Volume 0 Chapter 1: The Girl in the Fallen Kingdom

Alfred Continent was a legendary continent of sin which was occupied by plenty of demonic beings and departed spirits. Since the continent had been discovered three thousand years prior by the great adventurer Alfred, there had been tens of thousands of adventurers who had traveled to the continent seeking treasures, including those who were famed for their prowess and ability. But, not a single one of them were heard from again. Even Alfred himself had failed to return from his second voyage to the continent.

Ever since then, there had been no one foolish enough to risk their lives searching for the treasures that might or might not exist; the continent itself was turned into forbidden territory and all mentions of the continent were censored by the Church and all of the countries. With the passing of time, mortals forgot about the terrors that this continent had once brought. Today, this continent welcomed a new ruler.

At the center of the continent, there was a giant castle that was constructed with black rocks, which towered over its surroundings with a height that reached three hundred meters. At the heart of the castle stood tower. A shadow was on the observation deck who was holding onto the railing and looking out at the surrounding the castle.

She was an absolute beauty that one wouldn’t forget after a single glance, she had pitch black hair that casually draped down to her waist which created a striking, yet beautiful contrast with the unadorned white gown. She looked to be at least 170cm tall, with delicate features, skin the color of ivory and beautiful eyes of different colors that looked down quietly at the vast swarm of demonic beings in the castle below.

Currently, in the vicinity of the castle, were an uncountable amount of demonic beings gathered below the castle, and also all the aerial demonic beings circling the sky. It was a breathtaking sight to look at the various types of demonic beings present.

The beautiful girl hesitated for a while, then reached out her unblemished hand and gestured, the demonic beings below her immediately scattered with reverence. They disappeared from her sight instantly, leaving behind only the empty castle and the beautiful girl who was in a daze.

As Samantha Bella saw that all the demonic beings had left, she let out a long breath that she had been holding. This place was truly horrifying as she had not seen any signs of a living human since she had arrived. Right now, she was regretting going to that dinner not so long ago, as she had enjoyed herself too much, drunk more than she was able to handle and blacked out. When she had woken up, she discovered that she had transmigrated to this nightmarish environment.

Most importantly, even her gender was changed! She had read many light novels in her past life where the main character would be reincarnated into another world, so she wasn’t too shocked about this. But right now, she hadn’t eaten anything for almost ten days and yet she had not starved to death. She was starting to seriously question if the current her was even human.

The demonic beings here revered her and basically didn’t dare to go near her. She wished that this was all a dream and that she would wake up tomorrow in the world that she had lived in all her life. As Samantha Bella was turning around to return to the depths of the castle, she inadvertently saw a slow-moving shadow in the wasteland beyond the castle, it looked like a little girl from the distance.

A living person? Forgetting the fear in her heart, Samantha Bella rushed out of the castle. When she finally managed to leave the castle, however, she hesitated. The shadow was still in the same area. Bella had taken almost an hour to leave her castle that was nearly three hundred meters in height, if that shadow was a person, they should have left the vicinity long ago, not remaining at the same exact spot.

Finally, Samantha Bella decided to approach the shadow gingerly. When she got closer, she felt fortunate that it didn’t look like a demonic being. It was a petite loli resting under a large dying tree, she was dressed in a Gothic Lolita fashion which matched with her silver twin ponytails and features that resembled a porcelain doll, making her look absolutely adorable.

When Samantha Bella came in front of the resting loli, she was about to open her mouth and wake the loli up, when she suddenly noticed that the loli was holding a pale white skull. Bella was shocked. Instinctively, she looked around to discover that what had once been a barren wasteland, was now a field filled with bones as far as the eye could see. It was as if she was in a horror movie.

Samantha Bella was scared that this loli was some demon and thought to immediately return to her castle; at least the demonic beings over there made her feel much more at ease than this place.

“Elder….Elder Sister, you’ve come?” A soft and pleasing voice stopped Samantha Bella from running away. The loli had opened her eyes and stood up. Her eyes were also of differing colors, but not the same as Samantha Bella’s; Samantha Bella’s eyes consisted of a red and a golden iris while the loli had a blue iris as well as a pure black iris.

“You, know me?” As soon as Samantha Bella asked her question, she regretted speaking; the loli wouldn’t have called out if she did not have any clue who Samantha Bella was. This question of hers might have aroused some suspicion.

“Yes, but you’ve never come to see me. This is the first time that you left your castle to see me,” Shirley Angel replied with a hint of happiness in her voice.

She had wandered around this place for a few thousand years, she had always known that there was someone with a dreadful power that matched hers, but as the power of the two sides were about the same level, she wasn’t willing to risk knocking on the front door to the castle, scared of causing unnecessary misunderstandings. Probably due to her loneliness, she often stopped around the imposing castle to rest, wishing to have a meeting with the owner of the castle.

When Samantha Bella sensed no hostility from her, she let out a breath of temporary relief. Taking into account that the surrounding environment was rather shocking, she chose to bring the loli to a graveyard near her castle. The graveyard had the ruins of an ancient church, and the church still had some usable chairs.

Normally Samantha Bella would be too scared to come to such places by herself. This time, she was bringing a companion which barely boosted her courage. Since this loli could calmly hug onto a skull and rest, she probably didn’t have a timid personality.

Through their discussion, Samantha Bella now knew that they were currently located in a place called Alfred Continent, the loli was called Shirley Angel. She was the governor of the departed spirits of the Alfred Continent’s burial grounds and had the ability to assume total control over all spirit-type and undead-type demonic beings.

Samantha Bella also learned that she was the creator of all the demonic beings on the continent. Samantha Bella was awed at the identity of the body she now resided in. When she thought about it, didn’t she seem like the final boss of the villains in all those various light novels? Something was wrong with the script! Wasn’t the protagonist supposed to be aligned with the good side?

As they continued their discussion, Samantha Bella learned that ten thousand years ago, this continent was once a peaceful and bountiful land, but due to the tyrannical reign of emperor Frederic XIX of the Frederic empire, the largest empire on the continent at the time, the people of the empire as well as its auxiliary states rose up against the emperor in a large-scale revolt.

The tyrant’s army was unable to hold back the revolutionaries for long. Just as defeat was imminent for the emperor, his Chief Astrologer, Leander, thought up a trick. Leander’s astrology was very accurate, but he basically depended on deals with demons from other worlds as well as sorcery. This time Leander suggested using the blood sacrifice of tens of thousands of people to open the gates of hell, luring in hell’s demons to decimate the revolutionaries.

Frederic XIX was initially scared that the situation would spiral out of control, but he finally agreed when Leander consistently insisted that he would be able to fully control the army of demons and bend them to the will of the emperor, along with the fact that the revolutionary army pressed closer and closer to the capital with each passing day. The desperate emperor ordered his men to round-up all the slaves in the city and sacrifice them in a ritual to open the gates of hell.

The results were as expected. As soon as the gates opened, countless demonic beings flooded into this world. Their first target was the capital that they were summoned in, Frederic XIX and Leander died on the spot and the city was massacred. The demonic beings under the control of the 12 demon kings ravaged the entire continent for many decades, almost completely ridding the land of life.

Later, after the gods in heaven finally discovered the disturbance on the land, they sent their armies to seal the demons. The gods fought with the 12 demon kings for a millennia, finally managing to seal away the rampaging demon kings. As the tattered remnants of the godly army were about to leave, they discovered that the demon kings had not given it their all in the fight; the 12 demon kings had been setting up for an evil ritual, expending much of their power in order to summon the legendary Great Demon king.

Angel didn’t know anything that happened after this, as she had learned all that she knew of this event from the art on the many and varied ruins on the continent. The records had stopped there, not giving any clues as to whether the 12 demon kings were successful or not in their ritual, or the fate of the gods after the fight.

Angel herself had arrived around six thousand years ago through the portal that the 12 demon kings had left behind. As to where she had come from before that, she had said that too many years had gone by so she was unable to recall. Bella did not pry any deeper, as everyone had secrets of their own.

According to Angel’s memory, she discovered Bella as soon as she arrived in the world. Bella had already settled down in the area and the two of them had never interacted with each other, until today. As the continent was quite literally littered with bones, many undead hung around as they were unable to leave this world to be reincarnated. Angel had spent her time making a graveyard to put these unfortunates to rest.

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As Bella was constantly busy in the castle, there were constantly demonic beings leaving the gates. After six thousand years, Bella’s countless demonic beings had repopulated the once barren continent. Yet, they had not a single clue on where the 12 Demon Kings had been sealed away.

After she was finished listening to Angel, Bella sank deep into thought. In a typical light novel the MC would be given a quest to save the world after being summoned, but after her discussion with Angel, there were no hints or clues to start her quest. On the other hand, it sounded like she herself was the villain; had light novels lied to her?

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As she had finally found herself a companion, Bella would finally be able to sleep peacefully. Angel did not resist when Bella brought her into the castle, she was a little shy however. Luckily, the castle had a very large bed that was able to comfortably sleep two.

When Bella woke up the second day, nothing had changed apart from the fact that there was now a sleeping loli beside her. Even though this loli was petite in build, her chest area was well-developed much to Bella’s surprise, which she had discovered as they held each other in their sleep last night. It seemed that the 2D law that decreed lolis = flat-chested did not hold power in this world.

Angel had carelessly shoved her head into Bella’s chest last night. Bella had tried to push her out, for she was scared of suffocating Angel with her C-cup breasts, but Angel had clung tightly to her and Bella had given up trying after a few gentle pushes. Fortunately Angel was still breathing when Bella had woken up. Not too surprising as the loli had wandered the land for a millennia, Angel was probably an existence similar to herself and not a human, Bella thought while mindlessly looking at the sleeping girl.

“Sister, you’ve woken?” Angel opened her heavy eyes and said lazily, Bella gave a curt reply and turned around, afraid that she would not be able to control herself.

Not because she was a lolicon, even though Angel was a loli of a rather high quality. The reason lay within the fact that Bella had been a young male of barely over twenty years of age just a few days ago. Even though she had been ‘castrated’, she still had the memories of the animalistic instincts that all males would be susceptible to. What was even worse was that even though Angel wore a gothic lolita dress, she wore nothing underneath! Bella could not decide if the loli had some perverted hobbies as she herself wasn’t much better off, the previous owner of the body had also chosen to not wear any underwear.

When she had first arrived in this world, the only thing she knew was her name, Samantha Bella, and nothing else. There was no change of clothes or underwear in her room, only a mirror. It seemed that this demonic being creator was on some pretty hard times, a final boss being poor to this extent was laughable.

Luckily, there wasn’t any showering facilities. Even though not being able to wash for the past couple of weeks was very uncomfortable, Bella knew that her own body was too desirable and she was scared of losing control of herself while she showered and performed some indecent things to her own body which would be pretty awkward. It seemed that she would need to take some time to get used to her body.

“Sister, Sister!” Angel’s rapid voice pulled Bella back to reality

“What is it, little Angel?”

“I am detecting large amounts of living humans on the beach; it seems that adventurers may be landing on the beach once again.”

“Uh, let me go out and check on what’s happening” Bella walked to the castle’s observation deck; as far as the eye could see, there were numerous demonic beings rushing towards the seashore. Apart from the flying demonic beings that Bella had seen many times, there were countless skeletal dragons as well as various ghosts and spirits in the sky. On the ground, many skeleton and zombie soldiers had also appeared.

“My children have come as well! I think the two sides were probably wary of each other until I showed up together with you.” Angel rubbed her still cloudy eyes as she walked towards the railing.

Bella temporarily ignored her ambiguous words. When she thought carefully about it later, it looked as if the two bosses had prepared for war against each other for the past six millennia and had kept reinforcing their armies. If all of that was resolved by the two bosses having a ‘one night stand’ that would have been pretty awkward indeed.

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