Volume 3 Chapter 145: The Mysterious Truth Behind Ogre Nelson Part 1

The Obadiah Region in the southern part of New Moon Island – Copperfield Island, the territory of Two-Headed Ogre Nelson, the secret place within Ogre Nelson’s palace, the Palace of Bliss, where Nelson rests.

In the depths of this place was a throne, which was beyond what Bella had expected. This throne was made out of skulls and it looked like that nearly 100 skulls were used to build it. The throne was placed on a relatively higher platform.

The students of Frederica Academy were being detained in front of the throne. If Bella were to sit on the throne, it would give Bella a panoramic view of the various suggestive manners of the girls. If it weren’t for how horrifying the bones on the throne appeared, Bella would’ve already gone up and had taken a seat.

Bella was a Demon King but she didn’t like the novelty for her throne. The traditional Demon King’s throne of white bones wasn’t much to her liking. It seemed that this throne wouldn’t be taken away after all and Bella decided to leave this throne of bones here.

There was a large bunch of keys on the throne. From the shape of the keys, they looked like keys to the chains on Caroline and the others. Bella wasn’t far away from the throne but she didn’t go up to get the keys. This little trick couldn’t fool her. With just one glance, she could tell that it was a trap. The keyholes on the locks of the chains on Caroline and the others had already been melted away. What was the point of getting the keys now?

Bella’s composure made the guy hiding in the dark a little anxious. What was going on with this Dragon Knight? Shouldn’t she save them first? The keys were lying there but she hadn’t gone for them. He suspected that this warrior was a fake.

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Not far from the front of the throne stood a crucifix that was as tall as a man, on which Bella could see a beautiful girl who was different from the others. This beautiful girl had long, dark blue hair and was much taller than the other girls.

Likewise, she was also shackled and her entire body was fixed to the cross. The binding artifacts on her body looked similar to that of the other girls.

However, she was bound strangely with a thin iron chain and wore a black collar around her neck. In the middle of the collar was a lock, but the keyhole had also been melted. The black ball in her mouth had also been fastened so that it couldn’t be unlocked as well.

The thing that puzzled Bella was the fact that her black blindfold had also been tied into a dead knot. How great was their enmity! Even her sight had been permanently deprived. That gentleman was hardcore.

The specifications of the artifacts on the young girl were even crueler than those on Caroline and the school-girls from Frederica Academy. The shackles on her wrists and ankles were very thick and the locks had been melted off. This young girl was the main focus of attention. On her snow-white alluring body, all sorts of whip marks and wax drops were visible. She seemed to have just been tortured just recently since the marks on her body were fresh.

Bella went up to her and carefully studied her face, which differed greatly from the Human Race. As if she felt someone there, the bell hanging on the girl’s chest suddenly rang, indicating a change in her heartbeat. Bella got the feeling that this young girl was unlike humans. After much deliberation, she edged closer to her face and began to investigate further.

Feeling someone’s hand on her, the girl got anxious. Her whole body was covered in sweat. The gentleman, who had imprisoned her, had played with her for a whole day, in all sorts of ways. He hadn’t fed her any food at all and even forced the spring water down her throat several times.

What’s more, just like Caroline and the others, she was played almost to the point of euphoria several times by this gentleman, but in the end, he didn’t “extinguish the fire.” He was merciless. Now, she could feel someone caressing her once more. Could it be that the bastard was back again?

The small hands that took advantage of her body were very soft and felt like they belonged to a girl, which greatly relieved her for the time being. Earlier, the hands that had taken advantage of her didn’t belong to a girl. However, after a while, she was depressed again. Why was this girl even more skillful than the mysterious gentleman from before?

Less than a moment later, the girl’s face was flushed. Bella finally confirmed that this young girl wasn’t from the Human Race but the Oceanic Race. According to the books in Olsylvia Academy’s library, there wasn’t much difference in the appearance of an advanced Oceanic Race and that of the Human Race. They could transform into the appearance of the Oceanic Race that was based on the appearance of the Human Race.

On this young girl’s chest, Bella saw a pattern that symbolized the country of the Oceanic Race that she belonged to but she didn’t know exactly which country that was. Bella couldn’t find any artifacts on the girl that could reveal her identity either. Judging from the marks on her body, it looked like she had only gotten them just the previous day.

However, Bella figured that this beautiful girl was from the Sea Dragon Race and was most likely a high-ranking member of the Dragon Royal Family. Naturally, the basis of her conclusion was the sensitive spots on her body, which were almost the same as that of Sea Demonic Dragon, Amy Beth.

Moreover, Bella could sense the breath of the Dragon Race on her body. Bella was already a veteran who had played with several beautiful dragon girls and the breath of the Dragon Race was very much recognizable.

Bella had also guessed the reason why she was tied up so tightly. Unlike Caroline and the others, she was a prisoner with fighting prowess. The fact that she was treated so differently was justifiable, but this didn’t affect Bella’s ‘wicked interests.’

Bella drew the demon’s mark onto the girl. After all, Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth was already in her possession. At most, this girl was a princess from the Dragon Race. There wouldn’t be any problem if she took her away.

Sea General Eunice, to be exact Sea General Una, was at a loss. The mysterious lady that appeared after was even more skillful than the mysterious gentleman. She knew the sensitive spots on her body. Before this, the mysterious gentleman merely groped around but this lady specifically stimulated the sensitive spots on her body and had more skillful technique.

The most depressing thing for her was that this lady drew the demon’s mark of ownership on her body, which was hard to remove since she was unable to resist her.

“You should be able to hear what I’m saying, so listen up. If you want to leave, just nod your head, but you have to tell me all your secrets. If you don’t agree, shake your head.”

Una was just about to refuse when the other party, Bella, held her face in both hands, making it impossible for her to shake her head. Then, she forced her to nod. What a scoundrel! Why even ask for her opinion then?!

Bella looked at the aggrieved expression on Una’s face and felt very proud. This dragon girl was headstrong. Even in this condition, she still wanted to shake her head and refuse. Now, she was even more interested in her.

“By the way, I think I’m still missing a maid from the Oceanic Race. I’ll choose you then. You can object. As long as you speak out, I won’t insist. I think you’ve agreed. Wait here for me to take you away!”

Wasn’t this called bullying?! How could Una speak now? Bella was speaking in the common language of the Oceanic Race so Una understood what Bella was saying, which was why she felt helpless. It would be tragic if she were moved to an even stranger location.

Bella had learned the language of the Oceanic Race from Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth and knew bits of it. After forcing Una, Bella began to look for the Ogre Nelson. This guy had been playing hide-and-seek the whole time and she hadn’t even seen this Lord!

“Is there anyone? Help!”

“Someone please, I’m dying.”

From the wall behind the throne of bones came a faint cry for help. Bella cautiously walked toward the wall and saw a hidden door on the wall made out of bones.

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The hidden door was unlocked and Bella managed to open it with one kick. Behind the hidden door was a secret chamber where the prisoners were detained. But unlike outside, there was no one here besides a handsome boy tied to his seat.

Countless bones were piled up on the ground. These bones looked like they belonged to men. The cry for help came from the handsome boy. After seeing Bella, the boy looked very excited. His school uniform was from Frederica Academy and it wasn’t clear if he were the campus hunk of Frederica Academy or not.

“Honorable knight, help! Quickly, save me!”

“Who are you?”

“I am… Let me go first. There are many ogres here. Don’t waste any more time.”

Bella frowned and didn’t go to him. There were so many bones on the ground, why was it that this guy was the only one who hadn’t already been eaten up? On top of that, the boy was bound with an ordinary rope.

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