Chapter 173 – New Clan Trait: Holy Flame

Being of Law was a term of people who reached a certain level in their respective power systems by comprehending the Laws. Such as Arch-Arcanist in the Arcanist System, Elder Dragon in the Dragon System though they comprehended Laws instinctively rather than by their own wits and brains, and of course Devils.

Of course, there were exceptions cause some individuals may have poor mastery over their usage of Laws, which is often a problem with Dragons, because they comprehend Laws instinctively and many of them don’t bother to improve themselves, believing in their racial superiority or are just lazy.

After finishing devouring the Planar Core, the second thing that I have noticed was that my Devour Caln Trait had reached Forbidden-ranked Mastery, meaning soon I would be able to touch the Laws of Devouring.

I stood up and stretched my body a bit before I called one of the Custodians that were guarding me during this process; as soon he came in, clad in majestic golden runic armor, as he knelt down, gripping his spear.

“My Emperor.”

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He said in a deep voice.

“Rise, my friend.”

Custodians were elite of elites, a pinnacle that citizens of the Empire could achieve and should strive for it. They weren’t just my guard, by also my Companions, my Enforcers, and closest Advisors, often listening to my ramblings and complaining.

“Send call for Zaorama, Mephisto and Ajuka. It is time to start with Incinerate Anthem.”

I said, as Custodian bowed and left the room while I departed for the laboratory that was my private one, where I conducted experiments and researched new Arcanotechnology, Magic, or Genetical Research.

The first to arrive was Zaorama Nebiros, who acted as my assistant in many things, and I have given him a laboratory in the Sanctus Imperialis, as some of the things he researched were too precious and important for the future of Baator. Hence, it needed the best protection that the Baator could provide.

And what was better than the protection of Adeptus Custodes.

After Zoarama, it was Ajuka Astaroth arrived.

Ajuka is a bewitchingly beautiful and attractive young man appearing in his early twenties, with light blue eyes and green hair that is slicked back. He has a mysterious aura around him which he claims makes him seem devilish.

Magister of the Magisterium of Arcanotechnology was one of the most financed Magisteriums due to constant research and improvement of Arcanotechnology.

I was aware that when we enter the Astral Boundary Universe, Baator would be nothing. Even with me as Apocalypse-Class and maybe some Elders, in front of truly strong factions, it would be nothing.

So, I wanted to have something that would give us an edge that would act as a deterrent until we cultivate more powerhouses.

And that something was Arcanotech.

“Now that we are all here, we can start the procedure. How is the stability of fusion between Incinerate Anthem and Holy Flame Bloodline?”

Yes, that was the secret of our success. I knew that killing Uriel and keeping his corpse was worth it. Archangel of the Holy Flame, Uriel, and Bloodline of Holy Flame. After several years of careful genetic research, we extracted the Gene Sequence and created Bloodline Gene-Seed, similar to the Trans-Devil Gene-Seed.

Just this one was fused with the Incinerate Anthem to enhance its ability of the Holy Flame further. Uriel’s Holy Flame Bloodline and Incinerate Anthem had their own unique advantages, which would create a superior Clan Trait if combined.

Incinerate Anthem had far more intense Holy Flame compared to that of Uriel’s Holy Flame Bloodline, but on the other side, Uriel’s Bloodline was more stable and tame than the Incinerate Anthem.

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“Stability is at 100%, and compatibility with your DNA is also at 100%. We can start.”

Said Zaorama Nebiros as I laid on the clean operation table as several Arcanotech machines prepared my body for the operation, and runic matrixes have lit up and started supplementing my body with an enormous amount of Magical Power to accommodate implantation of the Holy Flame Gene-Seed better.

I looked at the Zaorama and nodded my head as Zaorama gave the command to start, and machines moved, as I felt countless needles penetrate me from the Arcanotech Machines, and they started injecting Holy Flame Gene-Seed, into my body.

“Activate Energy Suppression Sequence. Activate Equilibrium Magic Matrix. Inject Pain Suppressant and Mind Calming Potion.”

Said Zaorama as he saw that my expression twisted in pain, as this was almost as painful as when I transplanted Trans-Devil Gene-Seed into my body. Ajuka and Mephisto did what Zaorama said as he was in charge of this procedure, though it seemed more like an experiment.

After several tens of minutes, the process was complete, and probably a success as I felt a new Clan Trait in my body, and I could even use it.

After the Arcanotech Machines withdrew, I sat up on the operation table and looked around before conjuring the Holy Flame around my hand. In contrary to the Purple color of the Incinerate Anthem, mine was shining Golden in color.

‘Architect, how is the state of my body after the operation?’

I asked my A.I. Companion in my head.

[Genetical stability is 100%, and fusion is at 100%. It is safe to conclude that the operation has been successful, and Holy Flame Gene-Seed has been perfectly implanted into the Host’s DNA. A Holy Flame Clan Trait is perfectly stable and ready to be used. Recommended to take at least one month of rest before pushing the Clan Trait to the limit; currently, it may be harmful, while the Clan Trait is perfectly fused and stable, pushing it to limits may create damage to DNA.]

Analyzed the Architect and I agreed with him wholeheartedly.

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