Volume 3 Chapter 144: The Two Headed Ogre Nelson’s Special Collection Part 2

This particular area of the room held around seven or eight beautiful young ladies. Based on their appearances, they were probably the biggest belles of Frederica Academy. Their attractiveness was probably on par with the top ten belles of Olsylvia Academy, with the exception of President Isaman and Kriss.

Among the belles of the Frederica Academy, some of them were definitely as attractive as President Angelia. It was obvious that these girls had been given some “special attention”. Other than marks from being whipped, there were also traces of wax on various parts of their bodies. Otherwise, they were just like the other beautiful young ladies outside. However, the bells attached to them were much larger and rang much more loudly and clearly.

Furthermore, they were stuck on some specially made metal poles where their arms and feet were forced apart and the girls were kept in a “spread eagled” position. Their wrists and ankles were cuffed into place, the locks on each cuff were locked, and the key holes were welded shut as well.
In addition, the girls were bound with an array of leather straps. It was as though they were “humanoid sculptures” that had been mounted onto the pillars. Each pillar had a little outlet that constantly sprayed water on their bodies.
Also, Bella suspected that the straps on the little balls in their mouths had been sealed shut as well. This gentleman was clearly merciless in his attempt to keep these girls imprisoned in his lair forever.
The most depraved thing was that a soft massaging feather had been designed to be put beneath their feet. Ever so often, it would move up and automatically tickle their feet. This caused the girls to be stuck in an eternal state of “ecstasy”. It was as though they had given up all hope.
“Eh, isn’t this… this girl looks like…”
Bella walked up to one of the pillars where a girl with straw colored hair was bound and gagged. This must be the top of the list of the Frederica Academy Belles. Her face was tender and delicate and soft to the touch. Furthermore, this was definitely the most popular out of all of the girls here as her bosom was much larger than any of them.

Due to the black blindfold, Bella could not see the expression on her face. However, Bella thought that she would have lost all hope by now. It must have been hard for her to be subjected to such humiliation while being held against her will and not even be able to take her own life to escape this misery. Bella hesitated again and again before finally taking off the blindfold that covered the eyes on this lovely face and revealed a pair of weary sky-blue irises.

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It was really her! This was the younger sister of Director Carlos, Caroline. Bella had seen her previously on a recruitment poster of the Golden Legend Society. She heard that she was the top belle and the only student union president of Frederica Academy. She was not of the mage profession, but she was a genius businesswoman.
“I knew it was you. I thought that that playboy Carlos had a new girlfriend, but it was you. President Caroline, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Well, bye now.”
As Bella approached her once again with the blindfold, Caroline shook her head vigorously. She had been held captive for almost three days and had been subjected to all sorts of perverse play in various humiliating positions by a mysterious gentleman. The most infuriating thing was that every time the girls had been teased to the edge of ecstasy, he would stop. No one knew if he did it on purpose or not.
At the beginning, she and the other belles were unwilling to submit to him, but they eventually caved. However, that mysterious gentleman always left before they could achieve release. The girls did not know whether to laugh or cry at their current situation. The only one to blame was that annoying brother of hers, Carlos, who suggested sending all the beautiful single young ladies of Frederica Academy on a sponsored trip at sea.
In the end, they were attacked by the Sirens as soon as they went out to sea. Afterwards, they had all been sent here and toyed with in different positions. Caroline knew that this was the ogres’ territory even before she had been blindfolded. Initially, she was afraid that she would be killed and eaten by the ogres. Now, Caroline would rather be eaten than be subjected to this humiliation!

As she looked at Bella, who was dressed in a knight’s armor, Caroline was touched to the point of tears. While she had been imprisoned here, she had sworn that she would pledge her hand in marriage to the brave warrior who saved her from the ogre’s perverted clutches. However, she did not expect that her savior would be a girl. How can she fulfil her oath now?
Seeing that Bella was about to put her blindfold on again, Caroline began to panic. In her despair, she had finally seen a glimmer of hope. There was no way that she was going to let this opportunity slip through her fingers! Her eyes filled up with tears once again. Hopefully this female knight was not going to tease her like that. At this point, she was only a defenseless puppet who had no way of resisting.
“Don’t cry. I’m sure your brother Carlos must have mentioned me many times. I am his nemesis, the Vice-Director of the Rose Society, Bella. So, it would be best for you to remain here while I inform your brother of your whereabouts. This place is filled with ogres; there’s no way I can get you out of here.”

If she could speak, Caroline would practically be begging Bella to help her. Her arrogance had been whittled down to nothing after three days of torture. Bella’s appearance at this point in time had brought her nothing but hope.
Moreover, the siblings did not have a good relationship. Initially, the Golden Business Association had named Carlos as its heir. However, due to Caroline’s natural business acumen, she was far more talented in this area than her brother. Therefore, the higher-ups within the family had wavered and a majority of them had the intention to let her take over the association instead.
Carlos did not join them on the unfortunate trip where they were attacked by Sirens as he said that he needed to prepare for “The Great Hunt”. Come to think of it, the trip must have been a trap! Caroline had begun to suspect that her brother had set this up to trick her. Knowing that she had been captured by ogres, there was no way that he would send a team to rescue her.
“Just be quiet and stay here, alright? By the way, I don’t do this for free. Your freedom comes with a price. I trust that Frederica Academy is pretty well off. However, I don’t see a need for money. Hmm, in that case I’ll ask for other forms of remuneration. I can ask for anything! All you have to do is nod in agreement.”
There were many “traps” in Bella’s words as the word anything could mean so many things. What choice did Caroline have? She was desperate! If she did not agree to Bella’s demands, there was no way she would leave this horrifying place alive. What if she had agreed and Bella requested something unreasonable that would put her in a bind? What would she do then?
In the end, Caroline eventually nodded in agreement. No matter how unreasonable the request, Bella was still a girl. What are the chances that she would get “devoured” and taken advantage of? Once Bella saw her nod, a mysterious smirk appeared on her face that made Caroline feel a little uncomfortable.

“Well, it’s a deal. Be patient and wait for me. As for the blindfold, keep it on! You’ve already been wearing it for so long, it wouldn’t make a difference if you put it on a while longer!”
Ignoring her pitiful stares, Bella put on the blindfold that covered Caroline’s sky blue irises. Afterwards, she used her “special” method to give her a full body scan. Fortunately, she had not been truly “violated”. Somehow, this mysterious gentleman did not really covet her body.
“Hehe, Carlos, your sister isn’t too bad after all. What a pity that she will be mine in an instant. By the way, what about the other girls?”
Afterwards, Bella shamelessly asked every single belle of Frederica Academy the same question she had posed to Caroline. Even though they knew that it might be a trap, they had no choice but to agree. In the end, Bella decided that she might as well ask the girls who were bound outside as well. Those girls were much easier than the belles as most of them agreed without much thought.
After a round of questioning, there was something that bugged Bella. She did not understand how all these girls had been left “untouched”. This mysterious gentleman exercised far too much restraint for Bella to comprehend. If it were her, she would have already… could this guy be impotent? Otherwise, he was gentlemanly to the extent that he was invincible.
However, the ogre Nelson was nowhere to be seen as Bella ventured further into the room. Caroline and the other girls now had a demon’s mark on their chest. This branded them as a Demon King’s property. Later on, when the Demon King’s Army arrived, they would use these marks as an indicator and shift them to a location specified by Bella.
The locks on their bindings had all been welded shut and it would take a fair bit of time to undo them. Bella intended to arrange for her most trusted demons to take them all away and remove their bindings after they had been moved to a secure location. As for when they would be allowed to return to Frederica Academy would be dependent on Bella’s whims and fancies.

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