Volume 3 Chapter 144: The Two Headed Ogre Nelson’s Special Collection Part 1

Nelson’s resting place, the “Palace of Bliss” within a hidden area of his palace in the Obadiah Region, the Two Headed Ogre Nelson’s territory, at the south of New Moon Island – also known as Copperfield Island.

Bella stood at the gates, a little depressed. She finally understood what the words “Palace of Bliss” written in bold letters in the ogre’s language after she had entered the palace meant. This was the Ogre Nelson’s dark slaughterhouse.

According to the elite ogre soldiers, everything within this palace was Nelson’s “personal collection”. As ogres were not a race that enjoyed collecting precious treasures, it was immediately apparent to Bella what he actually collected.

“I seriously cannot… Nelson, that fellow, the things that he collects are too…”

Human carcasses that had been pierced in all sorts of vile ways were littered along both sides of the pathway. Judging by the rate of decay, these bodies were relatively new and had only been dead for a few days. Bella held her breath against the putrid stench of rotting flesh as she moved along the path. In one hand, she held the savior’s Great Evil Slaying Sword while a small round shield was clutched in the other.

Bloody pieces of skeletons were attached to each pillar with metal chains. The tops of each skull had been chipped off and they were being used as ornamental lamps which burned with an eerie blue ghost fire. The weak flames flickered as Bella walked past them.

By this point, it took every bit of courage Bella had to continue walking along the path. This place was everything a director of horror movies had ever dreamt of. She decided that she would instruct all of the Demon Lords under her to redecorate their lairs in such a manner when she returned to the Darkness Sacred Region.

“Where in the world did that Nelson disappear to? It would be so much easier if he would just step out and duel with me. I don’t believe that one would be able to experience much joy in such a place… wait, that piece of cloth looks like…”

Being observant, Bella saw some pieces of familiar clothing that had been torn to shreds. Even though the lights were dim, she was able to confirm that some of the pieces had the academy crest of Frederica Academy on them.

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Frederica Academy was one of the twelve academies of the human empire. The academy was located on the eastern part of the continent, in the coastal city of Frederica, located in the Aldridge Empire.

“These clothes are for girls… I can’t believe it, could Nelson be… could he be someone who has a female dress complex? Ahem… this…”

After making sure that these scraps of clothes once belonged to a girl’s uniform, Bella searched for the academy crest as Frederica Academy and Olsylvia Academy had the same style of uniforms.

Every school in the human empire shared the same standard uniform. The only way to differentiate between schools was to check the academy crest. No one knew which lazy designer came up with this ridiculous idea. To be honest, it was pretty genius of him or her to take loafing on the job to a whole new level.

The thought of a grotesquely bloated ogre doing all sorts of strange acts to a bunch of female clothing made Bella nauseous as a wave of disgust swept over her face. This mental image was so overwhelmingly beautiful that even a Demon King like her could barely stand it.

A true “gentleman” ogre who dared to take female clothing head on? Impossible! Bella did not want to even look at that piece of trash that made her eyes bleed! She followed the trail of clothes further into the palace with the Great Evil Slaying Sword at the ready. Once she caught sight of the perverted ogre, Nelson, she would immediately unleash the “Facial Blur” on him.

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This was the right place. When she reached the end of the path, Bella came to the deepest corner of Nelson’s resting place. The height of the doors in this area was only three meters, which did not make sense as Nelson was at least six meters in height. There was no way he could fit through a door of this height. Without thinking any further, she pushed the slightly ajar door open.

Was this supposed to be an elegantly decorated slaughter room? Wait, Bella thought, this place is inexplicably familiar. A pool of what looked like blood stood in the middle of the room. However, it seemed more refined than a blood pool. The liquid within this pool was extremely clear and was filled with all sorts of fragrant herbs and spices.

Chains of various thickness hung from the ceilings. As Bella looked past the steam permeating the air, she could tell what the situation was like within the room. Isn’t this… Bella fell silent as she did not know what to do.

The room was filled with many human beauties who had been imprisoned by the ogre. Most of them seemed to be students who were around Bella’s age. These girls in front of her had already been stripped bare. Bella deduced that the shreds of uniforms she had seen earlier must have belonged to them.

These naked young ladies were being hung by their wrists, which were wrapped in thick metal chains that were connected to the ceiling. In addition, their feet were bound in heavy metal cuffs. Their hair was all wild and unkempt. Their bodies glistened with a wet sheen, as though they had been forcibly “washed” by someone. Bits of herbs and spices from the pool Bella had seen earlier clung on to many of those girls.

These girls were all blindfolded with a strip of black cloth and there was a mysterious little black ball between their teeth, a tool that Bella was absolutely familiar with. Each girl had a black collar with tiny little bumps around their necks. In the center of those chokers were chains held together by heavy locks that had their keyholes soldered shut. This was probably to ensure that these girls would be locked away for eternity.

Other than binding their hands and feet, the girls were also wrapped in thin metal chains. They were bound in a technique that Bella was clearly familiar with – it was the one that Duke Aldris had used when he had abducted Annie and Roland. The knots were exactly the same. However, the last time, Aldris had used red hemp ropes while the girls here were wrapped in thin metal chains. This meant that the sensations felt by the one being held captive would be different as well.
Streaks of tears were seen on the girls’ beautiful faces where they had rolled off their faces along the black blindfolds. Much of the young girls’ porcelain white skin had obvious marks from being whipped. Their captor, probably out of purely malicious fun, had attached little bells on the peaks of their chests which would give off a crisp tinkle along with the rise and fall of their chests as they breathed.
Even the Demon King Bella was in awe of such gentlemanly methods. She had to admit defeat. She had thought that she was an expert in such corruption methods. Who knew that there was someone out there who had even more depraved ideas than she did. Many familiar tools decorated the walls, such as whips, candles and triangular… everything was there.

Wait, Bella had those strange tools in her secret interrogation room as well. The key difference was that the tools that Bella had were more humanely designed. Her tools were meant to inflict pain that walked the fine line between pain and pleasure. On the other hand, the tools here were clearly meant to be used for torture and interrogation.

What kind of seasoned expert was this? The techniques of this guy definitely surpassed the capabilities of Duke Aldris. If he saw this, that old guy would be rolling over in his grave. Back then, Aldris had only kept two of them captive, unlike this master of corruption who had imprisoned a large group of girls. Based on what she could see, Bella estimated that there were more than thirty girls being held captive here.

Based on the shreds of cloth from the Frederica Academy’s uniforms, Bella deduced that these beautiful young ladies who were being held prisoner were all students from the academy. These girls were all extremely good looking and were comparable to the girls from the “Arts School” – the Antoinette Academy next to Olsylvia Academy.
When they heard footsteps, the imprisoned girls were all extremely anxious. As they had no way of seeing who it was, they thought that the demon had returned. For some strange perverted reason, Bella decided to remain silent and continued her foray into the room.
For some unknown reason, Bella felt that the tinkle from the bells was especially soothing. Was it possible that she shared an intriguing sense of affinity and understanding with that big gentleman? If it was up to her, Bella would definitely allow them to remain in their status quo.
Could this mysterious gentleman be the Two Headed Ogre Nelson? That fellow was an enormous creature that was more than six meters tall. It was mind boggling how he would be able to accomplish such a professional standard of rope binding. At this point, Bella did not have the impulse to kill Nelson as soon as she saw him. In fact, she was much more curious about who this ogre was to be able to do something like this.

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