Volume 3 Chapter 132: Ambush Incident At The Latimore Business District Part 2

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A brown-haired maiden who was obviously an assassin walked into the room. She swept her eyes over the corpses of the hitmen on the floor and creased her eyebrows. It seemed that she had already guessed the identities of the hitmen.

“Isn’t this the hitman squad that was ranked number one? How did Bella offend these people? This is so troublesome.”
“Lord Lola, the hitman squad over there has already been dealt with. Please kindly instruct us in the next operation.”
“All of you just handle the corpses. Do not bother about other things!”
There were always bodyguards around Bella. All along, assassin Lola, who belonged exclusively to the Demon King, had brought along large quantities of Shadow Demons to serve as Bella’s bodyguards. This time Bella and others were followed and attacked by the hitman squad whom Lola had known about all along. But because of a certain person who was also there, until Bella was attacked she had been unable to interfere.
“Stop hiding. Come out! I know you are there!”
“Lola, how did you discover me?”
“President Ivy, it really was you. Your ability to move stealthily is indeed much higher than mine. Although I could not see your position, your body has her aura…”
President Ivy looked at Lola very vigilantly. An assassin like Lola could actually order the frightening Shadow demons around. She must be a dangerous person and must be eliminated. She was too concentrated on Lola’s words and overlooked the crucial last sentence.
“Lola, how did you… Are you not the comrade of Warrior Lisha? To my surprise, you have turned corrupt too.”
“President Ivy, aren’t you the same too? You have Bella’s aura on you. If not, how would I discover you? Are you shadowing Bella too?”
“This… I happen to be just passing by. Who is following her? I will leave first then.”
President Ivy, with a face full of awkwardness, planned to leave but was surrounded by a group of Shadow Demons. These Shadow Demons were not attacking President Ivy. She had already been “forced” into joining Bella’s camp when the imprint was left on her body.

“What do all of you want? This place is…”
“President Ivy, please do not be nervous. Let us chat properly. We all belong to her. Please do not mind this.”
“This is a misunderstanding. Bella and I had… no… no relations!”
“Oh really? It doesn’t look like it! A few days ago, Natasha also said that she was not shadowing Bella. In the end, she admitted…”
Olsylvia Academy, East Campus, Olivia Wizard Academy’s Society Activity Area, Latimore Business District, Henrietta Magical Emporium, in the Emporium’s inner district and at the business hall.
Bella, with the help of Elaine and Ariel, plucked out the arrows which were pierced through her body. The surfaces of all these arrows were smeared with deadly poison. If it had been a normal person, the person would have already been killed by the poison. Luckily, Bella was not “normal”. These arrows had only damaged a set of her school uniform.
Selena and Slyvia helped to stand guard at the lobby of the shop outside. As for the hitmen, Bella was not very worried, as Lola had been protecting her in the dark together with the subordinates that she had brought along. It was likely that the hitmen had already been killed by the Shadow Demons.
The only point that Bella was curious about was that this time, Lola’s speed in helping was too slow. If she hadn’t been, Bella would not have lost a set of her school uniform for no reason. Bella did not know that President Ivy and Lola were already “lesbians”. It was fortunate that they were all part of Bella’s harem and their behavior would not be considered as having an affair.
“Bella, are you alright? Well, my shop is also selling mage clothes. How about, let me give you a discount of 5% from the store manager’s recommendation. Look!”
“Isabel, you… That’s enough. I have never seen such an unscrupulous businessman like you!”
Bella looked at Isabel, who had a face of rejoicing in other people’s misfortune, and her heart was very depressed. If her clothes hadn’t been scraps, she would already have left as soon as possible. Was this Princess of Silver Dragon Race naturally dark? This won’t do. It was not good for her to continue to be impudent. Bella had to think of a method to control her.
Bella’s eyes scanned Isabel a few times. She seemed to be trying to find ways that she could strike back at Isabel. She thought of a way. Isabel and Princess Felia’s statures were very similar when estimated visually. Princess Felia was Bella’s body and their height difference was not very big either.
The only difference between them was Isabel’s chest measurement, which was about one cup size bigger than Felia. Previously, Bella took advantage of the chance when Prince Lewis of the Crimson Dragon Race was making trouble to hug Isabel for a while. In that hug, Bella seized the opportunity to figure out Isabel’s three measurements of bust, waist, and hip.
“Isabel, I have come around. I can buy your clothes at the original price without a discount!”
“What? You have agreed, that’s good. I will go and grab them… Bella, what is the meaning of you pulling me?”
“Princess Isabel, I would like to buy the piece that you are currently wearing now. There is no need to change in the changing room. All of us are girls, let us just directly do business over here!”
“This… This is out of the question. How can I sell something that I am wearing to other people? I still have some matters… and will not accompany you anymore. I will first … Where did all these threads come from?”
After Isabel clearly saw the look in Bella’s eyes, which obviously harbored evil thoughts, she finally reacted, but unfortunately, it was too late. Currently, she was in her human form. Elaine’s invisible puppet threads easily grabbed Isabel.
“I only want this piece. I am paying the original price! Could all of you help me hold her?”

“No problem.”
Isabel slightly regretted everything, as this time she had stepped over the limit. She had wanted to take the opportunity to extort Bella under false pretenses and force her to be a foolish spendthrift and use a bit of money to buy her merchandise. She didn’t expect that Bella would directly “forcefully buy” the set of clothes that she was wearing and she was caught unprepared. Even her tone in speaking had also turned slightly unnatural.
“All of you are… Stop it, my clothes are not for sale! Stop it now.”
“Isabel, it is impossible for us to stop. Only you are allowed to sell forcefully but not us?”

Isabel wanted to cry but there could be no tears. Could it be that all of the girls around Bella were all monsters? Previously there was Elaine who was unremarkable, but her puppet threads could actually tie up the Dragon Race. Isabel was too overconfident in her strength and had gone overboard.
“Bella, all things are discussable. Please do not be like that. I know I was wrong. The next time you are over here, all the merchandise that you buy will have a discount of 50% off…”
“That won’t work. You set the prices and you can always increase the price anytime. If by any chance you increase the price several times then give me a 50% discount, I would still be on the losing end.”
“Then what do you want? How about we discuss the price again… All of you… Do not come over…”
Olsylvia Academy, East Campus, Olivia Wizard Academy’s Society Activity Area, Latimore Business District, St. Zachary Magical Emporium. This Magical Emporium was opened in a very hidden location. If they didn’t know someone who could lead the way, the average person would not be able to find it.

This Emporium also sold magic artifacts, but it was different from the Magical Emporium that had been opened by Princess Isabel’s family. This St. Zachary Magical Emporium was the arch-enemy of the Silver Dragon Race and it had been opened by the Ebony Dragon Race. The items sold in the emporium were no less than Isabel’s.
However, the magical artifacts that the Ebony Dragon Race were selling were even more prohibited than what the Silver Dragon Race was selling. The prohibited items over there were transacted in the inner district but over here they were sold directly at the front of the shop.
At the main entrance of the St. Zachary Magical Emporium, there was a sign in dragon language that clearly stated: “We do not welcome good-hearted customers.” In addition to this, the doors of the St. Zachary Magical Emporium were engraved with all kinds of cursed texts and Bella was able to read most of them!
“Bella, I have already lead the way to your destination and I shall not go in any further. After all, Princess Clariss of Ebony Dragon Race is my arch-enemy. It would not be good for her to see me.”
“If that is the case, then Isabel, please go back first! I ….”
“Big boss… You have not paid me the money for my clothes! Please do not hurry to leave and instead settle the bill first.”

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