Volume 2 Chapter 99: Doyle Hunting Ground’s Hidden Darkness

In the east campus of Olsylvia Academy, was Olivia Wizard Academy’s Doyle Hunting Grounds. Bella and Kriss were having an intimate chat on a rock near a random tree. Nearby, Lolita, Lisha, and the others were watching both of them intently. Lolita opened her eyes and glanced meaningfully at Kriss. She seemed to have realized that there was something about Kriss that was different from the other saviors.

“Kriss, I… I like you too, you don’t have to rush things into confessing to me. How could I let a girl… I mean, how could I let someone like you make the first move for something like this?!”

“Bella, I was afraid that if I had delayed it any longer, it would be too late. Furthermore, the Royal Family of the Gabriel Empire has been rushing me to fulfill the arrangement with Leonard and hold the wedding as soon as possible before going back to the school. I was worried that after this semester ends…”

“How about this, after the end of the semester, you will head directly into my territory, Sagna Country, to lay low for a while. I doubt that your old man would not be so foolish to send troops over to bring you back by force. If he were to do that, then I would have no choice but to send them back to where they’ve come from.”

Bella held on to Kriss, gently caressing her smooth back in an attempt to ease her discomfort. She desperately wanted to gift Kriss a ring as a symbol of their engagement, unfortunately, she did not have anything appropriate on hand at the moment. She had a bunch of Storage Rings that Big Sister had given to her. However, even though these rings did not look much different from a regular engagement ring, the things stored within them were all ingredients to create top-level Demonic Beings. Bella knew that such rings were not meant to be given away.

“Bella, I’m sure you don’t know this. Although you are not one of the Top Ten Academy Belles, despite that, you are at the top of Olsylvia Academy’s Top Ten Tycoons. Actually, there are many boys who have a crush on you. It’s just that you rarely ever talk to anyone, so they don’t get a chance to speak to you.”

After hearing what Kriss just said, Bella felt a little embarrassed as she had never expected that there were quite a few boys who had a crush on her. Honestly, she was rather in awe of how oblivious they were. Haven’t they seen that she spent her time exclusively surrounded by beautiful young girls? Were they unable to tell that the relationship she had shared with those girls were not as simple as a platonic friendship?

Basically, Bella had not attended most of her classes. Since the second week of the school, she had only attended half of the classes as those were compulsory. For the rest of the time, she simply used the strange Interdimensional Rings that Charlotte had given her, to summon a Shadow Puppet to take her place. As for any of the changes within the class, she was merely a figurehead and she had no clue about the goings-on. Even the things that concerned her, she had no idea either.

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“Bella, so… can you…”

Before Kriss could complete her sentence, her dainty mouth was gently covered by Bella’s lips. She was caught by surprise as she had not expected Bella to reciprocate so quickly. She relaxed into Bella’s kisses and went into an intoxicated state as she allowed her to kiss her alluring lips. It was not Bella’s first time kissing a beautiful girl, but when she was kissing Kriss, it was different from the others. It was rare that Bella was so tender. Usually, with other girls, she would take charge and pry open their lips. Her frenzied tongue would completely take over other girl’s mouth, causing the girl to quickly sink into depravity under her dominance.

“I was obviously here first. Why did it end up this way? I was first to let her kiss me, touch me, and allowed her to do everything to me!”

Ariel was ready to leap out from her hiding place behind the tree to interrupt the kiss between Bella and Kriss. If not for Lisha holding her back, it would have probably turned into a three-way situation. Ariel had likely forgotten about how Bella had mentioned in the beginning that she had some kind of arrangement with Kriss.

Noreya was extremely close to losing control of the bow and arrow in her hands. Her interactions with Bella were no less intimate than the ones that Bella had shared with Ariel. In addition, she had the pleasure of experiencing some special treatment that Ariel did not have the opportunity to receive. Elaine shot a pleading look at Noreya, trying to get her to calm down and wait for Bella to explain herself before making next move.

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“Kriss, this kiss is a symbol of my promise to you. Please don’t let your thoughts run wild anymore. Leave everything to me, I will take responsibility for your marital contract. By the way, Kriss, there’s something that I must admit to you. I have… I feel, for the others in the hostel, the same way as I feel towards you. Will you mind?”


Bella did not wish to deceive Kriss. Her words had strongly implied to Kriss and the girls hidden behind the tree that they were like her wings, and were always going to be a part of who she was. How the situation would unfold would entirely depend on what Kriss thought of the arrangement. Compared to the other roommates, Kriss would be the only one with a ring on her finger. Bella would bear her heart and soul, leaving no parts of her unseen, proving that Bella had the utmost trust in Kriss.

“I don’t mind. However, the only condition is that you cannot be biased. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter to me.”

Without any further hesitation, Kriss had agreed to Bella’s request of keeping her harem. Kriss had considered that The Other World had almost no understanding of same-sex relations, which would ignite a lot of controversy and debate. If Bella were constantly surrounded by the girls, everyone else would not be able to tell if their relationship was amorous as they would simply assume that Bella just liked to work with girls.

Bella let out a silent sigh of relief as she heard Kriss’ answer. If she had not agreed to her lifestyle, it would have made everything so much more complicated. The one thing that Bella could not reject was a confession from a beautiful young girl. Bella was not the only one who sighed in relief as the girls behind the tree had followed the suit. If Kriss had insisted that she would be the only one for Bella, they had no idea what would have happened.

Kriss had no clue that her tolerance had allowed everyone to successfully avoid a fierce battle between Dark Saviors. She was now too engrossed in basking in the warmth of true love to care about anything else thus Kriss had chosen to selectively ignore certain things that she had already heard. Since she had already shared a decent relationship with Lisha and the others, accepting their feelings towards Bella came easily to her.

Bella had also successfully kept any potential messy love triangle conflicts to minimal, which made this entire situation a win-win situation. Bella had now personally affirmed Kriss’ status as her lover. As for Lisha and the others, any status was simply a cover to distract others. Either way, there was no rule that friends with benefits could not be close friends or sisters.

The only flaw of Doyle Hunting Grounds was that there were no forms of accommodation such as hotels nearby. If there were, Bella had intended to take a leaf out of a boy’s book and bring the already aroused girlfriend to a hotel to do the unspeakable naughty things to her. As Kriss was more reserved and shy, there was no way she could take her there and then…

“Ahem, hello beautiful ladies, can I have a moment of your time? This is an invitation to my society. Would you be interested to take a look?”

Just as Bella and Kriss were at a loss at trying to figure out what to do next, a passing boy got them off the hook. Bella instantly let go of Kriss and stared at the boy who had disrupted their intimate moment. She looked him over and almost immediately, Bella realized that something was amiss with him.

There was no mistake that the boy was wearing the Olsylvia Academy’s uniform, but his eyes were somewhat dazed and unfocused. He did not show any excitement that a normal boy would show when they saw a pretty girl. If she had to guess, he was probably being controlled by someone.

“Oh, let me take a look then!”

Bella stepped in front of Kriss and took the strange invitation from the boy. The invitation was fully black, even the cover. Anyone who did not know would think that it was an invitation from the devil. As Kriss was still caught up in the embarrassment of being seen by a stranger, she was oblivious to Bella’s actions.

In the distant shadows, a mysterious figure was obscured by the shade provided by the trees and was carefully observing Bella and Kriss’ every move. Initially, he had not intended to attack them as he was unable to determine the actual strength of the Darkness Attribute Loli standing behind Bella. If he could not tell what her actual combat ability was, the other party could be concealing their abilities on purpose.

“Whatever, anyway no human would be able to see through my confounding magic. No matter how strong both of them are, they would not be able to escape the inevitable fate of becoming my puppets!”

While the Demon King was basking in his delusions, he had not realized that Bella and Kriss, other than looking like a human on the surface, were not fully human at their core. This time, his old basket of tricks had been used on the wrong people.

Conflicted, Bella looked at the Evil Demonic Spells on the invitation. Mia had once mentioned such a spell to her before. It was used by some of the Demon Kings to entice humans to lose their sanity and their soul. For a human, if their soul were impure or dishonest, they would definitely give in to temptation and end up losing their sanity and souls. For a Demon King as Bella, it was completely useless. Since she was already a Demon King, these spells even appeared just juvenile to her.

“I refuse. You’d better return this to your master! Also, there were some words that were written wrongly in the fifth and eighth line, so tell him to take note. One more thing, gosh, the script for this spell is absolutely atrocious!”

Ockham was one of the previous Twelve Demon Kings. He did not expect to meet his match, which made things embarrassing. He knew for sure that Bella was not one of the current Twelve Demon Kings. Even though there were some females, but there, definitely, was no one who was as lawless as Bella who directly sought such carnal pleasure from human girls. Anyone who could interpret Evil Demonic Spells was surely from the Darkness Camp.

“My lady, how may I address you?”

“So you’re the mastermind? You look rather decent, but your handwriting is horrendous. Judging by how you’re dressed in such a gentlemanly fashion, you should know that you have to introduce yourself before you enquire about the others!”

Bella’s words had really pissed off the Demon King of the Heart, Ockham. As one of the Twelve Demon Kings, other than being almost seven feet tall, his looks were easily able to surpass the last six of Olsylvia Academy’s Top Ten Beaus. Furthermore, he had the ability to capture a person’s heart. In all his time infiltrating the human world, there was not a single girl who would escape his gentle traps which would have dragged them into the darkness.

Bella was being rather hypocritical with her earlier words as this mastermind was definitely a textbook lady killer. His aesthetic was similar to the handsome vampires that were depicted in shoujo mangas in her previous world. He was dressed in a crisp suit and had silver hair and eyes.

Those devilish silver pupils were piercing. When he looked at you, it was as though he could literally look right through you, which made Bella extremely uneasy. As they were both Demon Kings, Ockham was unable to use his abilities to peek into Bella’s soul.

“I’m guessing that we are both of the same race? I don’t believe you haven’t heard of the Twelve Evil Demon Kings! I am one of the Twelve, Demon King of the Heart, Ockham. I hope that Your Excellency would do me the honor of telling me your name.”

Seeing as Bella was completely unaffected by his charms, Ockham felt rather hurt. It was not just Bella either, even Kriss had not shown any visible reaction to his appearance. He was obviously being ignored. The younger generation was really getting bad to worse, now they are not even showing the proper respect to their elders. As an elder, he felt obligated to teach them a life lesson.

“In that case, you can leave now. I have already rejected your invitation, please do not disrupt my date with Kriss anymore. By the way, the person that you are looking for should be someone like Adelaide. I shall not waste any more of my time with you!

Without skipping a beat, Bella had dismissed Ockham to seek trouble with Adelaide instead. She was now busy trying to pick up a girl, thus at the moment, being a Demon King was secondary. She would not participate in a battle between a savior and a Demon King either.

“You wench. Do you know that you’re openly undermining the dignity of the Twelve Demon Kings? Since I’m able to conceal myself here, this means that any of the so-called human experts are no match against me. Even though we are of the same race, but those who defy the Demon King’s…”

“Enough with the nonsense, all you want is a fight. Let’s not waste more time talking, after this fight, Kriss and I still have many things to do!”

Bella interrupted the Demon King’s monologue. Even though the Twelve Demon Kings were undoubtedly strong, this one probably had not recovered to his abilities before the coup. Otherwise, he would not have lurked in the shadows for so long.

“What a pity. I had wanted to add the few of you into my personal collection of puppets since you are rather pretty. Now, I shall live with this regret.”

Ockham then disappeared into thin air. At that moment, the entire Doyle Hunting Ground was enveloped in a black veil. This caused the bodies of the Goblins and Demonic Imps that Bella and Kriss had killed earlier to reanimate and climb over each other in an attempt to get off the ground.

“This comfortable feeling… I have only felt it in a Demon King’s Domain. This fellow even has his own domain. Seems like his powers had reawakened much faster than the previous few.”

The Demon King’s Domain had a great impact on the humans within it. For those without the protection of a holy blessing, they would be demonized by the limitless dark energy and become a Demonic Being. The unlucky bloke who had handed Bella and Kriss the invitation had instantly turned into a Demonic Man under the influence of this strange energy.

The new generation of Twelve Demon Kings knew a similar move to the Demon King’s Domain, but they had preferred not to use it. It was mainly because once they had used it, it would immediately expose their identities. As the Demon Kings on Bella’s side were choosing to be more discreet, it was not aligned with their lifestyle and thus this move was rendered obsolete.

As the Demon King Ockham was about to activate this move, not a single soul within the Olsylvia Academy had felt anything unusual. It turned out that the entire Doyle Hunting Grounds had been reformed into an independent pocket of space. He had been here for a long time, like a large toxic sore festering within the human kingdom.

“What a waste to miss out on these two puppets. Since they can’t be my live puppet, I could probably use their dead bodies for something useful.”

Ockham had already teleported to the secret palace that he had built within the Doyle Hunting Grounds. He slowly sipped a glass of blood-red wine while he watched Bella and Kriss being surrounded by the various Demonic Beings through his Demon Mirror.

Bella watched helplessly as the horde of Demonic Beings closed in on them. This Ockham fellow, even though he did look pretty good, apparently was a brainless idiot. Instead of going after some other brave warriors, he decided to fight with a Demon King. Why create trouble for each other? Did he really enjoy hurting each other? Apparently, humans were not the only ones who were unable to understand each other, even among the Demon Kings, this was a grave problem.

As for the saviors who were supposed to appear as warriors, they were nowhere to be found. Scott was in the process of recovering from his severe injuries, Norris had been implicated with the break-in at the St. Louis Church Academy and was being temporarily imprisoned. Adelaide was still in the class and Akmans was probably tending to his stall somewhere. There was no point in pinning any hope on this group of saviors as they were all unavailable at the most crucial moments. At this point in time, Bella had no choice but to become a temporary savior.

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