Chapter 306: Back to the Old Days

“They were probably teleported over here.” I answered in an unsure voice. “Don’t act rashly for now, let’s see how they move first.”


“Understood, Master.”


At the same time, Nola, who was still carrying Mo Na and Cinderel, came to an abrupt stop as well. To her, even a thousand over Devils really wasn’t that much of a threat. The only reason she stopped there and then was to see what sort of attitude I planned on taking towards those Devils. Should the fight ever start, she would undoubtedly be the only one needed to take them all out.


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“Do you know these tiny fellows?” She turned to ask me.


“Nope.” I shook my head. “I don’t. The Blood Sea is vast and there’s no way for me to know every Devil. However, they should be like me as well, Devils who had escaped from the Prison of the Dead.”


By her side stood the two Hellhounds, Sinmosa and Sasani. Unlike her, these two Five-stars Hellhounds weren’t able to take on an entire army of Devils of this size, though they weren’t exactly weak either. Thankfully, both of them knew of the power of Nola and my golems so they weren’t particularly fazed by their showing either.

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“Hmm, who knows if other Devils will just suddenly show up as well.” Sinmosa peered at me solemnly as she said that. “Best be careful for now.”


Truly, their appearance was a strangely coincidental one, albeit expected one. That was because the Blood Sea’s water level would rise periodically and flood the entire main land. Should those Devils not make it out in time, they would certainly drown. As a side effect of that, there were hardly any Devils who made it out of there as a Four-stars due to the lack of time. In that case, they were probably fresh from the Prison of the Dead.


“Hmm? A Fallen Angel?”


After exchanging glances for a while, the leading Flame Devil Child finally broke the silence. The first thing he noticed was me sitting atop one of the elite Abyssal Golems. Given that the golems themselves were over seven meters tall, one could only imagine how eye-catching I was as I sat there. Moreover, the fact that I had the soul of some unparalleled Lust Demon residing in my body didn’t do me any favors either; I really couldn’t look any more feminine even if I tried right now…not to mention beautiful…


Still, I didn’t want to converse with such low level fellows so I threw a glance at No.3 who promptly nodded in response. He walked forward on his own, eyes straight and chest held up high without a fear in the world.


Standing in the middle of the two crowds, he haughtily asked: “Are you lot from the Blood Sea? Or the Prison of the Dead?”


In the world of the Devils, the strong ruled. Naturally, there were also those who served Devils who, while still weak, possessed an immense amount of potential. Conversation was definitely an option as well, but that was only if both sides weren’t too far off in terms of strength.


At this point, No.3’s attitude was made abundantly clear: he felt that our strength more than outclassed their own so those low levelled Devils should just give in quietly. However, the other side seemed to have the exact same thoughts as well.


Those Devils had just slaughtered their way out of the Prison of the Dead so their bodies still reeked of blood. While some of them were slightly injured, there were no heavily injured Devils to be found anywhere. In all likelihood, those had all been eaten up already.


Given how bloodthirsty they were then, it was quite miraculous that they hadn’t come rushing at us already since we didn’t exactly look that imposing either.


Unless Nola let forth her aura completely, she merely seemed like a giant salamander. While No.3, Sinmosa and Sasani were all at the level of a Five-stars, that clearly wasn’t enough against an army of this size. As for the elite Abyssal Golem…one wouldn’t know of its terrifying strength till one approached it.


As for me, Mo Na and Cinderel…we weren’t even at the same Star Level as No.3.


The leading Flame Devil Child stared at me with sparkling eyes that almost seemed as if he had just discovered the New World. As he did so, his mouth would water profusely… Even though I really didn’t want to do so…the only way I could describe his eyes right now was lustful…truly, there was no other way to describe that ugly and crass look on his face right now…


“Hand over that Fallen Angel and I might just let you all go.” The leader-like Flame Devil Child declared while pointing a finger at me. “If not, you’ll all have to die!”


Having said that, he made the classic finger slicing across the neck gesture. He then followed that up with an audible chomp, as if he was trying to say that he would eat us as well.


‘Ah…what a pain. Looks like I’m back to being a female Devil trophy again.”


“B*stard. He actually dared to insult the Master…”


“Don’t move for now, No.3.”


Just as he was about to charge headlong into them in a fit of rage, I called out to him. Shortly thereafter, I inhaled slightly, brows furrowed tightly in annoyance. For such lowly creatures, words were wasted on them so I merely waved my hand at one of the golem and ordered as such: “Go forth, break their formation.”


Having received that command, one of the elite Abyssal Golems slowly lumbered out of the defensive ring, feet pounding into the ground with an ominous boom. Standing over seven meters tall and clad in an exoskeleton of rocky red and black, its domineering aura was made even more apparent with every step it took towards those Devils. Behind it, its Devil Wings flapped in sync with its steps.


By now, some of the Devils were beginning to retreat instinctively in fear from the terrifying pounding that seemed not only to come from that approaching golem, but also from their own hearts. While they might not have seen such a golem before, these low level Devils weren’t morons either; they knew a threat when they saw one, especially given how much pressure it was outputting right now…


“Boss, that big fellow seems really strong…”


“Hmph, how do you know that when you haven’t even fought it?” The leading Flame Devil Child gave that spineless subordinate of his a shove.


“I want you to charge now!” He yelled right under the wavering gaze of his subordinate.


“RAWWWRRR…” With no choice but to do so, the Devil in question suppressed the fear in his heart with a throaty howl as he rushed right at the Abyssal Golem.


In the face of that, the golem merely continued forward as before and just as that Devil was about to reach it, the golem lifted up its leg –*splat*. Its gigantic left came crashing down upon the poor Devil, imprinting that Devil’s silhouette firmly into the ground in the process.


Instant death…just like that, a Four-stars Flame Devil Child was slaughtered and the other low levelled Devils were sent into a panicked frenzy.


Yet just as all hell was about to break loose from them fleeing before the golem, the leader-like Flame Devil Child grabbed one of his fleeing Two-stars subordinate and…

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