Volume 3 Chapter 154:An Unsatisfactory End To The Dragon Knight Qualification Match

In the eastern part of Olsylvia City, the activity block of Olivia Wizard Academy, Wilcotts Block, the first arena of the Knight’s Union Branch, the match between quasi-Dragon Knight Paul and Holy Knight Bella was in progress.

“Lady, your abilities are really not simple to be able to beat seven Holy Knights in a row. But your luck ends here. If you don’t want to get hurt, it’s still not too late to withdraw!”
“Uncle, you’re the one who should withdraw! Your time has passed.”
“Young one, it seems that I have to teach you a lesson in life.”
Dragon Knight Paul was riding a brown Moses Warhorse. He whipped the horse and charged forth like a gust of wind. Although he wasn’t on a wyvern mount, he still had the abilities of a Dragon Knight. Not to be outdone, Bella charged forwards as well. As a knight who could send seven Holy Knights flying one after another, she was fearless.
After a loud “Bang,” the two slipped away on their Warhorses. Bella swayed a little on her Warhorse and almost fell off while Holy Knight Paul’s pike was completely destroyed. This wooden training pike had no way of lasting this large-scale battle.
Although her armor was fine, Bella was a little worried about damaging Daphne’s and Aurora’s equipment. Even if she had money, she wouldn’t necessarily be able to purchase them because they had to be specially produced.
“I’ll take back what I said before. Lady, you have the qualifications…. Uhh!”
Dragon Knight Paul was just about to say a few words of praise to Bella but as soon as he turned his Warhorse around, Bella charged for the kill. Having his opponent suddenly rush head on, Dragon Knight Paul didn’t have the time to launch himself forward and had to fight her with his shield.
This time, Bella didn’t use her pike to hit him. Instead, she grabbed Paul’s empty hand and pulled backwards. Paul hadn’t expected Bella’s attack to deviate from the norm, and his entire body was dragged off his Warhorse.
“Nevermind if you used a sneak attack. But how could you fight like this… Where’s your knight’s chivalry?”
“Soldiers don’t crush under pressure. Uncle, you’re too stupid. I’m not using the pike now. Should I knock you down with my fist then? Dragon Armor is very hard. Who’s going to give me medicine when I hurt my hand?”
Dragon Knight Paul was livid. He, a Dragon Knight was knocked off his Warhorse by a Holy Knight. If word of this got out, he wouldn’t be able to hold his head up high in front of the other Dragon Knights.

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There weren’t many people here now. Maybe….
“No one is allowed to move. The law enforcement from the inspection squad is here!”
The gate of the arena was slammed open, and a team of knights in dark blue armor rushed in. They were from the Internal Knights Inspection Squad of the Knight’s Union that specialized in regulating bad behavior within the union.
Upon seeing the inspection squad, Dragon Knight Paul lost all his anger. The captain of the inspection team was also a Dragon Knight. He didn’t even own a dragon, and a Dragon Knight without a mount couldn’t hold his head high in the Dragon Knights’ circle.
This time, the inspection squad was led by Dragon Knight Ingrid who was accompanied by Princess Irene and Princess Luce. Seeing that Bella might suffer a loss, Lisha went to her two sisters for help. Fortunately, Irene and Luce happened to be strolling around the Knight’s Union and quickly rushed over.
“Honorable Ingrid… you aren’t. Wait, this is… I want to see Lord Leslie.”
Before Martin could explain, several inspector knights came forward and caught him. The captain of the inspection squad here wasn’t under Ingrid, but Dragon Knight Leslie, who was also one of Martin’s backers. Without him, Martin wouldn’t dare to take such a bold bribe.
“Martin, someone here has reported that you’ve received bribes. I would like to search your office now. Also, the captain this time was appointed by Princess Irene and Princess Luce, so you don’t have to question the legality. As for Leslie, the princess has arranged other matters for him to handle.”

Bella took advantage of their investigation to quickly withdraw to the audience and watch the show. Next, Ingrid searched Martin’s office and found a large number of gold coins, gold bars and several valuable sapphires of unknown origin. With this, Martin couldn’t deny it any longer. This was seriously out of line with his actual annual income of around 100 gold coins.
“Martin, according to the Knight’s Union’s internal disciplinary rules, your position has been rescinded effective immediately. I will apply to the central union and ask them to send someone new. Dragon Knight Paul, as a Dragon Knight, you have illegally participated in this Holy Knight qualification match. You will stay in the brig for a month to cool off!”
“Thank you… Captain Ingrid for your kindness.”
Dragon Knight Paul wasn’t angry at all and withdrew tactfully without even looking at Martin, who had been caught. Confinement was a relatively light punishment. In the event he was deprived of his Dragon Knight qualifications, then decades worth of hard work would’ve been for nothing.
Martin’s face was impassioned. After seeing Bella greet Princess Irene and Princess Luce intimately, he finally realized it was an entrapment. If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have received the bribe of those precious jewels. He always thought that a humble princess like Lisha wasn’t close to powerful princesses like Irene and Luce.
Even when he noticed Princess Lisha’s presence, Martin wasn’t really concerned about it. He never expected that Lisha’s accusations could draw Princess Irene and Princess Luce here. What’s more, Bella had such a good relationship with the two princesses!
Looking at Bella’s innocent appearance, Martin was furious. ‘Miss “High and Mighty”, why would you resort to bribery when you have such strong backers? You shouldn’t fool me like this! You should’ve told me that you knew them!’ If she had divulged this earlier, he wouldn’t dare receive her bribe.
Ingrid and Leslie were different. At the very least, Ingrid couldn’t be bought by bribery. Martin didn’t have the guts to report Bella. Until now, he still wasn’t sure just how strong the grand duchess’ backer was. It was better for him to admit his crime first and wait until his old man got back.
Ingrid didn’t know Bella’s information was fake. She thought that Bella was now a quasi-Holy Knight. After saying a few words of encouragement to Bella, she left with the inspection squad in a hurry.
Bella’s hadn’t completed her Dragon Knight qualification but managed to obtain the status of a quasi-Dragon Knight. After seeing Bella’s backers, the knight who took over Martin as interim head of the Knight’s Union branch was well-advised and granted Bella the status of quasi-Dragon Knight without a second thought.
According to the regulations of the Knight’s Union, if knights didn’t have enough union contribution points, knights with significant meritorious deeds could also exchange that for the Knight’s Union points under special circumstances, as long as their meritorious service was obtained in the battle against the Ocra or Demon Race.
Next to Vignia Lake, in Olsylvia Academy, Bellina’s personal dormitory building, Pure White Heaven – Bella’s dormitory building, in a room on the top floor.
Daphne and Aurora were tied together with their backs against each other and placed on a soft bed. Bella wasn’t in a rush to let them go after she had brought them back. Instead, she chose to put them here to “explain.”
Earlier, Bella had stuffed them into a special luggage. Before anyone noticed, Bella left the Knight’s Union. Princess Lisha stayed back to deal with the aftermath and also helped Bella retrieve her precious gems.
“Natasha, how can you… You’re with her.”
Aurora and Daphne looked at Natasha in bewilderment. They never expected Natasha, the president of the Disciplinary Committee, to be the accomplice who had carried them back. They had actually wanted to complain to Natasha before, but even the president of the Disciplinary Committee had defected.    

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“I … Anyway, we’re all together now. What’s the problem?!”
Natasha blushed, turning away because she didn’t dare look at Aurora and Daphne. As soon as she came into the room, Bella locked the door and stripped Natasha and herself naked. Now, the atmosphere in the room was strangely ambiguous.
“I would like to discuss some serious matters with you. Aurora, don’t be nervous!”
Bella fought back the impulse to jump on the three beautiful female knights and pin them down. She climbed up the large bed, came to Natasha’s side and pulled Natasha, who was a little anxious, into her arms. This girl was a Dragon Knight, so she had to get her under control first. If Natasha resisted her, she would be in trouble.

“This atmosphere is too… Bella, do you… want to hire us for your duchy? I’m afraid my family won’t agree to this. “
“Me too… Bella, now the war between Octavia Empire and the Demon Race is at hand! The front line requires a large number of high ranking knights. Going to your duchy in the South is a bit… “
“I know! It’s okay. What do you think? I would like to know your opinion. Don’t think about the matters within your families for now… I know several Dragon Princesses. If you cooperate with me, you may be able to advance to Dragon Knight soon. “
Daphne and Aurora hesitated. Becoming a Dragon Knight was their ultimate goal. Moreover, signing a partner contract with dragon royalty was a glory not every knight could have.
“Bella, can you let me think… think….”
“Aurora, what’s wrong with you… Bella, what did you do…”

“I’m sorry, I’m rather impatient. Aurora, Daphne, please rest for a while!”
Before Aurora could finish speaking, she felt a little dizzy and fell into bed. Daphne didn’t hold out for long either and passed out as well. Earlier on, Bella had lit incense that would put humans to sleep. From the start, she had planned on “doing” first.
“Bella, you’re… a little too… Be gentle with us.”
Natasha was a Dragon Knight and her condition was better than Aurora and Daphne’s. It wasn’t until now that she passed out. She knew that Bella had invited her to this secret room because she had made plans but she just couldn’t control herself. The moment Bella called for her, she went along.
“What a silly girl, but I like it!”
After a pleasant noon, Bella got up from the bed. On the large bed, the three beautiful young knights were shyly pretending to be asleep, their faces flushed. The hickeys that covered their snow white, charming bodies were clearly visible, as if reminding them not to forget the madness they had just displayed.
“Aurora, Daphne, what do you think about my suggestion? If you don’t have an opinion, I’ll assume you said yes!”
Aurora and Daphne turned away as a show of acquiescence. Earlier, Bella had forced out their most “crazy” side. Right now, they were filled with embarrassment and weren’t even thinking about reporting Bella.
Bella didn’t ask for Natasha’s opinion. This wasn’t the first time that this beautiful young Dragon Knight had done such a thing with her. If she didn’t agree, she wouldn’t have helped her carry Aurora and Daphne. The four great beautiful knights of the Octavia Empire – “Rose Knight” Eleanor, “Ice Knight” Natasha, “Thunder Knight” Aurora, and “Dusk Knight” Daphne had all slept with Bella.
Besides, she was also familiar with Princess Irene, Princess Luce, and the others. As long as she removed Dragon Knight Ingrid, then, with her pretending to be Princess Felia, that unscrupulous old Emperor would probably die of anger since she had defiled all the beautiful girls who were the empire’s political bargaining chips.
“Master, you’re awake… the level of alert on the entire campus has been raised as if something big is about to happen.”
At the door of the secret room, Lola, who was dressed as an assassin, knelt on one knee. Demon King Bella’s assassin attendant couldn’t help but blush a little.

As Bella’s attendant, many times she would be there when Bella “bullied” these girls. Besides, her relationship with Bella was also unusual. There was no way she wouldn’t have any physical reaction.
“I got it. Lola, help me take care of them. There will be a mysterious reward for you later tonight!”
“This subordinate… understands.”
The atmosphere in Olsylvia Academy suddenly turned solemn. Originally, the day was filled with joy and peace as soon as the Great Hunt was over. However, by noon, the whole campus was quiet. The students had all returned to their dormitory.
Dark, dense clouds suddenly enveloped the clear sky. No one dared to walk around on campus. The gloomy, evil winds made the students uncomfortable.
It wasn’t just Olsylvia Academy; the whole city of Olsylvia had fallen into deathly silence. Even Antoinette Academy next door and Alexandra Academy for Foreign Races, which had just started, had both closed their doors.
Ten thousand years ago, Olsylvia City was the final battlefield for the decisive war between the Human Race and the invading Twelve Demon Kings. Too many human soldiers had been killed, and during certain times of the year, the spirits of those dead soldiers would wander around Olsylvia City.
The Radiant Church called this day “Resurrection Day” to commemorate the heroes from ten thousand year ago. The Radiant Church called these wandering souls heroes. However, they stipulated that the living should avoid them on Resurrection Day. The reason why this year’s Resurrection Day had suddenly been brought forward was probably related to the advancement trajectory of the Twelve Demon Kings.
Bella stayed on the balcony of the dormitory building, sitting on a golden chair in a dark dress. Bella had designed the dress herself and used a bold design that exposed her smooth, alluring shoulders and seductive collarbones.
At this moment, she was tasting the red wine in her golden goblet. Fortunately Bella didn’t have any fangs. Otherwise, those who didn’t know her would think that she was a vampire tasting delicious blood!
Demon World Princess Diaz had changed into a black and white maid outfit and was standing beside Bella with a plate of pastries. At the entrance to the balcony, assassin Lola was on guard. In the open area of the big balcony, Angel, Mia, Noesha, Betta and the other loli demons were playing cards.
Bella’s strongest bodyguard, Devastating Evil Dragon Lolita, was dressed in a dark red, Gothic loli ensemble. She was sitting on Bella’s right and reading an ancient book. Bella impassively looked at the large group of people running amuck on campus. She had seen similar scenes on New Moon Island. The display of Lisha and the others’ special abilities were even more magnificent and shocking than what she was seeing here.
Before long, the dark clouds began to rain blood. The blood rain baptized the whole city of Olsylvia but couldn’t penetrate Bella’s dormitory building. The rain evaporated before it could fall on the building.
“The color of the sky is hideous. Looks like this semester may not be peaceful…”
Above the dark clouds, several vague figures had been secretly observing Bella’s dormitory building. They didn’t dare make any trouble for Bella, who was sitting on the balcony, as steady as a mountain. Their Honorable Demon King had only ordered them to give a demonstration to the place the Human Race regarded as their Holy City, as a show of power.
Although Bella looked like any other human, the maid beside her was Demon World Princess Diaz, and the unique air on Diaz, which belonged to those from the Demon World was obvious. Anyone who could make Demon World Princess Diaz play the role of maid, wasn’t simple. In order to avoid revealing their identity, they decided not to provoke Bella for the time being.

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