Volume 3 Chapter 145: The Mysterious Truth Behind Ogre Nelson Part 2

There was no reason to chain up all the girls while the boy, who naturally had greater strength, was casually bound with a rope. Ogre Nelson wasn’t a fool and he wasn’t so stupid he couldn’t tell a man from a woman. Wasn’t he afraid this boy would run away?

Bella switched positions and carefully looked at the knot on the rope tied around the boy. After her careful observation, she found that it was a slipknot that allowed those who were bound to untie themselves. This was a trap.

“Honorable Dragon Knight, quickly save me! I… What are you doing?”

“My apologies, I don’t save useless fools who are… death-bound.”

Bella simply threw out a sharp sword, pinning the suspicious boy directly to his seat. Even if he were a student, Bella didn’t want to leave someone alive. With him alive, she wouldn’t be able to take away those ‘special trophies’ outside.

“How cruel. Warrior, you are the most immoral human I have ever seen!”

The boy didn’t die. He stood up from his seat on his own, reached out and pulled out the sword that had pierced his chest. There wasn’t a single drop of blood. Surely enough, this guy was a dummy.

“Nelson, you’re already able to change into a human appearance. I have to admit that among all the demons I’ve met, you have the best aesthetic tastes.”

Bella’s previous guess was right – Two-Headed Ogre Nelson could change into the form of the Human Race. Otherwise, the fact that he was able to bind them up in this manner couldn’t be explained.

Ogre Nelson didn’t waste any time beating around the bush. Although he was in the humanoid form now, his fighting prowess was no less than that of an ogre. He came attacking forth with huge hammers in each hand that exceeded two meters in length.

After several loud clashes sounded, Bella’s small shield was smashed by Nelson’s hammers. This guy’s strength was far greater than any other demons that Bella had met. Every time each hammer came pounding down, they would create a huge wave of fluctuations in the air.

After her shield was broken, Bella raised the Great Evil Slaying Sword and used the blade of the sword to counter Nelson’s hammers. Nelson smashed down both of his hammers at the same time. Under the strong impact, Bella was forced several steps back.

At this critical moment, Bella let go of the Great Evil Slaying Sword and dodged, allowing Nelson’s hammers to slide down close to the side of her body. Ogre Nelson smashed into a blank space and was about to attack Bella again when the Dragon Knight unexpectedly ran away.

There was something wrong with this warrior; she had even left her weapons behind and ran away. Two-Headed Ogre Nelson swore that this was the first time he had seen a Dragon Knight run away without ending the fight. Didn’t she have the dignity of a knight?

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After Bella escaped from the secret chamber, she immediately locked the door. Only then did Two-Headed Ogre Nelson discover that he had been tricked by the Great Evil Slaying Sword on the ground. It broke into pieces and dissipated. The weapon was also fake.

Before closing the door, Bella threw in a mysterious bottle of potion that smashed on the floor and instantly ignited a deep blue flame. This was the Flame of the Underworld, which used bones as fuel. There were so many bones in the secret chamber that it would be strange if the room didn’t burst into flames.

“You goddamn Lady Knight, I’m going to kill you.”

Nelson’s entire body was burning in deep blue flames. He ran towards the door, but when he reached the door and smashed it with his hammer, dozens of arrows came flying head-on from all the directions, sending Nelson back into the sea of flames.

This time around after struggling several times, he finally fell inside the blue flames. Before he died, Nelson cursed at Bella. Amid the ugly abuse, Bella vaguely heard ‘brother, avenge me’ in Ogre language. She hadn’t heard anything about Two-Headed Ogre Nelson having any brothers!

After watching Ogre Nelson, who was still in his humanoid form, die, Bella stared at the flames. No matter how bad this guy was, he was still a great gentleman worthy of Bella’s respect. As for his unfinished erotic undertaking, she would inherit it.

Behind Bella, dozens of slime men in strange armor were holding crossbows and shooting arrows wildly into the blue Flames of the Underworld. They were elite secret forces trained by Bella, the slime commandos, who help Bella carry out her secret operations.

“Honorable Demon King, this subordinate is late. There were quite a few pipes in the underground sewer of this stone fort!”

“Slime, you rascal… Arrange demon specialists to help me take away all the spoils with the Demon King’s mark after this. Notify the coordinating team on Brown Peak to prepare demonic beasts for air evacuation.”

“Honorable Demon King, the chains on some of the women… some of the spoils can’t be unlocked. Should we cut…”

“Has your brain been filled with water… Forget it, your brain was already made of water, to begin with. Transport them together. You’re not allowed to cut, got it? Take away the artifacts on their bodies with them as well.

After receiving Bella’s instructions, Slime, one of Bella’s six Great Evil Demon Kings, commanded his mutant slime fighters to move all the imprisoned girls away, including Una and Caroline, all of whom were ‘snatched’ away.

The mutant slime soldiers had all undergone special training. They dug up the entire area including the pillars and the crucifix, taking away Una, Caroline, and the other beautiful girls.

“Honorable Demon King Bella, where should we transport these spoils to?”

“Hmm? I remember that Noesha has a huge torture… recreation room. Move them there first! Noesha is at the academy now and it’s a waste to leave that room empty.”

If Bella remembered correctly, Noesha, the ero loli beside her, had built a ‘special room’ about the size of this area. Now she was at Olsylvia Academy so that room was, of course, empty.

Bella intended to hold onto this batch of Frederica Academy girls. Anyways, what happened was a disaster at sea. Even if someone were to investigate, they would look for Siren King Mcmillan instead.

Carlos was at odds with her, to begin with. It wouldn’t seem excessive if Bella ‘ate’ his sister Caroline. Except for Caroline, all the imprisoned girls didn’t expect that Bella, this Dragon Knight, was a fake, and allowed the mutant slime soldiers to transport them.

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Caroline seemed to have sensed something wrong but that didn’t do anything. One of the mutant slime soldiers took out a mysterious potion, opened the lid and waved it around her nose. She fell asleep after smelling a mysterious, intoxicating fragrance.

Above the open area outside the Palace of Bliss came a thunderous roar. From the sound, Bella figured that it was Two-Headed Ogre Nelson. It sounded similar to the voice of the guy who had just died in the fire.

“It looks like this guy is still alive. Slime, I’ll hand this over to you. I’m going to get rid of that guy.”

“I understand, Honorable Demon King. I guarantee that we’ll transport every one of them.”

When Bella arrived outside the Palace of Bliss, Two-Headed Ogre Nelson had transformed into an ogre that was eight meters tall. In front of Nelson were Bella’s pet dragons in their human form, New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea and Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth, who were confronting Nelson.

“Was the humanoid form from before your avatar or something else? What a pity. Why didn’t you choose a normal man as your avatar this time too?”

“You goddamn knight. You killed my brother and still dare to laugh at him. I’m going to kill you. “

Ogre Nelson raised his hammer in fury, smashing down in Bella’s direction. The humanoid ogre who had burned to death was his biological brother but he had already practiced to the point where he could become a human.

Previously, Nelson had warned the guy not to indulge in those strange games played by the Human Race but he didn’t listen. Now that he had died in the hands of a woman, he didn’t know what to say.

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Part 2
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