Chapter 307: It’s No Use Trying to Run

As the leader of those Devils gripped down on that unlucky Head Imp, his hands burned with the flames of his fury which swiftly consumed the greater part of the imp’s body, eliciting a horrific scream from him in the process. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, this ordeal merely lasted the span of two screams before his entire upper half was reduced to ashes!


Even though Imps were born with an innate fire resistance, that was clearly nothing before the might of a fire conjured by a Four-stars.


Tossing aside the burnt carcass casually, the leader of those Devils coldly swept his gaze over the rest of his fleeing Imps, and his lips curled into a bone-chilling smile: “Well, what are you all waiting for? Charge! We have the numbers advantage here!”


Having said that, the Flame Devil Child tossed a Fireball in the direction of the golem with his right hand. The Fireball exploded on impact, as expected, but all that amounted to was a mere light show as the Abyssal Golem’s belly came out without a scratch…




At the same time, the emboldened Imps charged mindlessly at the golem, wits completely blotted out by the fierce call of their leader. However, their efforts were rewarded with a simple smack from the golem that promptly swatted aside over ten of their kin. With a casual punch, the golem sent another group of Imps flying in the opposite direction…next came a kick that sent them tumbling away a good ten meters like a football…


It was then that the Imps finally understood how huge the gap between their powers were. As they stood there quaking in fear before the golem, none of them dared to advance an inch.


“Aaahhh…run away, quick…there’s no way to win…”


Even their fearsome leader couldn’t send one of them flying away like that after all… Just like that, the entire army was routed, and no matter how much that Flame Devil Child howled or murdered, the Imps refused to listen. With the strength disparity made so painfully clear, all they could think about right now was to run. At the end of the day, Devils were selfish beings. Without a strong sense of loyalty, they would instantly crumble at the first sight of danger.


“Blast it! You cowards!” By now, the leader had murdered several fleeing Imps already but that still did nothing to stem the tide of fleeing Imps. It was only then that he realized something –he had to flee now or else…


Thus, he fled. His original plan was to overwhelm us with his superior numbers but because of his ignorance, he ended up failing to recognize the fact that WE were the ones who had the advantage here, not them.


“Stop them, if they dare to flee, kill them!” I commanded from high atop one of the Winged Abyssal Golems. I coldly smiled at that point before sending forth another command to No.3: “I want that leader guy captured!

“Understood, Master.” His eyes just so happened to be on that fleeing leader, and his lips curled into a devious smile. His wings thrust open with a resounding snap as they reach full extension, and soon after that, a gale of wind buffeted me as he took to the air in the direction of that army.


Sinmosa and Sasani had reacted to my first command as well, promptly chasing after any fleeing Imps and slowly herding into a bunch. With their blistering speeds, it merely took a moment before both of them were standing before the furthest Imp.




Several Imps were instantly sliced into strips, and before they even knew what happened, their body parts fell to the ground like a pile of steaks…


“No running, you lot had better get back there or else.”


Hearing that stern warning spoken in the language of the Devil, the fleeing Devils first reacted with shock, pausing for a mere second under the withering gaze of the Hellhound couple before obediently walking back in the direction from whence they came. Seeing that, the two of them exchanged a glance with each other before turning around to catch another group of fleeing Imps.


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Like hell they would do that! That was exactly what those Imps were thinking as they pretended to turn around and walk away. Upon seeing the Hellhound couple leave, they immediately resumed fleeing. They were, after all, Devils, lying was basically a national pastime. Yet such a benal show of trickery wasn’t going to cut it at all. Because there was a certain giant salamander barrelling right towards them!


Still bearing the two little scamps, Mo Na and Cinderel, Nola stood before them like an insurmountable wall that cut off any attempts at escaping by them.


While the Imps were still clearly worried that they would killed after surrendering, when faced with that mountain of a salamander, Nola, they knew they had no choice but to quietly turn around. After all, she was just too big…


“Hahaha, this is so fun.” Mo Na guffawed as she hugged tiny Cinderel and that black leather book. As she swept her eyes over the scampering Imps below her, she couldn’t help but smile evilly: “Look at them, Cinderel, they’re acting so funny right now…hehehe…”


Not only were the Imps being chased down by No.3, Nola, and the Hellhounds, the rest of my Winged Abyssal Golems were a part of this operation as well. Their speed could only be described as uncharacteristic, given how huge and clumsy they seemed to be. Yet with their wings seemingly boosting their running speed, the golems were actually able to sprint faster than Sinmosa or Sasani.


In less than ten seconds, the Winged Abyssal Golems managed to reach the edge of the chaotic battle where they split up into nine groups with the aim of preventing any Imp from escaping. Should any foolish Imp still try to break through their blockade, they would immediately be sent flying with a merciless smack…


While all that was happening, No.3 continued staring at the leader of that army, who was practically beside himself with joy right now at having ‘successfully’ hidden himself amongst the chaos. Unfortunately for him, No.3 had already locked onto his aura long before he even had the chance to sneak into the crowd. Like a falling meteor, he landed with a powerful drop-kick on the back of that Devil’s neck, causing him to tumble forward violently and knocking aside several other Imps in the process with a resounding *BANG*.


“To think you actually dare to offend my Master, you’re truly a moron.”


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No.3 viciously gave the Devil another kick for good measure but before his feet could even land on that Devil, the seemingly heavily injured Devil suddenly sprang to life and tried to strike back with a knife made of fire.


Because I had specifically asked for him to be captured alive, No.3 made sure not to kill off that audacious Devil with that drop-kick and merely tried to teach him a lesson. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect that Devil to actually have the energy to strike back at his feet and actually force a draw too! In fact, it was No.3 who came out slightly short in that brief exchange since that was merely a casual kick on his part.


Still, the knife of flames did absolutely no damage to him at all. He was, after all, an Infant Flame Devil who had already been blessed with an Original Sin. However, the force of that strike was at least able to send him stumbling back a little.


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