Chapter 303: A Discussion on Golem Construction (3)

“Don’t worry, Mama, Mo Na can create a skeleton for those golems.” Having said that, she gave me a soft kiss on the cheeks before proudly arching her head back.


“Mo Na thinks she can use her Dark Alchemy to recreate a skeleton core, all she needs are bones of sufficient strength and length. It will just use up a lot of Mo Na’s mana.”


‘That’s right! Since Dark Alchemy is able to create tools from flesh and bone, it makes sense that it should be able to create a skeleton frame for the golem’s core as well. As long as we are able to find out the exact dimensions and hardness, it shouldn’t be a problem for Mo Na to recreate the golem.’


‘Whether it’s one time, two times or three times, as long as we keep experimenting, we will eventually succeed.’


“I just knew my little sweetie is the best!”


By now, my mood had lightened up considerably as I grinned from ear to ear while hugging her. If she managed to succeed, we would no longer have to worry about this golem issue at all.


“Also, also…” Seeing me so happy, she excitedly brought up her next plan. “Mo Na found out that those exoskeletons were created using tools in the weapons factory, those tools might still be usable even now…”


Her eagerness to share that bit of information wasn’t without merits. It was definitely a doable plan of action. However, we simply didn’t have the ability to use those tools right now because of manpower issues.


With that in mind, my gaze couldn’t help but drift to No.3 and Big 4 before moving onto the three Hellhounds, Nola and finally the Black Blood Queen Ant.


‘Should I let No.3 and Big 4 operate those magical tools? No no, that’s not possible. They’re my trusted bodyguards, and are pretty good at it as well, I can’t just leave them in the weapons factory. The Hellhounds might not be dumb but they don’t have the limbs to operate the tools. Nola is just too big for the factory.’


‘As for that queen ant…she should just focus on giving birth instead…’


However, that didn’t mean that the plan was a bust. ‘Didn’t Lucifer’s clone mention that the seal on the Blood Sea has come undone? He also said that there should be newcomers coming over soon. In that case, I just have to grab a few of them to be my workers.’


Now that the matter of recreating and assembling the parts had been settled, all that was left was to find a supply source for both the exoskeleton and the skeleton frame.


The bones for the inner skeleton frame could be easily found by hunting some creatures so that wasn’t an issue at all. As for the exoskeleton…those were created using the poop of the Black Blood Ants. While that might sounded disgusting to the casual observer, it wasn’t without reason either.


First off, the Black Blood Ants fed on rocks that contained mana. The queen ant would absorb the mana within the rocks and then pass them out as poop. Rather than poop however, it would probably be more accurate to call them hardened rocks, stripped of their mana. Next came the processing by the other ants, who upon eating it, would harden the rock further. At that point, who could say how hard the rock was?


The answer was obvious even without any sort of experimentation. After all, if even the rock-eating ants couldn’t digest these leftovers, what else could? With such a sturdy material making up their exoskeleton, their defenses couldn’t help but be terrifying!


In short, a steady supply of poop was needed to manufacture golems. Thus, I turned my gaze onto the prostrating Black Blood Queen Ant.


“Oh right, I haven’t given you a name yet, have I?” Since she had been following me for so long and also because we still needed her in the future, it was about time for me to officially induct her into my ranks. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she was a vital part of my future plans so the matter of her name was one worth considering.


“Na…me…” Hearing that, her ugly as poop head and bulging body started to shiver uncontrollably. At the same time, she stammered: “May…I ha…ve a…name…Master…”


Speaking of names, even I had to admit that I was rather talented at naming people. No.1,No.2,No.3. Big 1, Big 2, Big 3. All these masterpieces were not only easy to remember and easy to speak, they were usable both on young and old. More importantly, was there anyone who wasn’t overjoyed at receiving a name from me? Clearly not. Thus, it was obvious how extraordinary my naming sense was.


After mulling over it for a good long while, I nodded my head under the expecting gaze of the queen ant. “Mhm, let’s call you Mother Black Ant from now on.”


“Mother…Black…Ant…” As she slowly enunciated her new name, she seemed almost a little dazed.


“Do you like it?”


With regards to that name, it was definitely one of my better masterpieces and if she didn’t agree, I would make her start her ant life anew.


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Perhaps she had noticed my burning gaze or perhaps she truly loved her new name, but the moment she heard my question, her ugly ant face broke out in joy at receiving her new name.


‘Mhm, she’s Mother Black Ant from now.’

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“Is there even any difference between Mother Black Ant and Black Blood Queen Ant?” Sinmosa tilted one of her heads and whispered into Nola’s ears.


“I’m not sure.” Nola replied after giving it some thought.


Having been in the position to happen on their conversation, my No.1 fan, Mo Na, immediately rushed to explain my naming: “How could Mama’s names ever be bad?! The two of them are clearly different! Vastly different too!”


At that, my No.2 fan, the little black puppy Cinderel, started barking as if to support her best friend.


Sinmosa however, wasn’t one to cave in so easily, even with her little puppy supporting an outsider instead of her. “Oh, so what’s the difference then?”


“That…that….” Mo Na’s dainty little brows furrowed as she tried her best to squeeze out something. Finally, her adorable little eyes swivelled around, and with the utmost surety, declared as such: “Mother Black Ant is one whole word shorter than Black Blood Queen Ant!”


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